Juarez Square and Other Stories

by D.L. Young

From award-winning author D.L. Young, eleven gripping stories the San Francisco Review of Books calls, “…science fiction done right, style and substance in balance…Killer stuff.” The award-winning story The Reader, Training the Fundies, and the title work Juarez Square envision an anarchic, cutthroat existence along the US-Mexico border. Other tales explore the near-future impacts of advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, automated warfare, and genetic engineering. In Ximena, a defiantly unconventional woman opens a robot brothel in Madrid, and The Gianni Box tells the tale of a stolen artificial intelligence that becomes the hottest designer in the fashion world. From Albedo One Magazine’s review: “The writing is crisp and engaging…and from the first paragraph, the reader is drawn into these stories, each having a dystopic edge.”

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian



Night of the Purple Moon

by Scott Cramer

After a deadly pathogen attacks the hormones of puberty, Abby helps her younger brother and baby sister survive the apocalyptic nightmare of a world without adults. But she is helpless against the biggest threat of all: the time bomb of adolescence.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Colony East

by Scott Cramer

It has now been two years since bacteria from a passing comet killed most of the world’s adults. Abby Leigh is among the millions of children who have had to fend for themselves. When her sister Toucan contracts a mysterious new illness, Abby knows she must act fast. Her compass points to Colony East, where there are scientists – and hopefully a cure. On the dangerous journey from their island home off Maine to New York, Abby quickly realizes a chilling fact: time is running out for everyone outside Colony East.

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Storm of Arranon

by R E Sheahan

A forbidden birth. A remarkable young woman. A marauding alien society. The battle begins.

A brutal alien society invades Korin and Arranon to destroy the two worlds that make up Cadet Erynn Yager’s home. Forced to expose her abilities and reveal her forbidden birth, a guarded web of secrets unravels.
On an unfamiliar planet of eternal winter and predatory wildlife, the mysterious living consciousness of Arranon intervenes, leading Erynn on a mystical journey.
Swept into a chain reaction of events, Erynn’s dedication extends far beyond service and duty.
Erynn finds something unexpected on her journey of awareness and growth.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



Ascenders: High School for the Recently Departed


Is this Hell or is this High School?
THE ASCENDERS Takes You To the In-between Where Teens Who Died Young Go On the Epic Adventure of an After-Lifetime

Walker Callaghan doesn’t know what happened to her. One minute she was living her teenage life in suburban Chicago…and the next minute, she was in a strange place and in a brand new school with absolutely no homework, no rules, and no consequences.

Walker Callaghan, 17, is dead.

She doesn’t go to heaven or hell. She lands at The Academy, a middle realm where teenagers have one thing in common: They were the morning announcement at their high schools because they died young.

These high school kids are now caught in a strange “in-between” zone where life hasn’t changed very much. In fact, this special teen limbo looks a lot like life in a quaint Michigan town complete with jocks, popular girls and cliques. “There are even cheerleaders in death,” Walker observes. It’s not a coincidence that the music teacher is a guy named Kurt who “used to have this band.” The drama teacher, Heath, is crush worthy because back in his life, he starred in some superhero movie.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age



by C.L. Gaber

In the Midst—a place for those who die young—there are no rules except one.
And Walker Callaghan, dead at seventeen, just broke it. She briefly revisited her earthly life . . . and the punishment is eternal. Longing for her rebel love interest, Daniel Reid, Walker finds an ally in Cass, whose attraction to her is as alive as he is. “Life is short,” he tells her. “I’m banking on eternity. With you.”

In the second book of the Ascenders Saga, a realm-jumping journey takes Walker and Daniel back to life again when they search for something buried in history. They team with students from several other schools in the middle realm including a place for teens born with oddities. It’s home to the Claires . . . beautiful, ruthless, and quite dead seventeen-year-old quads who each have a different clairvoyant gift.

Can Walker survive another adventure of an afterlife-time?

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Queen Mab

by Kate Danley

McDougall Previews Award for Best Fantasy Book of the Year
WINNER – 1st Place Fantasy Book, Reader Views Reviewers Choice Awards

Hell hath no fury as a faerie queen scorned…

When Faunus, the god of daydreams, breaks the heart of Queen Mab, revenge can be the only answer. Using the most powerful families in Verona, they wage their war against one another. But when Mab falls in love, this bitter queen will do anything, even if it means destroying the world, to change the story.

USA TODAY Bestselling author Kate Danley weaves a dark, romantic fairytale around the mythology of the fairy bringer of dreams – Queen Mab.

NOW AVAILABLE! Audiobook narrated by Julian Rhind-Tutt

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Category: Fantasy – Classics


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