The Blood Stone: Curse of the Drakku Book One

by Jason J. Nugent

He slays dragons for a living. Now he’s on a mission to wipe them from existence.
Lailoken longs to slit the throat of the beasts who abducted his wife. And with the winged monsters raining havoc on the northern lands, the vengeful dragonslayer’s bloody skills have never been in higher demand. Finally granted the chance to rescue his long-lost love in exchange for a dangerous, magical gem, he sharpens his sword for the quest of his life.

Venturing deep into enemy territory to collect the dragon-killing artifact for his fanatical leader, Lailoken prays that he’ll have one more chance to hold his beautiful bride. But as his single-minded hunt for revenge reveals a darker truth, he fears he may be fighting on the side of evil.

Will Lailoken reunite with his love and slay dragonkind, or has he unwittingly triggered the realm’s destruction?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


RISE OF THE ILIRI Volumes 1-3: A Reverse Harem Epic Fantasy Series

by Auryn Hadley

Private Salryc Luxx is iliri, a species bred by humans long ago for protection…and entertainment.

Now that Sal has won her place in the Black Blades, she’s struggling to find answers about how to fit in with her new family.

A kind deed on the part of Sal and her partner Cyno, helping what they take to be a wounded animal, leads to the discovery of their true nature…

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories



by Jerry Shepard

They wanted the freedom…
…to run their own lives.
But having lost the war, was that dream dead?

Because he’s royalty, Rig’nak has powers. It made it easy for him to ascend to a leadership role, but leading the Xen/Varak coalition is fraught with danger. And he finds those powers may not be enough.

Can the Separatists win a place to call home?

Can Rig’nak find a way to prevent civil war?

On Tartan Prime, far away from the struggles, Liana and her team of Xenoarchaeologists are on a dig. They thought they were safe, hidden from the fighting, but it didn’t last. They had no way of knowing that the Separatists weren’t the only threat.

Deep in the shadows…

…an ancient evil stirred.

This was only the beginning.

You’ll love the first book in this new series, because this Military SciFi / Space Opera universe has all the details and twists we love to read.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


World of Wonder – A Sci-Fi & Fantasy Collection

by C. Gockel

Journey to Worlds of Wonder…

Discover a universe of myth inspired urban fantasy, and a future with technology so advanced it’s magical.

In I Bring the Fire, Loki Norse God of Mischief and Chaos, takes on Odin, leader of the Nine Realms…Because sometimes the hero is the wrong guy at the right time, and sometimes the hero is drunk.

In the Archangel Project, Commander Noa Sato launches a desperate mission to save her people from genocide. She’s aided by clueless pleasure ‘bot 6T9, a ten-legged, venomous weasel, and a professor who may be more than what he seems.

These tales await you within this collection of three full-length novels and four tales of wonder. Download it today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Children of the Miracle

by Daniel Weisbeck

In a dark future, the Sanctuary of Americas has been running genetic experiments on humans with animal DNA to stop a deadly virus which took humanity to the brink of extinction. The result is the Chimera, a hybrid human species which are immune to the virus.
The Sanctuary is using the Chimera’s DNA to find a cure for humans, but the Chimeras want their freedom and are fighting for a place in a new world order still run by the Pure humans.
When the FossilFlu virus mutates, any hope of immunity is gone for both human and hybrid alike. As it spreads, everyone and everything must fight to survive, even against each other. The cure to the virus is the key to power and the future face of humanity.
One woman, Doctor Mercy Perching, may hold the cure to the new virus, but whose side is she on? May the best species win.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Before The Last Star Falls

by Lisa L. Tallabas

Civilian Eva Thompson steps out of a gym on a military base and her world explodes.

Her city… her home… her loved ones… vanish before her eyes.

Yet there’s no time for the devastation to sink in. She awakens from the blast and finds herself and the base trapped on a mist-covered Wonderland surrounded by attractive beings who either wage war on them, one violent storm at a time, or spark feelings in her she’s not ready to have.

With her stellar intellect, a fair amount of humor, and the help of a group of military members, Eva fights back. But will she win? Or is there something far worse that wants her annihilation, something Eva may be prophesied to face?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Destiny Lost

by MD Cooper

A little smuggling, some drinking contests, and captaining her star freighter, Sabrina. But when she picks up a mysterious shipping container on Coburn Station, things begin to go wrong. She finds herself at odds with The Mark, a dangerous pirate organization that wants the cargo on her ship.

Inside the container she not only finds a woman, but a secret thought lost millennia ago. The woman is Tanis Richards, and she knows the location of the Intrepid, a missing colony ship from humanity’s golden age.

Sera knows how to help Tanis and the Intrepid. But to do that, she will need to reveal a secret that will pull her back into a life she left long ago. A life from which she was exiled in shame and disgrace.

Tanis doesn’t trust Sera; and Sabrina’s rag-tag crew is nothing like what she’s used to, but she’s going to have to rely on them to avoid capture and get back to the Intrepid.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire


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