The Forever Man – Book 1: PULSE

by Craig Zerf

A series of solar flares struck the earth, stopping the heart of our modern world and returning us to the DARK AGES.
While the world fell apart, one man stood resolute. A simple man who wanted none of the power thrust upon him. Marine Sergeant Hogan, seconded to the American Embassy in London.
Tens of thousands died as airplanes fell from the skies, hospitals ceased to work and every form of modern transportation ground to a halt.
Within days the death toll reached the hundreds of thousands. Fires raged unchecked through the cities, water supplies ran out and survivors turned on each other as mob rule surpassed all.
Even Hogan wasn’t prepared for what happened next.
The ongoing flares tore a hole in time and space, and created a gateway through which ‘they’ appeared. From the realms of fantasy came the orcs, the goblins and, the Fair Folk.
Are they here to help – or to conquer?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Democracy’s Thief: An Eric Beckman Paranormal Thriller

by Al Macy

Private Investigator Eric Beckman hates politics. He doesn’t even watch the news—it’s just sensationalized stories crafted to sell commercials. Why should he care?

But that changes when a friend is shot in the head during a politically motivated break-in. Eric starts digging, and using his paranormal mind-reading skills, he soon discovers that Wilson Kingman, the presidential candidate behind the burglary, has some supernatural skills of his own. With one sweep of his mesmerizing gaze, he’s able to secure the fanatical devotion of the thousands who attend his rallies–including the very people investigating him.

Worse, Kingman’s true motivations have nothing to do with leading the free world. With the clock ticking down toward election day, Beckman must overcome his aversion to politics and stop the wrong man from being elected. If he fails, millions will die.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Gate at the Grey Wolf Star

by M. D. Cooper

In the Age of the Orion War…

After nine long years of searching the Inner Stars, Jessica and the crew of Sabrina have finally found the president’s brother, Finaeus Tomlinson.

Now Finaeus has convinced them to take a shortcut through a jump gate–a new technology none of them have ever used before–located at a secret dwarf star mining operation.

But a mysterious group within the Transcend Space Force, known as the Grey Division, has orders to intercept and capture both Jessica and Finaeus.

Trapped at the bottom of a steep gravity well and surrounded by enemies, Jessica and the crew of Sabrina must find a way out of the Grey Wolf System and deliver the crucial information Finaeus carries back to New Canaan before even their allies are forced to turn against them.

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The World at the Edge of Space

by M. D. Cooper

Meanwhile, in the Perseus Arm of the galaxy…

After near disaster trying to escape the Transcend at the Grey Wolf Star, Jessica and the crew of the Sabrina find themselves thousands of light years from their intended destination, deep in the Perseus Arm, at one of the furthest colonized worlds in the galaxy.

Sabrina has taken damage, Cheeky is in critical condition, and their supplies of antimatter and fusables are critically low.

The only system in sight? Controlled by the Orion Guard—their enemy.

It’s going to take some quick thinking and smooth talking to get the ship repaired and figure out how they’re going to travel clear across human space without being caught and destroyed by their now myriad enemies.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Viscount’s Son

by Aderyn Wood

‘I have the most terrible feeling I will see him tonight. And if that happens, what else will come?’

Book conservator, Emma, loves historical mysteries, and when she gets her hands on a Sixteenth Century diary, she launches a secret online project – to transcribe the ancient text. Though Emma’s colleague, Jack, believes the medieval ‘diary’ is a fake, Emma decides to translate the text and leave it up to her blog readers to decide. When a dark, handsome stranger comes into her life, she wonders if she should end the blog, but is it too late? Follow Emma’s journey to discern the mysteries of the medieval memoir.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Pendragon’s Heir

by Suzannah Rowntree

An everlasting kingdom. A princess lost in time. A murderous witch-queen determined to destroy them both…

Blanche Pendragon enjoys her undemanding life as the ward of an eccentric nobleman in 1900 England. It’s been years since she wondered what happened to her long lost parents, but then a gift on the night of her eighteenth birthday reveals a heritage more dangerous and awe-inspiring than she ever dreamed of–or wanted.

Soon Blanche is flung into a world of wayfaring immortals, daring knights, and deadly combats, with a murderous witch-queen on her trail and the future of a kingdom at stake. As the legendary King Arthur Pendragon and his warriors face enemies without and treachery within, Blanche discovers a secret that could destroy the whole realm of Logres.

Even if the kingdom could be saved, is she the one to do it? Or is someone else the Pendragon’s Heir?

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian

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