The Buried Symbol

by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Rejecting his role as an outcast, a teen schemes his way into an academy of magic and invention. There, he discovers a long forgotten magic. While determined to tame his frightening new abilities, one misstep could destroy him.

This classic underdog story is perfect for fans of zero-to-hero fantasy adventures filled with magic, mystery, and monsters.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Zeno’s Last Grain: A Hilarious Sci-Fi Space Comedy (The Galaxy Marshals Book 1)

by Jay J.R. Gaskell

Space trucker Jon Simmons has messed up, big time. He’s put blueprints for a planet-destroying weapon in the wrong hands, threatening billions. And now it’s up to his guilt-ridden derrière to stop it – once he’s had supper, that is…

After the revelation of what he’s done sinks in, Jon is hell-bent on redemption – even if things do get a bit… squiffy. Fighting his way across the galaxy with his ragtag crew, Jon finally comes face-to-face with his archenemy. But things don’t quite turn out as planned. As people begin to die, it seems Jon’s fate is sealed. But he begins to wonder if he can change his future, and his past – prevent countless deaths? He doesn’t know yet, but try he must…

Zeno’s Last Grain is the hilarious first book in a new space comedy series. If you’re a fan of humorous sci-fi, then you’ll love Jay Gaskell’s fast-paced galactic romp.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Soul of Magic

by Mark August

Magic is punishable by death, and noble families play a dangerous game of political power. Kincaid is an imprisoned pawn who discovered his powers by accident, and everything he loves hangs in the balance of life and death. Can his newfound magic save his soul?

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Schools of Magic

by Mark August

On the run from the ruling houses in Caesea, Kincaid struggles to honor the wishes of his former teacher. Unstable magical power leads to rejection in the ancient capital of the Empire of a Thousand Spears and leaves the young magi without a purpose. Scrabbling to stay alive, Kincaid finds company in a group of misfit sorcerers bent on uncovering the darkest depths of power. Facing impossible moral challenges, Kincaid, with new companions at his side, must make a stand against a new generation of magicians.

Will the ability to bend time be enough for a single Chronomancer to confront the Schools of Magic?

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The Dark Rises

by Greg Cmiel

Twelve-year-old Nikola stood beside an open grave. His grandma was dead and gone.

With her death, a door was kicked open, and an ancestral curse—a mark on Nikola’s bloodline and rooted in the very bones of the earth—lay revealed. Change is hard. Being the new kid at school is harder, especially with a sinister Vice-Principal like William Weaver.

Nikola met a girl named Lizzy. The shocking things happening to him were happening to her as well. She lived on a nearby lake, in a cabin her grandpa had built long ago. Spook Central, she called it.
They meet Dmitry—ancient and mysterious—with secrets of his own. Nikola is forced to choose—unravel the mystery of his dark lineage and bring the fight to the enemy, or face a lifetime of running.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


The Crimson Deathbringer

by Sean Robins

When Earth gets embroiled in the middle of an intergalactic war, humanity’s only hope for survival rests with a rag-tag team of unlikely heroes which includes an ace fighter pilot, a stuntwoman, a super-assassin, and an alien prankster.

Jim, a wise-cracking, OCD-suffering fighter pilot, is about to propose to his girlfriend when his friend Kurt surprises them by showing up at his house, wounded and covered in blood. This is just the beginning of Jim’s woes because soon after his life is thrown into a galactic conflict that threatens the very existence of the human race.

Can our heroes save humanity from the wrath of a galaxy-conquering alien fleet?

The Crimson Deathbringer seamlessly blends breathtaking action sequences with mischievous humor. If you enjoy reading a well-written space opera saga, this book is written especially for you. Pick it up and see for yourself!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera



by Alex Grass

A post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh has become the epicenter of strange events. Strange events that Long War veteran, Frank Attanasio, is unwittingly tangled into. When the man-beast known as Dreck appears in Frank’s mortuary, his already-weird world veers into the downright bizarre. A supernatural blizzard. An underworld of sewer-dwelling mutants. As Frank navigates his new reality, he discovers that he may not be the man he thought he was.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Daughter of the Antediluvian World: An Atlantis Origin Story

by A.L. Hooke

The key to the survival of an entire race lies in her genes, and she doesn’t know it.

Ryan Jones is a gifted archeologist plagued by questions about her past and lucid dreams about Atlantis, the ancient civilization lost to history. When a mysterious gift arrives from her long-dead parents, Ryan abandons the stable life she has fought to create to cross the globe in search of answers. Fierce secrecy is literally in her DNA, but she must place her trust in strangers and her unique abilities to find her way home.

Her quest leads her deep into the heart of darkness, where the centuries-long search for the lost city finally ends. There, she finds that the secrets hidden in her genetic code could save an entire race from the brink of extinction – but there is a cost.

Ryan must choose between her past and her future, her family and the man she loves, and the next great

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Dreamland Part 1: The Fabric of Dreams: A fantasy adventure novel (The Dreamland Trilogy)

by Barry S. Brunswick

A world of imagination. A child of prophecy. With evil on the horizon, can he save a wondrous land?

For as long as he can remember, Eric has always had vivid dreams. When the lines start to blur between sleep and reality, he and his parents begin a desperate hunt for answers. But after he slips into a coma, Eric enters an amazing enchanted dimension where he’s forced to fulfil an ancient destiny and defeat a nightmarish enemy.

Discovering he possesses incredible powers, Eric begins a punishing training schedule with an eccentric queen to ready himself for battle against his dangerous foe. Faced with aliens, dinosaurs, and vicious gargoyles, this young hero must master his gift quickly if he’s to defend the realm from a terrible fate.

Can Eric destroy the coming doom and rescue a kingdom of magic? If you or your child like memorable creatures then you’ll love this fun-filled tale.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


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