Battleship Leviathan: A Military Sci-Fi Series (Battleship: Leviathan Book 1)

by Craig Martelle

Humanity spread to the stars and ran headlong into the established races. A new war begins, and no one conducts war better than humanity except for the Blaze Collective.

The two go head-to-head while humanity frantically searches for something to give them an advantage. Ancient technology. The derelicts scattered across the galaxy. Gutted and useless.

Except for one, hidden in plain sight, close to Earth. Major Declan Payne takes his team aboard to find that the ship is no derelict, and it needs him as much as humanity needs it.

Battleship: Leviathan. A Doomsday Weapon whose only goal is peace.

Experience the start of a Military Sci-Fi Series from Amazon Bestselling author Craig Martelle. It’s perfect for fans of Rick Partlow, Jay Allan, and Joshua Dalzelle.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


Galaxy Cruise: The Maiden Voyage

by Marcus Alexander Hart

Humanity needed a hero. It got a karaoke DJ.

Leo MacGavin is not the brightest specimen of humanity. But when he inadvertently rescues a flirty alien heiress, he’s promoted from lounge entertainer to captain of the galaxy’s most sophisticated cruise ship.

Before he can flee in terror, a human-hating executive gives Leo an ultimatum—complete the vessel’s maiden voyage or mankind’s last colony will be turned into a sewage dump. To make matters worse, a militant cyborg is undermining his authority, a giant spider is terrifying the passengers, and a sentient plant keeps stealing all the beer.

If Leo ever wants to see his home again, he’ll have to keep the guests happy through seven days of onboard antics and madcap shore excursions. As strange malfunctions tear the ship apart, can he hold his rag-tag crew together, or will he flush the last bastion of humanity down the crapper?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Dragon’s-Eye View

by Vickie Knestaut & Danny Knestaut

Unlike his twin sister and most of his friends, Tyber has never been impressed with dragons. Instead of admiring them and their riders, he’s busy doing whatever he can to make sure his siblings have enough to eat.

But after getting caught helping a friend commit an act of petty theft, Tyber is given a choice between imprisonment or entering the King’s Royal Academy of Dragon Riders. New recruits are desperately needed in the face of an escalating war, and King Cadwaller is offering a bonus to any family that enrolls its young adult sons.

It sounds like a golden opportunity for Tyber and his family. But can he endure the trials of the academy and overcome his distaste for serving the king he blames for his family’s poverty? Neither task, however, will be as difficult as winning the loyalty of a young dragon named Rius and accepting the wisdom of dragons.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College



by Clayton Graham

First Contact is imminent, but it comes with conditions…

Laura and Jason are on vacation when their lives are turned upside down by otherworldly creatures that fall to Earth in the dead of night.

Frightened and bewildered, they become trapped in a dark and mysterious conflict between clandestine Earth forces and the alien wave—and Laura’s world starts to unravel.

But everything may not be as it appears. Could the aliens have an ulterior motive? And do they have a mission for Jason?

The world may not be ready for alien communication, but it may have little choice in the matter.

If you like Close Encounters, Contact, and Arrival, then you’ll love Milijun, the first novel of a gripping new alien interaction series from Clayton Graham.

“Captured my interest from the very beginning, and never once let go.” Jenna – Indie Book Reviewers

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


Gifted: A Mystery 42 Manuscripts RP Novel (The Ancient Obelisk Ternion Season 1)

by Lianne Willowmoon and Other Authors

The Obelisk Academy is a hidden sanctuary for those who can use magic, and a new year is starting. It should be an opportunity to learn and grow, but for a few of the least privileged, it becomes a nightmare. A headmistress and other students are determined to not only lock them out of their education, but sometimes it seems like their very lives are in danger.

During an assignment, this group of strong students uncovers ancient secrets and an evil so great that they must stop it at all costs or risk the end of magic forever.

With no one in their corner and no one to trust, they must weed out those helping this grave darkness and learn how to defend themselves against what’s to come.

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Category: Fantasy – Classics



by Skye Malone

One trip to the ocean has changed Chloe’s life. She’s growing scales, being followed by a mysterious guy with glowing eyes, and now murderers are after her. Even her best friend’s hot stepbrother is hiding secrets. It was supposed to be a vacation, but it’s turning out to be a lot more.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Bow of Destiny

by P. H. Solomon

“The characters climb off the pages” of this award-winning epic fantasy with a fresh approach pitting a shapeshifting dragon against a hero haunted by prophesy and death. A quest for the fabled Bow of Hart drags Athson into danger between a dragon and a deadly wizard. Destiny might kill Athson before he finds the bow.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

An Arrow Against the Wind

by P. H. Solomon

The hero of this award-winning edition of “an entertaining fantasy series in the classic quest adventure mold” defies a merciless wizard and a sly dragon. But Athson’s on the hunt for more than destiny. His aim is tested between doom and vengeance.

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by C R Wahl

Archaeologists discover a mysterious artifact hidden under a giant Mayan pyramid. To their surprise they realize it’s not Mayan, so where did it come from?

Theoretical physicist Hans Verlink and his brilliant graduate student, Katrien DeVries from Waking Iceman, know only part of the answer. But to learn more, they concoct an experiment that goes awry, forcing them on a perilous journey to another world where they become trapped with no way home.

Anti-Paradox continues C.R. Wahl’s Waking Iceman story, sending the reader on a non-stop techno-thriller ride through the jungles of Guatemala to Amsterdam and beyond to another dimension.
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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure