Project: AKRA

by E.A Szabelski

Raist was genetically engineered to be smarter, faster, stronger, and a leader of the most elite Solarian military team that has never failed a mission. His group is contacted with a mission worth the risk of such a valuable asset: recovering the enigmatic secret known only as AKRA. Given unlimited resources, his team must assault a hostile planet that has staved off all attacks. With a horrifying discovery that threatens to affect the very framework of reality, everything he has may not be enough.

Realizing that even with all their training, weapons, and sacrifice they might still die; they learn a horrifying discovery affecting the very framework of reality. Raist must decide if prevailing is now even worth it, can he find the one course of action that can save everything he knows?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Warrior’s Path

by Karim Soliman

The name of Masolon will be cursed forever, the warrior who finds himself forced to slay his father to prevent a massacre. To escape the shame of kinslaying, the young outcast braves the haunted desert to reach the fabled lands of Gorania. A journey he survives with his body, but not with his mind.

Tormented by the guilt of his sin, Masolon seeks redemption through the war he wages against the remorseless outlaws who infest every corner in Gorania. But Masolon has to be careful; away from his homeland, a hero could easily be regarded as a threat to the Goranian order if one concerned lord decides so.

Now enemies and false friends close in from all sides. And Masolon, betrayed and outnumbered, must win one decisive battle to earn the peace he has been pursuing. But in the brutal world of Gorania, peace could just be a delusion. Masolon’s path to redemption could be a lie after all.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Cursed Key

by Rebecca Hamilton

Another team beat free-spirited archaeologist Olivia Perez to the dig of a lifetime, and now she’s left with the choice to wait for scraps or brave a dangerous, dusty tomb in hopes of finding other priceless artifacts.

Her reward? A mysterious key she has no idea is cursed.

Soon, Olivia realizes she’s brought home more than just an ancient rarity. Malevolent visions begin to plague her. Unnerved by what they reveal, she casts away the key…unknowingly placing it into the waiting hands of a dark mage bent on destruction.

Only when a shifter agent from the Paranormal Intelligence and Tracking Organization arrives searching for the key does Olivia realize what a huge mistake she’s made.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Humanity’s Fight

by J.J. Green

Fighting for freedom from galactic tyranny

General Cherry Lindstrom is responsible for the defense of the colony world, Concordia. This last outpost of human civilization lives under constant threat of attack from hostile aliens who claim the planet as their own.

But decades have passed since the last assault, and the colonists have grown complacent. Thanks to the effects of time dilation, only Cherry and a handful of others remember the devastation wreaked on Concordia previously.

The Concordians don’t understand the danger the colony is in. Cherry must find a way to convince them and to build effective fighting force—before it’s too late.

Two galactic civilizations. One planet. Who will win?

Humanity’s Fight is book two in the second part of the space colonization epic, Space Colony One.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization

World War III the complete box set

by James Rosone

Is the next world war…

…less than twenty years away?

Can a coming conflict be contained?

In 2038, decades of political infighting and advances in technology have combined forces to create the perfect storm. America’s leaders have been focused on internal struggles, leaving a door open for new world leaders to take the stage.

A power vacuum has formed.

Who will fill it?

In the Middle East, an Islamic Caliphate emerges, threatening to spread across the globe. China and Russia also begin to flex their military muscles, armed with the most up-to-date technological advances.

Will the world’s fate be determined by railguns, unmanned drone tank vehicles, exoskeleton combat suits, and new cyber-warfare capabilities?

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Madison Moby and the Rose Widow

by Jason Winn

Pistols, potions, and private armies…

Madison Mosby is tired of going nowhere in life. Living in the shadows of her grandmother’s culinary success, she trudges around one of the many kitchens within her vast empire, swimming in debt and despair.

Enter a mysterious man with a proposition that changes everything…

Suddenly, Madison finds herself thrust into a civil war of sorcerers, magical drug cartels, and private armies. Enemies are closing in from all sides. All eager to claim her grandmother’s coveted potion, known as the Rose Widow.

To save her family’s magical legacy, can Madison learn to navigate the ways of the Rose Widow? Or will the malicious forces of the Finale shatter all their family has built?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Twisted Saga 1

by Jo Ho

When Marley starts Blackville University, she has classes to sign up for, parties to attend, and an over-protective father to avoid.

While trying to befriend her roommate, Marley discovers that Cassie might just be the oddest – if richest – girl she’s ever known. Then there’s Eve, the older girl with a mysterious past who hides her true face under layers of make-up and a bitchy attitude. Thank God for Tyler who seems nice or she would think college life was a bust already.

After a disastrous night out ends with them all thrown together for the first time, they discover they each have been gifted with strange new powers, but why? And who is the mysterious good-looking stranger who seems to know far more than he is willing to tell them?

Written like your favorite CW/Netflix show, expect thrills, heart-thumping romance as well as epic twists and turns that will keep you guessing!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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