by Krista Street

For four months, Lena has searched for answers to explain what happened to her. The forgotten memories, the tattooed symbol, the extrasensory ability, and the instinctual feeling she hopes is guiding her home. When she arrives in a small Colorado town, the last thing she expects is to find others like her. Others with broken memories and strange gifts. Among them, the dark eyed man she’s inexplicably drawn to. With him, her body remembers what her mind cannot. Yet despite the comfort and security his presence evokes, Lena still yearns to find answers to her past. What she doesn’t know is that answers may reveal a more sinister secret than anything she’d imagined.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Stone Bound

by Eric T Knight

Three children with the powers of Stone, Sea and Sky are all that stands between the world and the chaos of the Abyss.

Fen is only a boy when his city is sacked, his mother cut down mercilessly. Yet when the blade is turned on him, he survives unscathed. But the attack seems to have awakened something inside him, something that killed his father years ago.

Aislin can make the waves dance. The sea creatures come at her call. But she lives in a world of her own, emotionally isolated from others. Bullied by the other children, one day she turns her power on them.

Karliss was touched by the wind at birth and its power is within him. But he is reckless with his power and heedless of the madness that afflicts those who overuse it.

When the inhuman denizens of the Abyss invade the world, only these three have a chance of stopping them, but only if they learn to master their powers.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Dungeon Explorers

by Max Anthony

A no holds barred take on the dungeon crawler theme.

Fleeing wrongful arrest, Rasmus the Wizard and Viddo Furtive stumble across an underground city so ancient, that nobody even remembers its name. Drawn onwards by curiosity and a thirst for adventure, they explore its deserted streets, unaware that they have discovered a place full of danger. This lost city hides many things – deadly secrets that have wiped out its citizens as they searched for their long-forgotten gods.

Trapped far beneath the earth, wizard and thief face creatures of great power and malice. But Rasmus and Viddo are not defenseless, for each is at the pinnacle of his profession and as deadly as they come. Can they uncover what happened to these forgotten people and escape with their fair share of the loot?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Rated R

by Mike Leon

A video store clerk finds out her coworker is actually the world’s second deadliest man. A secret death squad, a mystical ninja, a monster, and the world’s deadliest man all try to kill him. Hilarity ensues.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Godless Murder Machine

by Mike Leon

After burning down the video store where he used to work, Sid Hansen gets a new job at GameStop. Islamic extremists send an army of suicide bombers to try to kill him. Hilarity ensues.

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Hood: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel

by Evan Pickering

Rob “Hood” Huntington misses movies and video games. He misses making bad jokes with his old friends in D.C., he misses eating delicious food for fun, staying out until sunrise, dreaming of traveling the world and maybe chasing a girl or two.

Hood will never forget the day the bombs went off in D.C., or the way people turned on each other when the survivors began to starve.

Two years have passed since civilization collapsed. Hood and his sister Taylor fled into the country where they stumbled upon the town of Clearwater. Together they fight and steal to survive, hidden in their country town, longing for a normal life.

But all around them, two wasteland Kings fight a ruthless war for control of the land.

A war Hood and his loved ones cannot escape.

Previously $2.99

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

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