Cursed: An Urban Fantasy Novel (The Thrice Cursed Mage Book 1)

by J.A. Cipriano

My name is Mac Brennan and that’s the only thing I can remember about myself. Not why I woke up in a dumpster. Not why my right arm is as black as pitch and covered in glowing red tattoos, and certainly not why a vicious death cult is after me.

Actually, that last part isn’t true. I know why the death cult is after me. It’s because I saved that damned girl from them. I didn’t know who she was at the time, but I’d have done it anyway. I just don’t like it when girls get beat up, call me old fashioned.

Still, I can tell she’s hiding something behind those devilish eyes, and if I want to find out what it is, I’ll have to help her.

My name is Mac Brennan. I have no memory, and I’m a werewolf-hunting, hellfire-flinging version of Faust himself.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



The Infinity Bloom

by Katherine Espano

We can never fully know another’s mind, even someone we love.

When Anna, an artist and teacher, meets Jake, a scientist studying a plant of possible alien origin, she’s drawn into his elite social set. She soon learns his university department researches for the government. Anna is attracted to Jake, but can he be trusted? And what does his department want with her? With its mirrored petals, the dazzling infinity bloom is in countless homes. The personalities of people are changing, no longer quite human. As Anna unravels secrets, she discovers many things she holds dear are not what they seem…

Hauntingly suspenseful, The Infinity Bloom is a dystopian psychological thriller that explores family ties, the limits and resilience of love, and ultimately, the choices we make that shape us.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Return to Me

by Morgan O’Neill

Book Three of the Roman Time Travel Series. Return to Me finds time traveler Gigi Perrin happily settled into twenty-first century life with her husband, the former Roman senator and military commander, Quintus Magnus. Gigi has resumed her successful musical career, playing the flute for her adoring fans, while making her first foray into Hollywood by creating the musical score for a feature film about the Roman emperor Nero. At the film’s wrap party, Gigi is presented with a gift to commemorate her work: an ancient Roman ring depicting the goddess Victoria. Stunned, she and Magnus recognize it as the very ring that brought them together, and the one subsequently stolen from her and lost in A.D. 410. How did it make its way back to them? Magnus believes the answer is clear; Victoria sent it as a warning about their dear friend, Princess Galla Placidia. They start researching what happened to Placidia after Gigi and Magnus time traveled from the barbarous fifth century. To their shock, they discover Placidia’s life took a series of terrible turns, culminating with the murders of her children. Realizing they have no other choice, Gigi and Magnus prepare to embark on a perilous quest to go back in time and rescue them. But one ominous question remains – how can they save the children without altering the course of history?

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


After the Fall

by Morgan O’Neill

Book Two of the Roman Time Travel Series. After the Fall ratchets up the tension as time traveler Gigi Perrin and her husband, the Roman warrior Quintus Magnus, join forces with the Visigoth King Alaric to march on Rome. There waits Princess Galla Placidia, the admirable sister of the despicable Emperor Honorius. About to be forced into an arranged marriage by her brother, Placidia fears a bleak future. In an attempt to save Rome from barbarian invasion, Placidia puts aside her troubles and meets with Alaric’s delegation, which includes Alaric’s second-in-command, the Visigoth prince, Athaulf. The attraction between Placidia and Athaulf is instantaneous and overwhelming, but theirs is a forbidden love, destined to fail because of impending war. Bound by a friendship that transcends time, Gigi and Placidia must do whatever they can to protect the men they love, after the fall of Rome.

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