Fight the Good Fight

by Daniel Gibbs

Colonel David Cohen has risked everything to help defend his home planet against the oppressive League of Sol. And even as he grapples with the lives lost under his command, David knows failure to defeat this merciless enemy is not an option… A riveting series starter!

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Out of Time

by Mikhail Gladkikh

This fast-paced thriller explores humanity’s response to the existential threat from outer space.

The intricate plot pitches science vs geopolitics, corporations vs governments, and leadership vs ambition.

For the fans of hard science fiction such as “Expanse” by James S.A. Corey and “Project Hail Mary” by Andy Weir.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

In a Black Tapestry

by Daryl K. Hill

In an old place of worship, there hangs a tapestry of dark portent.

In its cloth are stitched the histories, the lineage of a town on the marches between the merchant burgs and the untamed pagan wilderness – stories of ogres, and Wends; of strange creatures sewn in spidery black thread, and stunted men who hide beneath the ground; and the cursed blue-ringed eye, the ruin of all.

But all that is legend and folly, is it not?

When Aivars and his hex-anointed brothers of the Greysworn are called away to war against the pagans by their liege Luther the Bloodless, Zemyna finds herself left behind in their sleepy town. Heedless of the omens descried by the town’s rector and the tall tales woven into the tapestry, she is awakened one night by something straight out of nightmare and legend.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Arcane Mercenaries: Captain

by Mark August

Magic started a war. Grant will do anything to end it, including giving up his power.
For fifteen years, nations battled to rid themselves of the scourge of magic, and Captain Grant Gwydian’s mercenaries have been on the front line. Except, he’s StarTouched, a mage, and the leader of the Arcane Mercenaries. His group of wizards gets the toughest jobs and impossible missions courtesy of the highest bidder.
Overarching every skirmish and monumental battle is the threat of triggering the Apocalypse, and everyone blames the arrival of the Star-Touched as the greatest threat in known history. With enemies around every corner, the Arcane Mercenaries must embrace their powers and trust themselves above all others. But is one company enough to shape the future of empires and battle to save humanity?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Zombie Apocalypse

by Michael K. Clancy

In the Last Days of America, Hope Is Not a Plan

The Russians accidentally infect the entire human race with the Z-Factor virus. Dr. David Kohlberg smuggles his research to his nephew, Dr. Benjamin Lieber, in Washington, D.C. He hopes Ben, a world-renowned virologist, will discover a cure for the Z-Factor virus before the zombie apocalypse destroys mankind.

Ben summons his extinction-level response team, including Colonel Jack Crown, M.D. Jack and Ben battle zombies, contagion, and a country in chaos as they race to find a cure.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Belvedor and the King’s Curse: The Cruel Cost of Magic

by Ashleigh Bello

Slave. Warrior. Witch. Leader… have you met Arianna Belvedor?

She’s a rebel with twin swords and a dagger. A defender of magic. A symbol of hope for the oppressed people of Olleb-Yelfra. Join her on a riveting quest for freedom and power as she tries to escape from her prison in the City of the Four Corners.

Does she have what it takes to survive her dark world? To battle a necromancer? To evade the High King?

“This is high fantasy at its best.” – From jwitt33, NetGalley Review – 5 stars

Also available in Kindle Unlimited!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Red Stained Wood

by M. J. Rogers

Five years ago, the death of the King tore Kalwyn in two. In the aftermath of the war that followed, magic was outlawed.

Today, Kalwyn is a country fractured. A corrupt politician rules with military might, magi are forced to conceal their powers and the remaining elves have retreated into the great forests.

When Penny Meadows’ father is summoned to the capital and fails to return, she leaves her village to bring him home. On her journey, she meets Rigel and Gordax, two swords-for-hire, Megan, a teenage thief, and Dylan, a mage living in self-imposed exile.

Penny soon discovers that her father’s disappearance is part of a larger, more sinister plot at the heart of Kalwyn. As the late King’s daughter approaches her eighteenth birthday, the factions seeking to control the country are forced into action.

When offered the choice, will the people of Kalwyn choose peace or chaos?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Magnus Maximus 1: First King of Britain

by Brent Reilly

Based on real events called The Great Conspiracy of 367, the greatest Roman you’ve never heard of must save 4 million Britons from 5 allied invaders or Rome is history. Magnus Maximus translates as Maximum Great — that’s his name. He was a general who became a Roman emperor. This 30-book alternative history saga will give you a tour of antiquity. Enjoy the 4th century today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History