Animated Architecture (Modern Magick, Volume 1)

by Charlotte E. English

Can British magick survive?

As the pace of modern life accelerates, the old ways wither and die. But to the Society for Magickal Heritage, that just isn’t good enough.

Join four unlikely heroes, the enigmatic “Milady” of the Society, and the sentient house they call Home as they fight to keep magick alive! Containing the first three wild adventures, Animated Architecture brings you a fresh twist on the contemporary fantasy genre, an unforgettable heroine – and buckets of laughs.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

New Frontiers: The Complete Series (Books 1-3)

by Jasper T. Scott

The year is 2790 AD: with space elevators and giant orbital fleets hovering over Earth, open war looks inevitable. In hopes of finding a refuge from the looming war, the Alliance is sending Captain Alexander de Leon to explore an Earth-type planet, code-named Wonderland.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

The King’s Favorite

by Tanya Anne Crosby

Sometimes, love is all the magic you need…
Fearing her “gifts” will be used to defeat her sister Matilda, Elspeth Pendragon escapes the Black Mountain priory that has sheltered her and her sisters since their father’s death, only to find herself indebted to, of all men, a Scotsman, whose loyalties are in question…

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

A Winter’s Rose

by Tanya Anne Crosby

Facing the grim prospect of a forced marriage to a feckless minion of King Stephen’s, Rosalynde, the defiant youngest daughter of Morwen Pendragon takes matters into her own hands. With the help of her mother’s spell book and a stolen wimple, she disguises herself as a plain, matronly nun and flees her loveless fate…

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Wanderers Series – Box Set: Books 1-3

by James Murdo

The Wanderers series is an epic Space Opera, set in the Wanderer Universe. This box set contains books 1-3.

The ancient powers are gone and the galaxy lies in ruins. At last, a Wanderer ship makes a discovery with the potential to change everything.

“The machine intelligence and sense of expanses of time in this is so well written. I’m glad I read it. It was not normal – and in fiction, that’s an accolade” — Having Faith Book Blog

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

India Bones and the Ship of the Dead

by Set Sytes

A street kid grown up parentless on Mexico Island suddenly finds himself amongst a crew of skeletons on the legendary Ship of the Dead. Eager for adventure, he sails the Caribbean, searching for pirate treasure and the father he’s never met, all the while making friends . . . and bitter enemies.

INDIA BONES AND THE SHIP OF THE DEAD is the first book in a thrilling new pirate fantasy series, featuring the adventurous exploits of the young India Bones in an exotic yet dangerous world as different from our own as it is similar.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Low Lords

by T R Pearson

Eighteen-year-old Hoyt MacKenna — friends and family call him Mack — was born a Low Lord in Cumberland, Tennessee. That makes him part of a secret society founded by statesman and inveterate caver Thomas Jefferson. Low Lords are cavern minders, each group a family unit. The clans rotate to new sites every eight years or so and, as much as possible, live apart from the general population so as to devote themselves to their sole duty of keeping what’s under down.

What’s under? Alabastards — an ancient blend of humanoid and reptile built for cavern living and increasingly determined to get out into the light.

Low Lords is a family-friendly, quasi-historical freak show of a fantasy, a coming-of-age story with headlamps and monsters.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History

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