The Rules for Lying

by L. A. Kelley

WARNING: No good comes from reading a book with magic, murder, revenge, sass talk, demons, animals committing felonies and bad things happening to good people for no reason. The only lesson learned is don’t lie unless you know the rules.

Life in New Jersey is harsh in the Great Depression, but teenager Peter Whistler has the magical gift of lying. The arrival of a conjuror with evil designs on a little blind girl named Esther draws him into a plot to unleash a demon. With help from an enchanted terrier, Peter and Esther escape to New Orleans and meet Amelie Marchand, but with a murderous stepmother, she has troubles of her own. Their one chance for survival is to find the mad shaman of the bayou known as the Frog King.

In an alternate 1930s, magic fills New Orleans’ air. Can Peter’s mystical lies and a dash of Cajun crazy prevent hell on Earth?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Fire on the Mountain

by Saul Tanpepper

Former Army Ranger and combat field medic Zander Hollis is three years into a 7-year murder sentence. He’s up for parole, but someone doesn’t want him to get out.

While building firebreaks to protect the prison, Zander encounters Willa, a feisty and fiercely independent fourteen-year-old who takes no guff. After a flash burn forces them together, they must fight both nature and evil to survive.

But first they’ll have to survive each other.

This gripping natural and manmade disaster survival series is full of heart and heart racing thrills.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

From Beyond: The Complete Series

by Jasper T. Scott and Nathan Hystad

Are we alone? It was only a matter of time before the truth came out.
Commander David Bryce was set to lead a routine re-supply run for the Orbital Development Group (ORB) to the colony on Mars. Without warning, he’s taken away by government agents and told his mission has changed.
They’ve discovered something. And it’s drifting closer to Earth.
Atlas Donovan tirelessly hunts for an artifact, tracking it to Lake Como, Italy. After the recent news from ORB, Atlas is more drawn to the trail than ever. He continues his search, determined to uncover the significance of the strange markings, and more importantly, where the artifacts really came from.
As both Atlas and David draw near to their objectives, they realize a secret organization is working against them; a clandestine force with so much influence, they seem impossible to oppose.
Are we alone?
No, and they’ve been here before.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Witch of the Federation Boxed Set Two: Books 9-16

by Michael Anderle

The Telorans have arrived, and people in the Federation are going to die.

Vishlog is working to understand the Morgana group, and just what he has “volunteered” to be part of.

Hopefully, he won’t die before he learns.

The Witch of the Federation has matured, and she has learned how to be a bit more aggressive. She chooses to use this new strength…to go on a date.

Join her on the second half of her adventures with this 8-book boxed set!

Will Todd be able to handle the new Stephanie, or will even the Toddster succumb to fear when and if the Morgana reveals herself?

Stephanie and her team need a break, but the Federal Navy comes to Elizabeth, hat in hand, to ask for a favor.

Unfortunately, it requires the team to go active earlier than they should. Will they accept?

Will Stephanie’s team be able to defend the Federation?

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

A House for Keeping

by Matteson Wynn

Prepare to be spellbound by a magical, heartwarming adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A seemingly typical family reunion catapults Finn Foster into an extraordinary magical journey. As family secrets are revealed, Finn must decide what she’s willing to trade for a charmed life. Hold on tight for a whirlwind of magic, humor, and wonder that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban