A Call to the Sky

by Marc B. DeGeorge

In a world with no ground, only flight keeps you alive.
Toume d’Nezuhmy only wanted to be a pilot, just like his mother. As the son of a chieftain, his clan had trained him to fly well, then sent him to bury his head in books. He would have stayed in them, if not for the high priestess of the Drahken clan. She offers him a curious mission. There is no pay, but if he is successful, the high priestess will grant him her daughter’s hand in marriage. This delivery is not as simple as it seems, however. Rival clans will kill him for the package, and even if he is successful, marriage is no guarantee of happiness. A serious choice lies before Toume. Should he choose wrong, he could wind up dead, or worse—a failed union between him and the Drahken heir would destroy the only alliance that protects his clan from destruction.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

A Challenge for the Sky

by Marc B. DeGeorge

The responsibility of the Nezuhmy clan now belongs to Toume, but rather than focusing on his people, his eyes look to the stars. A project to launch a ship into space is nearing completion, and Toume wants nothing more than to be on it.
Not everyone is so eager to see the launch succeed. Suspicion surrounds the project, and Preandra, chief of the technical Manuhke clan, is hesitant to move forward after a concerning discovery.
When a tragic event occurs, Preandra shuts the project down, threating violence if Toume persists in finding out what happened. What is the reason for the director’s warning? And can Toume investigate before his advisors ground him?
To save the future of the planet, and his people, Toume must choose between his desires and his true responsibilities.

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by Elvo Fortunato Bucci

What price would you pay to live longer? In this page turning science fiction thriller, the CEO of a struggling pharmaceutical firm invents a genetic engineering treatment that can give people the one thing they want most – longer living. But the firm is running out of time and short on money. Then a reclusive tycoon appears and makes the CEO the deal of a lifetime. The CEO accepts the offer and puts everything he has at risk. After a whirlwind clinical trial, the product is distributed worldwide. It works beyond belief and changes the world. Everything the CEO had ever dreamed of is coming true. But a unique genetic trait of the product that had been kept hidden by the tycoon is discovered and now the world faces the greatest human tragedy ever. Can the CEO undo the travesty? In the end one decision remains in this compelling sci-fi technothriller: is living worth more than life itself?

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering

Midlife Supernaturals Trilogy Box Set

by T.J. Deschamps

If you like witches, a tight knit community of supernatural misfits, and standing up to powerful bullies, this might be the tale for you.

Miriam Diaz hid her power so well, she didn’t even know who she was anymore. She did all the right things and kept her community at arms length. It was for everyone’s protection, or so she thought.

When a hellhound showed up in her neighborhood, she had no choice but to defend it. The single action opened her world up. She could no longer hide what she was, not even from herself. Soon, Miriam discovers she’s not the only one in the Seattle suburbs keeping secrets.

What happens when a single witch convinces an entire group to stop pretending to be like everyone else and show the world who they truly are?

Discover the answer in Midlife Supernaturals.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Ned Bear and The Dirty Whisker Curse

by A.B. Roveen

In a world where magic is gone…

Ned is a grizzly bear trained for fighting wars. But he doesn’t want to fight anymore. He’d much rather live a life of exploration and leisure. So one day he ventures out beyond his village to the city of Wexlin.

The world is a wondrous place and he soon happens upon a group of pirates searching for a great treasure lost at sea. Maybe Ned can find fulfillment in joining them on their quest. It certainly sounds fun. The only problem is Ned is afraid of the ocean.

That’s actually the least of his worries. Many deadly trials and troubles await aboard the Ironwill, the pirates’ ship. As it turns out, maybe Ned isn’t quite done fighting. And what will he do when a method to restore the world’s magic is discovered?

Find out in Ned Bear and the Dirty Whisker Curse.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Elemental Empire

by Peter North

Home-Sweet-Home? Not at Pine Ridge trailer park…

My name is Logan Greenwood, and I’d rather be anywhere else.

When I decided to come home to help my mom out of a rough spot, I had no idea how bad it would be.

But when a freak storm kicks up and I literally get sucked into another world, family drama is the least of my worries. I couldn’t get home if I wanted to.

And in this world – full of drop-dead gorgeous elves, nymphs, and dryads – the last thing on my mind is going home.

Only problem is, this perfect world is on the brink of war. As Drakkus, Lord of Chaos, and his minions descend upon my newfound paradise, one thing becomes clear.

Somebody has to stop this guy, and that somebody is me.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery