The Legacy of the Key

by S.L. Morgan

What if all humanity existed because of you?

Reece Bryant is thrust into an alternate dimension and faced with the horror that alien life exists, and soon she learns it exists due to her.

Faced with her life being turned upside down, and forced to live in a dimension with those who are sworn to protect her and all humans from dark alien forces, Reece has no other option but to comply with the demands of the realm.

If Reece is returned to Earth, her life will be destroyed.

Will Reece help the Guardians by blindly trusting their cause, or will she find a way to leave this new realm she must live in for her protection?

The introduction to this highly addictive novel series is for your reading pleasure and to help introduce a new novel series.

Please note: This is the newly revised, extended version with bonus scenes, 2017 edition.
Earning multiple awards for all books in this series.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Last Stryker

by Alex Sheppard

Sixteen and sole heir to the richest House in the galaxy, Ramya Kiroff has a life anyone would kill for. Only to Ramya, it is a living nightmare. When Ramya is handed a diktat–she must marry a stranger who will run the Kiroff business empire in her stead–she decides she has had enough. Ramya’s plan to escape her trappings is flawless. Until she steps into the Endeavor–the one ship Trysten Kiroff is desperate to get his hands on . . . Former Captain of the Confederate Fleet, Terenze Milos is a hero, said to have brought the galaxy back from the brink of extinction. When Captain Milos recognizes the unmistakable signs of deadly Locustan technology in a salvaged fighter craft–the Stryker–he sounds a warning. But the Confederacy isn’t listening . . .On the run from a corrupt Confederacy, the Endeavor and its crew may be the galaxy’s last line of defense against an unstoppable foe.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The First Covenant

by Alex Sheppard

Ramya Kiroff has run away from her father’s shadow, right into the middle of a galactic war with the deadly Locustans. It’s a war with monumental stakes–a loss would mean the end of life in the galaxy. It’s a war that the Confederacy does not believe has begun.

Guided by veteran Captain Milos, Ramya races across the galaxy to rally a ragtag band of troops to defend the front lines. They just might pull off a miracle, but first they have to outrun the Confederate forces and Trysten Kiroff’s ruthless bounty hunters.

A grizzled old captain with a mysterious past, a misfit crew, and a runaway heiress with a secret–can this band of misfits save the galaxy from annihilation?

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Einstein’s Secret

by Irving Belateche

Struggling scholar Jacob Morgan is convinced Einstein made a deathbed confession, and he’s spent his entire life trying to uncover the secret. After years of failure, he’s ready to give up–until he finds a new clue. Is it possible that time travel is real? (Finalist, Best Science Fiction Novel, 2016 American Book Fest)

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Stone Cold Magic

by Jayne Faith

Demon patrol officer Ella Grey was pronounced dead after an accident on the job. Eighteen minutes later she woke up on a gurney bound for the morgue. But she didn’t return to the living alone. The soul of a reaper followed her back from the grave, and it’s not just along for the ride. Hunting demons, outwitting an exorcist witch, and fending off the reaper that’s trying to eat her soul–it’s all in a day’s work for Ella Grey.

For fans of Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, and Jim Butcher!

“Jam packed with amazing supernaturals!”
“I was hooked from the first few pages. Finished it in one day!”
“Great storyline and the characters are realistic, creative, and fascinating. Readers will love the unique flavours of this book. I can’t wait to see more.”
“This book is kickass and had me second guessing through the whole thing. I cannot wait for the next one!”

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Noru Blue Rose

by Lola Stvil

How much of her soul is this Angel wiling to give, to save the Demon she loves?

Pryor is a fourteen-year old Angel with fiery red hair, quick temper and a “take charge” attitude; she leads a team of powerful Angels called “Noru”.

Pryor discovers that a new evil has surfaced and is using mind control to put an end to humanity. Things get even worse when Pryor finds out the new evil is in fact a secret brother whose existence her parents kept from her. How can she be expected to kill the new evil when he’s her own flesh and blood? And after having been lied to all her life, how can she ever hope to trust her parents again?

She gathers her team—including Aaden—and tries to formulate a battle plan.
Yet being around him makes everything far more complicated. Pryor questions if she has what it takes to tackle both evil and her love life.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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