Ascendancy The Arena

by Bradford Bates

When Jackson started to see things, that was only the beginning. Thrust into a world of magic and nightmares, Jackson will struggle to learn his place within the Ascendancy. Instead of going to the college of his dreams, he will spend his days learning how to defend humanity from the monsters in the shadows. Werewolves and vampires are only the beginning.
Will Jackson become one of the Ascendancy’s chosen warriors and live up to his father’s legacy, or will he turn his back on his destiny?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



Infinite Time

by HJLawson

Save the girl.
Save the day.
Save yourself.

The mission sounds easy enough, but it is anything but easy for Parker Jenkins. Yesterday, ordinary, poverty-stricken Parker was an ordinary high school kid, getting bullied relentlessly and trying to get by. Today, he’s a time traveler with gifted powers expected to carry out the extraordinary. Teaming up with another time traveler, Scarlet, they must save an innocent girl on the run before the villains kill them all. If they don’t, their present-day selves will die. But can the ordinary perform the extraordinary?

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


The Alexandrite: A Hollywood time-travel noir

by Rick Lenz

When Jack Cade is fired from a no-pay production of Hamlet, he has no inkling his next role will be opposite Marilyn Monroe — forty years back in time, in 1956. As a down-and-out aging actor, Jack’s luck and life change when he’s anonymously sent a pawn ticket for an alexandrite ring. After his wife leaves him, a mysterious woman asks him to meet her at an old mansion deep in the San Fernando Valley. With nothing to lose, Jack decides to go. Once he steps through her door, he enters a world of beguiling physics and plain old magic to travel through time. Through a dark, glitzy whirlwind of events, Jack meets Marilyn, gets killed more than once, and emerges with the jewel that changes his destiny. He discovers the answers to all his life-and-death questions within the constantly shifting colors of the alexandrite.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel



The Siren (Laments of Angels & Dark Chemistry Book 1)

by Meg Xuemei X

Lucienne, last ruler of the Sirens, has little time left to find TimeDust, an ancient power. If she doesn’t, the forces against her will destroy her and her family. What’s more, she’ll be denied the passions of a warrior prince.

Get the first two books in the series for just 99 cents total!

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


Nexus Tear (Laments of Angels & Dark Chemistry, #2)

by Meg Xuemei X

The Sealers have activated an ancient weapon known as Nexus Tear. Lucienne must destroy it before it kills her. But Vladimir, her first love and strongest ally, has joined forces with her enemies over the one kiss she shared with Ashburn–the kiss that is denied to him by the Siren curse.

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War of the Staffs

by Steve Stephenson, K.M. Tedrick

The goddess Adois brings a powerful vampire warlock named Taza through the void to turn Muiria into a planet of evil using her powerful staff. Needing an army, he turns a race of dark elves into vampires, but Prince Tarquin is born to fulfil a prophecy to stop Taza.

The prince cannot do it alone. The Wizard Celedant sends him to the Borderers, an elite group of dwarves to learn how to fight, while the wizard begins his search for the Staff of Adaman, the only thing capable of thwarting Taza and Adois’ Staff.

War of the Staffs is the search for two pieces of the ancient Staff of Adaman to counter Adois’ plans. The darkness is rising and using the black power of the Staff of Adois and his army of dark elves, giants, and orcs, Taza will begin a reign of terror the planet will not soon forget.

Previously $6.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic


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