Weapons Free

by Daniel Gibbs

After thirty-five years of peace, one vicious attack destroys it all. An unexpected enemy emerges with an overwhelming force designed to obliterate the Terran Coalition. Reservist Lieutenant Justin Spencer straps into the cockpit, determined to save his home from a vicious foe. Even outnumbered and outgunned, Justin is never out of the fight.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Hostile Spike

by Daniel Gibbs

Protracted war is inevitable.

Six weeks ago, Lieutenant Justin Spencer was just another reservist in the Coalition Defense Force. Becoming a lifer wasn’t in the cards—until the League of Sol brutally attacked the Terran Coalition. With several pivotal battles now under his belt, friends and strangers alike call Justin a hero. But he finds the accolades difficult to swallow when the night only intensifies images from his first taste of combat.

When the CSV Zvika Greengold is tapped for a black ops action, Justin volunteers to pilot a captured enemy aircraft on what he discovers too late is a suicide mission. For any chance of survival, he’ll need to rely on more than sheer skill and dumb luck.

He’ll need a miracle.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Sol Strike

by Daniel Gibbs

The counter-attack begins now.

Captain Justin Spencer has one goal: to execute battle missions with excellence and bring everyone in his galactic fighter squadron safely home. Yet for too long, the Coalition Defense Force has been engaged in a defensive fight with the League of Sol on the Terran Coalition’s home turf.

No longer.

The CSV Zvika Greengold is once again called upon for a highly clandestine assignment – take the war deep into enemy territory and attack the very heart of the League. It’s been generations since anyone has seen Earth after the communist League chased humanity’s ancestors from their former home, and Justin is eager to lead the squadron of stealth recon fighters for some payback.

Regardless of the danger that awaits them.

Previously $2.99

The Dragon Tax

by Ian Madison Keller

Sybil Dragonsbane strides down the alley, trying to project confidence and belonging while leading a disguised dragon. With her face plastered on wanted posters around the entire kingdom, she can’t figure out why she agreed to help him. She’s a dragon tax collector-and slayer if necessary-not a dragon savior.

Riastel hates being in this human form. No claws. No fangs. No fire. And he’s dependent on a human. Worse, she’s a dragon killer. But without her help, he might never figure out how to undo this curse and be trapped as a helpless human forever.

But can a dragon slayer and a dragon trust each other long enough to work together to survive?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Wither Thorn

by Joy Lewis

If Caia doesn’t escape, she’ll become an instrument of destruction.

After a ceremony on her sixteenth birthday fails to awaken her powers, Caia is convinced the accursed magic bound to her family name has skipped her in favor of her older, more capable sister.

But in King Arcturus’s court, there is little use for a raiser who can’t summon the dead.

If she doesn’t harness her dark powers herself, someone else just might.

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Bad Company: A Military Space Opera Adventure

by Craig Martelle & Michael Anderle

Humanity’s greatest export—Justice.
Space is a dangerous place, even for the wary, especially for the unprepared. The aliens have no idea.

Here comes the Bad Company.

Colonel Terry Henry Walton takes his warriors into battle, for a price, in this first installment of The Bad Company. He believes in the moral high ground and is happy getting paid for his role in securing it.

Set in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, Terry, Char, and their people—humans, Werewolves, Weretigers, and Vampires—form the core of the Bad Company’s Direct Action Branch, a private conflict solution enterprise.

Join them as they fight their way across Tissikinnon Four where none of the warring parties were what they expected.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire

Tale of Two Brothers

by Daniel Fernandez Masis

Two brothers have survived 7 years after an apocalyptic event without their parents. Nathan, the elder, tries to retrieve a valuable resource, but doesn’t return. James, the younger, leaves their house without understanding the perils of their world and is kidnapped…

A thriller narrated by the main characters, full of suspense and magical powers.

Previously $3.49

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

A Hunt by Moonlight

by Shawna Reppert

A Scotland Yard Inspector hunts something more dangerous than werewolves through the gaslit streets of London.

Royston Jones, unacknowledged bastard of a high-born family, is determined to track the killer before more young women fall to his knife. But his investigation puts him in the way of a lord who is a clandestine werewolf and the man’s fiancée, a woman alchemist with attitude and a secret of her own.

Will they destroy Royston to protect their covert identities, or will they join with him to hunt the hunter?

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

The Influencer: Speed Must Have a Limit

by Abhaidev

One of the prime minister’s many assistants, Aditya is no ordinary man. He is instead what some people call an Influencer. Yes! Literally! He is one of the few fortunate men who with the power of their minds can make other people agreeable and servile.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Superhero

Secret Agent Mom

by Martha Carr and Michael Anderle

Lucy Heron is a mom with three kids, and a baker with a happy marriage in sunny Echo Park. She’s also Silver Griffins Agent 485.

The suburbs will never be the same.

Fighting supernatural crime from a minivan while keeping the magical world a secret is a fulltime job. Then there’s the PTA bake sale and the neighborhood barbecue.

Hard to balance even with a wand.

And now, a monstrous loan shark is spreading his shadowy empire from a hidden kemana. Mix in a tribe of ancient witches and tunnel-dwelling magical misfits.

Turns out, Los Angeles is hiding a lot of secrets just underneath your feet.

Can Lucy put the bad guys behind Trevilsom bars and still get home in time for family dinner? What are her magical kids up to and do they have their own spy network?

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Mom Identity

by Martha Carr and Michael Anderle

Silver Griffins Agent 485 Lucy Heron is on the trail of a string of magical thefts. But first, she has to pick up the kids from school.

Talk about trying to find a life and work balance.

Dylan is in that awkward middle school phase when magic can turn a friend into a frog and back again. Did anyone notice?

And third-grader Ashley keeps recruiting friends for her own secret agency to fight magical crime.

Kids these days. The Heron children are even training the good dog, Buddy to track down magical bad guys.

So far, the family business is still a well-guarded secret. Can they keep it that way?

The criminals in town have taken notice and they’ve set up their own school of unwanted magic. Will the Heron Family figure out how to flunk them all before they overrun the City of Angels?

Join Lucy, her family, Jackie and Ellis as they take down magical criminals.

Previously $4.99

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