The Prince of Kaloria

by Romana Drew

A story of courage, determination, and love. Even though kidnapping and torture leave him with limited vision, Eshley, the future king of Ashlaria, is determined to steal a spaceship, fly home, and save the woman he loves. But only marriage to Cendry, the miserable and unstable daughter of the Lashon king, will end his world’s racial and religious violence. Does he choose peace for his world or the woman he loves?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Light After Earth

by Kate Haley

Al isn’t just a spy, he’s one of the best covert agents alive. At least, he was before everyone in the system started dreaming about him. Now his cover’s blown and he’s out of his depth, scrambling for answers to a mystery humanity has never been able to solve. The Goo. The great cosmic, planet-eating substance that swallowed whole systems.

No one knows what it is or how it works, least of all Al, but the message is out there and time is running out. The Goo is shifting. Now, it’s up to Al and his crew to investigate. With his life destroyed and desperation setting in, Al is forced to embark on a trip no sane person would dare. Al’s search for answers risks everything as he seeks the key to humanity’s survival and unlocks dark secrets of our existence.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Inquisitors’ Guild

by Dave Dobson

These three stories tell the tale of intrepid investigators from the Inquisitors’ Guild, a group of detectives, soldiers, and spies in the city of Frosthelm. Expect magic, swordplay, intrigue, scheming nobles, dire threats, and grand adventure. Each story in the set is a complete stand-alone mystery.

The three books included are:
— Flames Over Frosthelm
Two provisional inspectors stumble across a magic artifact when their suspect explodes. They uncover a dire threat to their Guild and their city.

–The Outcast Crown
An inspector and an apprentice investigate a murder and a mysterious phenomenon plaguing the city. They find an ancient tale of far-flung evil buried under an unsuspecting city.

–The Woeling Lass
After narrowly avoiding assassination, an inspector tries to unravel the plot against him. In the city, a young apprentice becomes embroiled in her own investigation.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Broken Promises

by Stavros Saristavros

Street gangs, corrupt merchants, and a powerful thieves guild. What could go wrong?

Fighting orcs and hobgoblins on the frontier has seasoned Akke, but her return to the city of her birth could prove just as challenging.

In a race against time to rescue an old friend, Akke and Ailuros land in the middle of a brewing gang war, where a person’s safety must be bargained for with more than just gold.

But Akke must be careful what she promises and to whom, for dangers lurk everywhere. Some of them harder to see than others.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

EMP Aftermath: Six Book Complete Series

by Grace Hamilton

The old world is gone. Now, one family must endure the hellish aftermath…

Laurel is stabilizing a patient in the ER when the power goes out. When the rest of the hospital evacuates, she refuses to leave her patients behind—especially her sick mother. She’s determined to fight for their lives. Even if it means putting her own in danger…

In a remote mountain cabin hundreds of miles away, Laurel’s husband, Bear, begins a grueling trek across Minnesota. He’ll do whatever it takes to reunite his family. But it’s a dangerous journey, and he’s all alone save for his loyal dog, Jessamine, and Trent, an orphaned boy he finds along the way.

Meanwhile, their daughter Mae has joined up with a violent militia, and grapples with divided loyalties. The Militia have unearthed weapons of war that survived the EMP. And they’re ready to launch a bloody conflict that could shatter the fragile order

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic