How I Magically Messed Up My Life in Four Freakin’ Days

by Megan O’Russell

When nerdy 16-year-old Bryant Adams finds out he’s a wizard, his ordinary life descends into chaos! Bryant embarks on an epic adventure filled with bad guys and magical mishaps – but can he protect the girl he loves? A charming and action-packed fantasy adventure that’s first in a series!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Fractured Soul (Assassins of Illumination 1)

by JMD Reid

His soul fractured by too many lives an assassin seeks to find himself.

In the City of Kash, the shapechanging assassin is free of his masters. No One has stumbled back to his old life. Has become who he once was. Carstin. A broken man loved by a laundress.

No longer a slave to those who made him into a monster.

Able to take on the form of anyone he has slain, the souls of those he killed lurk inside him. They all want their lives back and fight to seize it.

Carstin is beset from within and without. Another assassin hunts him, and a crime syndicate plots to use his abilities for their own nefarious goals.

How can he start over when he is at war with his past? Will he lose himself and his chance for a second start?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Sidekicks: Superpower Chronicles Books 1

by Arthur Mayor

All the superheroes died, who’s left?

My life is full of choices. Paper or plastic, cake or pie, tackle my chem homework or give a supervillain a well-deserved smackdown? (The answer’s obvious: cake.)

When the leader of the world’s most powerful superhero team asked me to become Raven, his apprentice, that was the easiest choice ever.

But I blew it.

Now, all the superheroes are dead, killed in an instant by an enemy they never saw coming. And I have another choice: give up and hide inside my normal life or master my powers and assemble a team of fellow trainees to protect the city.

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero


Nightstalkers: The Extinction Event

by Jasper T. Scott

They come out to hunt us at night…
Adam and Kimberly Hall are enjoying a quiet suburban life with their daughter, Crystal, and their dog, Bowser, when an emergency message flashes up on their phones—meteor impact imminent, seek immediate shelter.
Minutes later, the shock wave rages through South Austin like a hurricane, and they’re left to pick up the pieces. But as dusk begins to fall and horrific creatures come crawling out of the impact craters, they realize that they’re under attack, and the attackers are not from Earth.
After the initial encounters turn deadly for his neighbors, Adam realizes that they can’t stay in the city. He has an old Army buddy with a ranch in Texas Hill Country. They have to get there before it’s too late.
Nightstalkers is a post-apocalyptic invasion story for fans of The Last of Us and A Quiet Place.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion



by Gary Gibson

An alien world teeming with deadly life. And fifteen strangers with no memory of how they came to be there.

From the moment Sam Newman and fourteen others awaken inside metal coffins next to the burning wreckage of a spacecraft, they face a constant struggle to stay alive on a seemingly uninhabited planet light-years from home.

Worse, the last any of them remember, they were back home on Earth – at a time when interstellar travel was little more than a distant pipe dream.

Survival means finding out who – or what – brought them to this place. Yet what few answers they find amidst the steaming jungles and the ruins of that distant world defy all logic or sanity, and it soon becomes clear something has gone terribly wrong…

…something that could mean humanity’s survival – or its extinction.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization


Mortal Secrets

by Isa Medina

I can kill immortals, and everyone is about to find out.

As a lowbie demon vermin hunter, this is very bad news—I do the hunting, and don’t intend to become the hunted. So, when rumors about my immortal-killing existence begin to circulate, I must cover up my tracks, no matter what.

Unfortunately, when you’re already scraping the bottom of the barrel, the only help you find is the one you probably don’t want. Like the magical black market, where backstabbing is more of a competitive sport than a hobby, or the magnetic yet infuriating nightmare that’s the angel Zel.

But we don’t talk about him. Because murder is illegal, and I might just strangle him.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban