Genesis Earth

by Joe Vasicek

Michael Anderson never thought he would set foot on an Earthlike world. Born on the farthest edge of the solar system, he studies planets from afar. But when his parents open a wormhole and discover signs of intelligent life on the other side, Michael is the only planetologist young enough to voyage to the alien star.

He is not alone, but Terra, his sole mission partner, is no more of an adult than he is. Soon after their arrival, she begins keeping secrets from him. But she doesn’t realize that her darkest secret is one that he already knows.

Twenty light-years away from humanity, what they discover on the alien world forces them to question their deepest beliefs about the universe—and about what it means to be human.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration


The Chase

by Bradley Caffee

Win the Chase. Be the hero. Or die trying.​

The anarchy following the Great Collapse nearly brought the world to its knees until the unchanging Law brought order and peace. Generations later, the twelve alliances of the World Coalition gather once a year to allow their best and brightest young people to compete in the Chase. The prize? A chance to pass exactly one new law.

Willis and Perryn are both trainees for the Western Alliance, but while Willis bears the weight of heroic expectations, Perryn bears the weight of repeated failures–failures that demand genetic recoding, a process that will soon kill her.

When a mysterious racer from the outside world joins their orbiting training center, the lives of the Western Alliance trainees are upended. Willis and Perryn find themselves in a race to save their lives and uncover the hidden underbelly of the peaceful World Coalition.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Earthrise – Super Box Set

by Daniel Arenson

They came from deep space. They came to destroy us. We will fight back!

The Earthrise super box set! 6 entire novels = 2,000+ pages of epic science fiction.

With hundreds of thousands of copies sold, Earthrise has captivated readers around the world. This bundle includes the first SIX novels of this bestselling series. If you loved Ender’s Game and Starship Troopers, you’ll love Earthrise. From a USA Today bestselling author.

Earthrise is a story of humanity struggling to rise from ruin. A devastating alien invasion hit us hard. Billions died. Our world burned. Space, we learned, swarms with predators. And only the strongest can survive in these shadows.

Heroes gather. Earth’s ragtag army flies out to fight. Together, we must beat back the aliens. We must claim our territory among the stars. Earth must rise . . . or we will all fall.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


Grim Girl

by Nicky Graves

Death is complicated.

Avoiding dead people is impossible, especially since I discovered I’m destined to become a reaper. Now I must enter a terrifying new world where reapers, vampires, and demons exist.

Drawn to a reaper who is as handsome as he is unreachable, he assigns me to a trainer who has the initiative of an overfed hamster. My inept trainer is content to watch me catastrophically fail. Repeatedly.

And that’s not the worst of it. To follow my destiny, I must die. My trainer is okay with that. I am not. However, when the Grim Reaper curses me to strip me of my birthright, suddenly death isn’t my only fear.

If you like action packed books filled with enthralling characters, a deadly plot, humorous encounters, a gorgeous reaper, a hungry vampire, and enough twists to keep the pages turning, read Grim Girl.

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Nature Wizard Box Set

by DM Fike

In this action-packed box set, druid Ina must use her forbidden magic to protect Earth and its untamed wilderness from supernatural predators. Follow along as she learns to harness the power of the elements as a true nature wizard!

Like all the other druids, Ina was chosen by the goddess Nasci to guard Earth’s remote wild places. She magically controls fire, air, earth, and water to fight mythical beasts like aquatic panthers and cryptids with a Medusa gaze. But Ina has one thing the other druids don’t have: the ability to manipulate lightning. Or does the lightning manipulate Ina?

Get lost in dense forests and coastal byways in the first five books of this unique not-so-urban fantasy series.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Last of the Silver Wings

by Kim Vermaak

Below Nadine’s medieval village, the fragile peace that dragons and mankind had died to forge, is about to shatter.
A power-hungry King bent on revenge discovers the legend of a darkened dragon heart. The story explodes into a plot to eliminate the church hierarchy that destroyed his mother. He must have a dragon hatchling.

Nadine wakes to the screams of her village being destroyed by dragon fire, as the last dragon mother exacts her vengeance at this cruel betrayal of mankind. And she takes hostages.
The message is clear, “Return the hatchling or watch the villagers die in the ancient tunnels.”
Ripped away from an age of innocence, this epic fantasy thrusts Nadine into a world of kings, queens, and dragons. The stakes for victory are high.

The Chronicles of Nadine is an action-packed adventure series set in a time where the struggle for world domination is real. It weaves polit

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Category: Christian Fantasy


Into the Realms, The Realms Series Book 1

by Papa Sanchez

A thousand-year peace is about to be shattered…

When Kailo awakens in the Realms, he remembers nothing of his former life. With the help of a shopkeeper wizard and some new friends, he soon learns the King has chosen him to save and defend the Realms which are in grave danger. To carry out his objective he has been given the ability to use all the known magic in the Realms. There’s only one problem: he doesn’t know how to use any of it!

Thus starts his grand fantasy quest traveling from realm to realm to learn powerful magic. Each realm has its own special dangers and along the way he and his friends will face off against deadly creatures and dark mages.

Armed with his trusty staff and his increasing knowledge of magic, not even dragons will keep Kailo from trudging onward. But there are threats worse than dragons in the Realms and time is running out to save it.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Fate’s Collision

by RW Biga

When Craig’s high school buddy suggests a road trip, Craig knows its a bad idea. Bryan is out for a good time, no matter the cost, and he has his sights set on Craig’s dad’s van for the journey. It feels like such an enormous responsibility to him, and his friends don’t seem to share the same outlook he does – except the beautiful Hailey, who joins them on the trip. But Craig cannot anticipate what’s about to happen to them all, or indeed the world, as a worldwide emergency changes everything. He will stop at nothing to get home, even when his friends become unpredictable – or become enemies. He also doesn’t foresee or understand the biggest responsibility of all – a strange gift he discovers that leaves him questioning his sanity and the course of the future…and the past.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure