A Life of Adventure

by G. Allen Wilbanks

What if you had one wish? What would you ask for?

For Sonja Drommer, the answer is easy: Escape. Instead of the tedious drudgery of alternating between school and home, she wants magic and wonder to fill her days. She wants to be the hero of her own narrative, rather than feel like a minor character trapped in someone else’s story.

So, when Sonja meets Rith, and the impossible little creature offers to grant her fondest desire, she knows immediately what she wants. Sonja wants a life of adventure. One moment, Sonja is alone in her room with nothing more to look forward to than failing another math test in the morning, and the next she is shouting orders aboard a pirate ship, lost in the wilderness, and battling dragons. She has everything she had hoped for and more. Perhaps too much more…

Sonja had no idea there were so many things out there waiting for a chance to kill her.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Call Sign: Cupid

by M Guida

Chelby Duncan never knew who her parents were.

Knowing when people belong together is what she’s best at doing, but matchmaking isn’t career-worthy. With her foster father running for Senate, she decides to join the army

At the Military Entrance Processing Station, she is given a blood test and discovers that she’s not human.

Warned to run before she is taken by Sector Nine, Chelby flees.

Her panic leads to an encounter with Dr. Gould who says the Paranormal Mercenary Corps can help.

Chelby’s disbelief continues until she returns home and armed men from Sector Nine are waiting for her.

On the run for her life, Chelby calls Dr. Gould.

The Paranormal Military Corps Director takes her to their headquarters, where she meets other supernaturals and learns about her Fae powers.

Can Chelby master her new powers and break free of Sector Nine’s grasp before it’s too late?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Alex Robins

At the heart of every legend lies a truth. Twisted and reshaped by the currents of time.

For twenty years, strategos Dexios has led the phalanx of Thena against its enemies, pulled from one battleground to another in a relentless cycle of war and bloodshed. Now, finally, he has found the courage to leave that life behind. To relinquish his officer’s sword and return to the verdant slopes of his vineyard with his wife and son.

Peace, however, is fragile and capricious. When Thena’s northern allies bring word of an enormous tauran horde gathering on their borders, Dexios has no choice but to answer the call to arms one last time.

An epic tale of Gods & Monsters, inspired by Ancient Greek History and Mythology.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Inferno Games

by Elise Knight

When you are dead, the f*ckers should leave you alone!

For ten years I’ve been my younger sister’s only guardian since a horrific car crash left our parents dead and the pair of us traumatized. I’ve done everything to keep her happy and safe, but I couldn’t keep her safe from billionaire playboy Felix Barclay.

When I find her lifeless body with a note addressed to me, framing Felix as the reason she killed herself, I vow revenge.
However one wrong move and I’m dead too. I’m lost in Hell and my sister is nowhere to be found.

There’s no way out of Hell, not unless you compete in the Inferno Games, a deadly, treacherous event where survival isn’t guaranteed and you’ll be lucky to come out with your soul and your sanity intact.

What I haven’t counted on are the other competitors who will stop at nothing to win.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Space Colony One Books 1 – 3

by J.J. Green

Terror stalks a new world colony.

After nearly two hundred years’ space travel, humanity’s first deep space colony expedition has arrived at its new home.

Ethan, the descendant of six generations who lived and died aboard ship, treads on soil and feels the wind and rain for the first time.

But the new planet is not the paradise the scientists predicted. Alien predators lurk beyond the camp’s perimeter, and stowaway saboteurs are determined no one will survive.

Tensions in the new colony rise, and Ethan must fight to preserve the last hope of humankind.

Download books 1 to 3 today and start this epic space colonization adventure!

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization

Slack Jaw

by Eoin Brady

In a world ravaged by a deadly plague, Samantha’s love is pushed to its limits. Can she rescue her partner without losing herself to the chaos? Explore the haunting post-apocalyptic landscape of “Slack Jaw,” a gripping tale of survival, grief, and the elusive promise of redemption. Survival may demand a price you never thought you’d have to pay

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic