Captive of Wolves

by Eva Chase

After years of torment in captivity, Talia is rescued by four eerily gorgeous fae men who swear to protect her. But a curse holds all fae kind in its grasp, and only Talia’s blood can heal them. Can a human woman claim a new chance at life and love among the savage fae—or will her saviors’ castle become just as much a prison as her cage was?

Bound to the Fae is a steamy fantasy romance series featuring possessive shifters, dangerous fae politics, and a wounded heroine discovering her strength.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Vessel Games

by E.J. Eden

Welcome to the Vessel Games—where men fight to the death to claim a Vessel wife.

After the Great War devastated the lands, birth rates sharply declined, and the world descended into anarchy. The Monarchy seized control, creating a stranglehold over the land and the few women left who can bear children.

Now, only men who are strong enough to survive the Vessel Games can win themselves a Vessel, but Princess Chloe is determined to stop the bloodshed. Working in the shadows against her father, she teams up with a doomed criminal and a Traitor Caste girl. But death isn’t limited to the arena.

With her enemies closing in, Chloe must unlock the secrets of the games before her dangerous plot, and even more dangerous secret, costs her her life.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Quest System Earth: Initiated

by Michael Lopez

John suddenly returns home after being abducted and spending 6 years on Franesh, another world. Now he’s home and he’s brought the ‘Quest System’ along with him. This ‘Quest System’ allows those with it to complete quests assigned by the system for EXP and Attribute Points. Sounds cool right? Except, now dungeons are appearing all over the world and only a few people that were summoned to other worlds, and returned from them, have the power to defeat them.

Amid all of these strange, new occurrences, John attempts to reconnect with his former life and his family, but that may prove more difficult than clearing the dungeons for the 17-year-old. He has the strength and abilities to clear these early dungeons alone, but he can’t possibly protect the Earth from this new phenomena all by himself. Will the other few around the world with the Quest System be able to manage their dungeons?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Dream of the Iron Dragon

by Robert Kroese

In the 23rd century, humanity has been hunted to the verge of extinction by an alien race. When an exploratory ship accidentally travels back in time to Viking age Scandinavia, the human race is given a second chance. Pursued by the power-hungry King Harald, the four surviving crew members join a ragtag band of Vikings as they pillage their way across Europe. It will take all their ingenuity, courage and technical know-how just to survive. But survival is only the beginning. To save humanity, they must somehow return to the stars.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

The Other Magic

by Derrick Smythe

In a realm where only clerics are permitted to practice magic, Kibure’s inexplicable use of power places him in grave danger. In a twist of fate, the rogue priestess hired to strip him of his power chooses instead to help him escape. Her reasons for doing so are her own, but something worse than death awaits if they are unable to evade the Empire’s most potent wielders.

This epic fantasy series will be especially enjoyed by fans of Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, Michael J. Sullivan, Edward W. Robertson, Patrick Rothfuss, and Michael Wisehart.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Somnia Online: Initializing

by K.T. Hanna

Discover the class you were born to play.

Wren, a seasoned healer, is dismayed when Somnia Online automatically assigns her character, Murmur, to the Enchanter class. Determined to overcome the unexpected setback, she assembles her guild, intent on the coveted #1 spot. Twelve keys stand between her and victory, but finding them is only part of the puzzle.

Armed with telepathic abilities, Murmur rises to the challenge. However, old rivals have followed her to Somnia Online desperate for revenge. Intricate quest lines become more dangerous as NPCs absorb powerful artifacts, and Murmur begins to wonder just what sort of AI controls the world.

Murmur questions her sanity as the real and virtual worlds mesh together. Everyone is keeping secrets from her, even the AI, and Murmur’s determined to uncover them.

This is a completed series

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations

Demon Summoner: Apprentice

by Greg Walters

The year is 1642. A murderous war has been raging in the Holy Roman Empire for 24 years and there seems to be no end in sight.
When marauding soldiers destroy Gustav’s home and family, his life changes radically. Martin, a military field surgeon, takes him in and reveals a truth to Gustav that changes everything.
“Gustav, I have to tell you, not only are demons real, but they feed on human flesh. That is why we’re here on this corpse-strewn battlefield. All these dead bodies are their reward for fighting for the cause of mankind today, and we feldshers are here to heal their wounds.”
A new release that brings a breath of fresh air to the genre, the Demon Summoner trilogy is a brilliant combination of fan
Historical facts combined with elements of fantasy and sprinkled with a good dose of humor. The new saga from successful author Greg Walters, winner of the 2020 Kindle Storyteller Award.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History