Alchemy of a Witch-Part One: Calcination and Dissolution

by April Aasheim

As plague rages across neighboring villages, wise-woman, Almara, is arrested for witchcraft. Before she is taken away, Almara tasks her daughter, Morgan, with guardianship of two precious heirlooms.
When Morgan herself is accused of witchcraft, she becomes a fugitive from her own village. Escaping with only her Mother’s strange book and stone, she disappears into The Great Forest, and the rumored beasts that reside within.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

The Gifts of Pandora

by Matt Larkin

The winding road of Fate unfolds …

In the last days of the Silver Age, the tyrant god Zeus takes whatever and whomever he wants with impunity. He has already torn Pandora from one home and now he threatens to destroy another. When he turns his wrath upon Atlantis, Pandora flees with the Titan Prometheus.

Despite her bitterness, Pandora finds a friendship she never imagined possible. But Zeus is not done with Prometheus, and what Pandora will face next will make all she has endured pale in comparison.

But Pandora has considerable gifts of her own, not least her cunning mind. When Zeus binds Prometheus, Pandora swears to turn all those gifts toward bringing Zeus down and saving her one true companion.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

One Sorcerer and a Sacrifice

by Cait Ambrose

You are cordially invited to the Hierophant Society. Black tie only. Bring your tarot card and don’t ask questions.

The letter has dropped out of thin air into my lap moments after I’ve been kicked out of my apartment. It can’t have come at a better time.

I’ve always had a wicked sense of adventure. And trouble’s basically my middle name at this point.

When I’m introduced to the leader of the Hierophant Society—a devilishly handsome sorcerer who can summon fire with a click of his fingers—my normal ‘human’ world is shaken to its core. He’s offering me everything I’ve ever wanted. Adventure, acceptance, a world that’s steeped in intrigue and magic, and a place in his society.

The only question left is what does the ‘society’ want from me?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Iron Princess

by Brenda Elkin

The decommissioned naval submarine was a behemoth at 530 feet long, and with a conning tower 40 feet high. Her torpedo tubes, half submerged, were still visible from the dock. The waves caressed my senses, as I indulged in the salty smell when a voice behind me gave me a startle. “Ahoy,” an elderly gentleman with a white turtleneck sweater and holding the clipboard said. “I take it you’re here for the auction of 471. Do you represent the buyer or…?”

Knowing why he assumed I wasn’t the actual buyer; I smiled. “Nope, just me. So why are you getting rid of her? She’s not taking on water, is she?”

“Oh no, nothing like that. We own an auction house, J & R Services, and once in a while the Navy will part with a few of their vessels and ask us to sell them. But I assume you understand, it takes a minimum crew of 40 to operate her.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Acktus Trials

by D. T. Kane

“Reading Books can get you killed.”

In the land of Oration, magic is cast by reading aloud words of power from Spoken Books. Only a select few are born with the ability to do so, and they are all enslaved, never taught to read. Thus, magic can only be cast if a spell is first read aloud to them by their wealthy masters.

Baztian is one of those slaves, relatively content with the safety of anonymity. But Baz has a secret–he knows how to read. When he’s chosen to accompany his master on a dangerous journey, his secret is revealed, and he must strike a bargain to keep his secret safe: use his power to help his master find a great treasure.

As they journey on, Baz must face wyrms, dragons, and the secrets hidden within the ruins of a once great library, including the dark evil that is imprisoned within. Read now to discover if Baz can survive and keep his secret safe!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Thing In The Woods

by Matthew W Quinn

Seventeen-year-old James Daly thought moving from Atlanta to small-town Edington senior year would kill him, but he didn’t mean it literally.

But his father bought a bigger house to go with a promotion, only to lose his job when the housing bubble popped. Now James has to work at Best Buy to help pay their underwater mortgage. He can’t wait until he turns eighteen and can leave Edington forever.

But when a local boy challenges him to an ATV race near a tree farm most people avoid, things get much worse. James’ rival is slaughtered by a tentacled horror emerging from a nearby pond. The monstrosity has been worshiped by a secretive coven since before the Civil War, and its devotees don’t like their secrets threatened. Now alongside Amber Webb, a local girl he doesn’t like liking, and a renegade cult member, James must fight cultists and their predatory master, The Thing In The Woods.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion