Queen of Deception

by May Freighter

Reincarnated into a fantasy novel — The Cruel Empire — as a mere side character, Emilia only has one goal — survival. To do so, she must build a network of spies, forge dangerous alliances, and get the prince of the enemy empire to support her rule from the shadows. It’s do or die. There is no in-between.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Kaleidoscopic Shades – Within Black Eternity

by David A Neuman

Reality is an illusion…

And Joshua Triplow is just your average kid living in what he believes is the best place on Earth: Corona, California. Only a recurring nightmare begins to plague him – and all the other kids in the best place on Earth. A nightmare of a man in black… the very same who haunts his father’s tortured childhood.

In the relentless nightly assault on his son, Bob begins to understand that what has been left behind half a world away, in another lifetime, has found a way to thrive… He learns there are no colors but black in a place far over the rainbow and that it continues to hoard the most vulnerable in a wrenching existence.

It is here that Bob will fight for his sanity and Joshua will confront countless lost souls… and a menagerie of clocks maddeningly ticking away the hour to nowhere. To the endless plains of Black Eternity. To nothingness…

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Pirate’s Curse: Brigands of the Compass Rose

by Toni Runkle & Steve Webb

Fifteen-year-old Bonnie Hartwright, abandoned as an infant, faces an identity crisis that could prove fatal. After a brush with the law, she’s whisked off to a mysterious “reform sailing camp” on the Carolina coast. There, she discovers it’s a covert training ground for descendants of infamous pirates, honing ancient sword and navigation skills to battle an unknown foe. Bonnie’s heart tugs between Wilder, a charming thief, and Reed, the legacy-burdened leader’s grandson. Hidden truths could be her undoing. “The Brigands of the Compass Rose” by Runkle and Webb merges swashbuckling adventure, romance, and dark magic in a young adult saga. Bonnie’s fate hinges on unlocking her lineage’s enigma.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


by F.T. McKinstry

War has the ears of wolves. A seer who discovers an army that cannot die, a king’s ranger exiled for treason, and a knitter with an ancient power are caught in a maelstrom of treachery, sorcery and war as they expose an unearthly plot to destroy the immortal warriors who protect the realm.
SPFBO Finalist.
“The tone and vibe are spectacular.”

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Wolf Lords

by F.T. McKinstry

The Destroyer of the Math Gate has not been idle in the sun’s turn since he nearly defeated the Fylking, his ancient enemies. Wounded, bitter and bent on reprisal, the immortal warlock has gathered an army. He has acquired a spell that will damage the veil between the worlds. And he is waiting.

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Taking Medusa

by S.M. McCoy

Now that the gods have found me… I’m destined to die.

In a game between gods and monsters, my fate is entwined with my heart, and saving Atlantis, saving Poseidon… could mean sacrificing more than my life, but the lives of all the monsters that came before me and all the ones yet to surface.

My name is Aless, and according to Apollo’s prophecy the Dark Gods will rise because of who and what I am.

Hades wants me to join him. Zeus is still bitter about an age-old prophecy that the dark gods, the monsters of Tartarus, will rule Olympus. And Poseidon is the key to everything, maybe even my heart, but his son, Triton, rules Atlantis, and I accidentally killed his daughter, Coraline.

Can I save myself, let alone the future of Atlantis from the coming war between the gods?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends