Incubation (Green Fields #1)

by Adrienne Lecter

If the zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow—how would you spend your last day?

All Dr. Brianna Lewis wants is a cup of coffee.
Coffee, to make slaving away in her cell culture lab at Green Fields Biotech a little more bearable on a Friday afternoon when everyone is home already.
What she doesn’t count on is a group of terrorists blowing up all the entrances to the building and taking her and a select few others hostage. Bree soon finds herself conflicted. Not only does she know their charismatic leader. She also starts to suspect that there is a lot more to this than the hunt for an illegal bioweapon—a virus that could potentially kill millions in just a few days—particularly as there is currently a flu epidemic raging across the country, and reports about violent behavior among the afflicted are getting more and more alarming.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


A Magical Reckoning

by N. R. Hairston

Five stories of supernatural betrayal.
Including five kick-ass women.
With five unique powers
On five different worlds.

By Any Other Name
Rye must risk her life to save her best friend and fellow Scope agent from the drug runner bent on draining him of valuable skunk oil.

I Was Asked to Kill Him
Delia is a pacifist who never wanted to kill her boyfriend, Greg.

Pear Town Ruckus
A game of Spades is all that stand between telekinetic Leah and paying her rent this month.

Belle of the Ball
All Kerry wants is to go home. Swept away from her hopeless existence into a life of strange luxury in an alternate universe, Kerry isn’t convinced her luck has changed.

A Gathering of Succubi
In a race against the clock, Kia only has twenty-four hours to discover which of her fellow Succubi is killing humans.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Moirai

by Ali Winters

Even Death has a price to pay.

Nivian has lost the will to reap, but with the clock ticking down on the survival of all realms, she is tasked with becoming the new Fate Keeper.

When something goes wrong during the transfer of powers ceremony, Nivian seeks out the Moirai for the answers she so desperately needs.

But everything comes with a price.

Nivian will descend into the belly of the underworld to retrieve the man she loves. But if she fails, she’ll be doomed to live a half life and her soul will belong to Hades.

He died for her.

Now she will tear the Underworld apart for a chance to save him.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Blitzkrieg: Origins of the Prime

by Christopher Vale

All Brygida ever wanted was to marry Noah Dobenski and have children, but her dreams ended violently the day Germany invaded Poland. Captured by the SS, Brygida is forced into a secret experiment by a psychotic Nazi colonel–to birth genetically enhanced super soldiers for the Third Reich.

As the Allies crush Germany on both fronts, American agents discover that Nazi attempts to create a super race were successful. Fearful that the Soviets will create their own super soldiers, the U.S. secrets these genetically enhanced children out of Germany and into a special government program.

Twenty years later, American agents learn of long forgotten Nazi secrets in the jungles of Vietnam. Old friends become bitter rivals as genetically enhanced American and Soviet super agents race to secure the greatest power the world has ever known.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Blitzkrieg: Flight of the Valkyrie

by Christopher Vale

Following the events in Blitzkrieg: Origins of the Prime, our team of superheroes discovers that the Nazis have not gone quietly into the dustbin of history. When a mysterious Nazi weapon known as “The Bell” is discovered in rural Pennsylvania, our heroes embark on a new adventure that will take them to the ends of the earth. Team Blitzkrieg must once again fight the Soviet agents Hammer and Sickle and struggle to overcome the ghosts of their past to save the world from a mad scientist hellbent on its destruction.

Questions are finally answered in this Cold War-era superhero spy thriller that will leave you breathless.

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by Craig A. Falconer

They were heading for Venus. Somewhere else found them first…

When a spacecraft is knocked off course towards a previously unseen and inexplicable planet, the survivors’ only hope of escape lies in uncovering the deepest secrets of their hostile new world.

From the author of the breakout bestseller Not Alone, an Best of 2016 finalist.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration

The Fall of Terradox

by Craig A. Falconer

There’s a reason she swore she’d never go back…

While adventurous guests from all corners of Earth marvel at the awesome wonders of the newly tamed Terradox Resort, a deadly threat looms large.

And compared to this, surviving the untamed Terradox wilderness was a walk in the park…

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