The Rise of Oshbob: City of Artem

by Kevin Sinclair

Violence can only take you so far in the city of Artem. Which means orcs don’t do so well, compared to the conniving elves and humans.
If an orc was to rise up from the slums, they’d probably have to go about things a little bit differently. Use their gray matter a little more effectively. Or, they could just be so tough and overwhelmingly violent that very little can stand in the way.

Oshbob decided to do both.

“When you think of Orcs, you think of brutish warrior types, so having a canny businessman type is a new one… an interesting mish mash of riches and poverty with an elective mix of tech and biological subjects.”
“The world setting is a dark futuristic one with lots of bad people. A great story.”
“Storyline is fast-pasted with deep characters. I can’t wait for the next one.”

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk



by Dave Dobson

“A broken-down freighter arrives in orbit over a dusty mining world. Not glamorous, but Brecca Vereen is excited to see more of the galaxy on her father’s vessel. Then, he shows her a mysterious artifact destined for a secret buyer. No customs, no taxes, and the less attention the better.
Suddenly, the sky is chaos. An invading fleet emerges from the Twist and knocks ship after ship from the sky. Brecca leaps into a life pod and drops to an uncertain fate below.
On the flagship of the invading fleet, an alien rebel waits for a chance to strike against her vicious leader. Will she survive long enough to succeed?”

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Spells & Ashes

by Kim Richardson

My name is Samantha Beaumont and I’m a Dark witch.

Hidden from the world are supernatural baddies. That’s where I come in. I spend my nights hunting and vanquishing demons and otherworldly nasties.

New threats emerge daily, menaces that require my unique pedigree: a splash of magic and a dash of attitude.

All is well until a human girl is murdered and her soul taken by a Greater demon. It gets worse. Human bodies are dropping like flies, and I have no choice but to team up with Logan, a sexy as sin angel-born warrior, to solve the case.

Trouble is, everyone knows angel-borns hate Dark witches. I can’t trust him. But I don’t have a choice. I’m going to solve these murders, even if the angel-born hates me, even if the heat between us is irresistible.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Bad Bones

by Lauretta Hignett

Fabulous superpowers? Check.

Strong urge to right wrongs and bring villains to justice? Check.

Impulse control problems? Check.

Okay, I might be seriously under-qualified for the job of Enforcer. The Enforcer is supposed to be a human, for starters. It’s usually an ex-special forces guy with big muscles and even bigger balls, and a knack for sorting out petty squabbles between the witches and vampires and shifters in the city.

And I’m just a technically-dead nail tech – an animated skeleton with a talent for illusion magic and gold gel manicures. But I’ve recently discovered that I can manifest some pretty big muscles of my own. I’ve already got the big balls, so I’m halfway there.

It’s the ‘sorting out petty squabbles’ part that I might have trouble with. I’m usually I’m usually the one to start the fights, not finish them. But a girl has got to grow up sometime.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Fate of Wizardoms: The Complete Epic Saga

by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Misfit heroes caught between the schemes of mighty wizards and a contest of gods.
At stake: The fate of the world.

“Wonderful worldbuilding, an ingenious magic system, beautifully crafted characters, & fun filled adventure.” 5 Stars – The Magic Book Corner

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Category: Fantasy – Epic