Bone River: A Sword & Sorcery Science Fiction Adventure

by Jesse Sprague

In a galaxy haunted by tragedy, Flynt is determined to defy the laws of magic and escape a fate she refuses to accept. After the untimely death of her beloved husband, who shielded her from the same destiny that claimed her mother, Flynt plunges into grief. Yet, amidst her sorrow, a dormant power awakens within her—an ability to manipulate death itself.

Driven to control her newfound deadly skills, Flynt enrolls in a forbidden school, uncovering a formidable power not witnessed in centuries. But when the queen falls gravely ill, Flynt becomes the prime suspect—a necromancer accused of her demise. Now, she must race against time to expose the truth and clear her name before it’s too late.

Jesse Sprague’s Bone River is the explosive first installment of the Last Necro-Equitem series, a dark science fiction fantasy that will captivate you from the very beginning. Follow Flynt’s journe

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Monster: A Prequel of The Chosen

by Roh Morgon

Something is out there, watching . . .

Sunny Collins can’t shake the feeling someone is watching her, but she chalks it up to stress from work, school, and life as a busy single mom. Her imagination morphs into reality when she’s ripped away from everything she knows and plunged within a world of blood and darkness.

In her struggle to escape the monsters holding her captive, she discovers she must now fight new ones—the ones inside her—while fearing she’ll never see her teenage daughter again.

As Sunny’s search for Andrea becomes the driving force in her life, she wonders whether or not she’ll ever be able to conquer her violent new instincts and re-enter human society.

The questions haunt Sunny like ghosts from the grave—will she ever find her daughter?

Or will she be doomed to an isolated existence as a monster, forever alone in the dark?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Supernatural Criminal Investigations Complete Series Boxed Set

by Lyn South

She’s hidden her identity for years, all to keep her and her family safe, but running from supernatural beings comes at a cost.

When her daughter unexpectedly dies, under mysterious circumstances, Katherine is left with more questions than answers and a sinking feeling that her past has come back to haunt her.

Approached by the US Army’s Central Investigation Division, Kat is asked to head an elite top secret team that specializes in cold case murders. But these aren’t just any ordinary murders…

Kat is being pulled back into the dangerous world she so desperately tried to escape, one where vampires exist… and will soon walk openly among humans.

This may be her only chance at answers and some risks are worth taking. Even exposing her biggest secret of all…

Where darkness comes to the light. It’s time to expose the truth.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Anduirnaëch: Rage of the Forest. Epic Fantasy. Swords of Wind & Storm Chronicle Book 1

by Gonzalo Rohmer Zamm

On the island of Anduirnaëch, Nature is going medieval on humans. Will they survive?

Mortus Bardiche, an ex-soldier turned sleuth wizard (wannabe), is the last mage alive… in a world without magic. Where did magic go? He should get his act together and solve the mystery before the whole city of Hather Müir is annihilated.

On the other side of the island, Ceynn Raymure a half human, half something else wild ranger, struggles to keep a group of survivors alive in the middle of Mashaírwa, the Great Forest, while the guiblee humanoids close in with deadly intentions. Can she track them down and discover why they are so desperate to wipe all humans out?

A merchant, a builder and an ambitious thief bent on starting a war for the control of the city underworld complete a set of characters ready for a story of true epic proportions.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


The Black Swan Event

by Mikael Carlson

The next battle between liberty and tyranny is about to begin…

Following a global economic collapse in 2039 that brought governments to their knees, brutal violence and chaos spread across the globe. To fill the power vacuum, giant multinational corporations, backed by wealthy benefactors, seized the reins of power and began governing the masses. Nearly fifty years later, there is no crime, no unemployment, no homelessness, and no war. All that progress came at a price – individual freedom.

When an underground group of dissenters causes problems with trading on the world’s sole stock exchange, events threaten to unravel the fabric of society. Egos clash as corporate executives and wealthy elites play politics amid an unprecedented threat to the system. Are these black swan events the harbinger of another great collapse, or is it the spark needed for liberty’s light to shine again?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Under the Blue Comet (Comet Kid Chronicles #1)

by Tom Hoffman

Born under a mysterious blue comet, Max Underwood’s life is upended on his eleventh birthday when he gains two remarkable powers and discovers his parents are much more than they seem to be. Kidnapped by an escaping alien, Max and his older sister Grace are dragged from the sleepy farmlands of Kansas through an alien wormhole into a desolate post-apocalyptic world controlled by a living android known as the Crystal Father. As Max and Grace struggle to survive the harsh environment, primitive aliens, marauding bandits, and terrifying otherworldly creatures, they begin to uncover the secrets of Max’s blue comet, along the way recruiting a shy and enigmatic Comet Kid named Sophie and a quirky robot named Zeus to help them battle the dark forces that are preparing to invade Earth.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion