Project Destiny

by Justin Sloan

Alice was told that her husband was dead, a month after he went up to space. Now she’s formed a team of technical assassins dedicated to taking down New Origins, the corporation in charge of the station, if she doesn’t get answers. Someone has to hold them accountable–even if it means going up against an army of genetically engineered super soldiers.

Stealth is an elite among elites. This Marine wanted to be on the front line of expansion into space, and now he is. Only the hacker organization known as The Looking Glass stands against them, trying to pull apart all of his team’s progress, all they believe in. Neither will stop until they have justice.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering

Nite Fire: Flash Point

by C. L. Schneider

For nearly a hundred years, half-dragon shapeshifter, Dahlia Nite, has protected humanity from what lives in the shadows. But when a supernatural assassin strikes Sentinel City, light is shed on what should never be seen. Centuries of secrets are in danger of being exposed. And the little bit of peace she’s found in this world begins to crumble.

Dive into the thrilling world of Nite Fire full of murder, myths, monsters, ancient conspiracies, criminal investigations, parallel worlds, psychic powers, and enough twists to give you whiplash!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Nite Fire: Chain Reaction

by C. L. Schneider

Bodies are mutating and combusting on the streets. Are they still human? Were they ever? Join shapeshifting vigilante, Dahlia Nite, on her second action-packed adventure full of murder, mystery mayhem—and dragons! *Read the complete series FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

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Violent Graduation: Jack Foster Space Opera Series (Book #1)

by John Hindmarsh

It’s easy to ignore danger while studying at the Royal Space Navy’s academy, until a sniper attempts to assassinate you.

After graduating the Royal Navy Space Academy and surviving an assassination attempt, the last stage of Jack’s training is a shakedown cruise on an old minesweeper. Midway through their cruise, the minesweeper collides with an ancient alien wreck, ripping the sides off the starship.

Jack and his girlfriend, Sofia, are the only survivors, and air, food, and supplies are critical.

The countdown of days to survive is ticking.

And there’s still a price on Jack’s head.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Dragon Thief Boxset Books 1-3

by D.K. Holmberg

It will take a thief to stop a thief.

Zarinth is a dangerous city at the edge of the kingdom, illuminated by the constant fire of the nearby volcano Ishantil. For thief Ty, it’s more than a city filled with valuable ancient dragon relics. It’s the home he could never leave.

Ty wants one last score before finally leaving the city—and his past behind. All while the notorious Dragon Thief chases the same prize. The Dragon Thief has a reputation for a reason, but Ty begins to think there’s more to the job than he ever expected.

If he succeeds, he might stop a war—and learn a truth long hidden from him about his connection to dragons.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Ultan Banan

Subconscious torture for political and corporate subversion. That’s the trade of Vathos––creeping into a target’s dreams to force the shady ends of their clients. It’s a dirty business.

Vangelis Zervas is one of their Subversion agents and makes a living inflicting pain on people in their sleep. A recipient of the most stringent training and a man of few qualms, he’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. But when a series of events calls his dedication into question, strange things begin to happen when he infiltrates the dreams of his targets. Soon he’s asking himself––is it he in the mark’s head, or is someone else in his?

A no-holds-barred dystopian/sci-fi horror that will put your teeth on edge.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Hell on Mars (Reality Bleed Book 1)

by J.Z. Foster

It’s not a War.
It’s an Extermination.
A black site research facility on Mars, owned and operated by the U.S. government, has made a fatal mistake.

They opened a gate into another reality.

Back on Earth, the threat of World War 3 constantly looms as the United States and the Soviet Union vie for power.

But now, with that mistake on Mars, an alien invasion has begun and it will threaten to topple all of human civilization.

Can the fragmented people of the world come together to help one another? Or is the hate so deep that everyone just wants to be the last one to die?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Call of the Void (Reality Bleed Book 2)

by J.Z. Foster

The Nightmare is just beginning.

The crew of the Perihelion’s mission has become clear.

Locate and retrieve the brilliant scientist, Will Braun.

They’ll enter back onto the station—this time equipped with Combat Armor Gear—fighting hordes of mysterious creatures, to locate Will Braun, the man responsible for everything… if he’s even still alive.

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The Light of Darkness Box Set

by Catrin Russell

As humans wage war against demonkind, a Priestess of the Light must choose between heart and duty.
Fate, prophecies, and an impossible love blur the line between good and evil. “A grim and bloody tale of faith, forbidden love and revenge. Will have you at the edge of your seat wishing for more!” – The Magic Book Corner – 5 Stars

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Category: Dark Fantasy