Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse

by Aurora M. Winter


Step in to a world of magic, mystery and adventure with this award-winning new fantasy series. Ana and her brother find themselves transported into a parallel universe, where they encounter a wild and wonderful cast of characters and unravel the multiverse mysteries. Fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Shadow and Bone will love it.

5 Stars – “Aurora Winter’s talent for weaving a captivating narrative, brimming with imaginative realms and well-crafted characters, makes Magic, Mystery, and the Multiverse an absolute must-read.” -Literary Titan.

“Showcases a colorful primary cast—particularly Ana and Zackary, who make a superb duo.” -Kirkus Reviews.

5 Stars – “A mesmerizing magical multiverse with a unique plot and magical creatures that captivate. An exhilarating ride not to be missed!” -Readers’ Choice Book Awards Winner.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

imPerfect Magic

by C.N. Rowan

In imPerfect Magic, a wise-cracking former priest in France, adept in dying and reincarnating, faces an angelic threat to reality. Can he outwit celestial foes to break his deathly cycle? Or will his next death finally be his last? A darkly funny supernatural suspense drawing comparison to Pratchett and Gaiman from readers.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Dark is the Wood

by Kristin Ward

Red Riding Hood meets Dragons in this sexy, fast-paced fantasy about a girl caught up in a world steeped in danger and the seductive power of dragons.

Gillian was willing to enter the Shadowlands and trade her life for her brother. Being caught by the son of the Great Dragon was not the trade she’d bargained for. Now she’s a captive, far from home, learning a tangled web of history she’s somehow part of.

But there is more to the lords who rule the Shadowlands than stories of her youth could’ve prepared her for, and she finds her heart thawing in the face of their fiery heat. Torn between duty to family and longing for the forbidden, Gillian must choose a path and, thereby, a future.

And time is running out.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Awakening Horde: A LitRPG Academy Adventure

by M. Zaugg

Against all odds, a defiant street rat takes on a ruthless empire.

Pax, a cunning street rat without a class, navigates life in a city constantly threatened by monstrous beast waves. He’s dedicated to keeping his crew safe and fed, especially after his family vanished without a trace. But when his best friend is captured, Pax risks it all—even his freedom—on the eve of the Awakening.

Caught and thrust into the Astan Empire’s war machine, Pax must adapt to survive the perils of the empire’s elite mage academy. While struggling to harness the forbidden magic surging within him, he must avoid the attention of corrupt leaders determined to snuff out any hint of rebellion and maintain their iron grip on power.

With ancient secrets, and long-lost spells at stake, can Pax triumph against his foes, defeat fearsome monsters and secure a future for himself and his crew?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


by Charles Brass

After decades of hibernation, Crystal Maiden wakes in a time no longer her own. Injured, captive, her only allies are enemies from the past. Her Creator’s rebellion against the Brethren’s oppressive rule has failed. Compelled to continue the fight, she must learn how to co-exist with those who, for her, were enemies mere days ago. Then somehow overpower their captors. Afterward, they might repair their crippled ship and escape.

But their captors turn out to be former allies of the rebellion. Their plight is dire, as they, too, face annihilation at the whims of the Brethren.

Now, Crystal stands at a crossroads. Join these new friends and continue her Creator’s rebellion—likely doomed to be a short-lived effort. Or return with her rescuer and trust her influence with the Brethren is strong enough to protect her—and turn her back on the very essence of her existence.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure