Archangel’s Kiss

by Anna Santos

Aria loses her humanity after being saved by a monster she believed only to exist in horror stories. But everything isn’t what it seems when her savior becomes a handsome angel prince who awakened her ancient and deadly powers. Powers that can destroy the world, or save it.
Only true love can break the prince’s curse and stop him from turning into stone for all eternity. Despite the overwhelming chemistry between Aria and the prince, they only have thirty days to fall in love before their bond is put to the test.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Celestial Incursion

by Eddie R. Hicks

Space Dragons, humans, and exotic aliens. The galaxy isn’t big enough for them all or the interstellar war that just ignited.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization

Spells and Sorcery

by S. Usher Evans

You have magic.

One sentence, three words, four syllables. Enough to change my life forever. And I’m not talking about the whole spells and sorcery thing.

Lexie Carrigan thought the weirdest thing about her was she preferred watching documentaries and reading the newspaper to reality TV and Twitter. But on the eve of her fifteenth birthday, her aunt and sisters drop a bomb–she’s magical.

Now the girl who never made waves is blowing up her nightstand and trying to keep from wreaking havoc on her school. When a kind stranger shows up with all the answers, Lexie hopes he’ll be able to help her control her newfound powers. But Gavon may not be as kind as he seems, and soon Lexie finds out that being magical is the least weird thing about her.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The New Frontiers Series, Book One: The Ship

by Jack L Knapp

What if there was a better way? A true electronic space drive, reliable, safe, and cheap to operate?
But developing Nicola Tesla’s revolutionary space drive is only the beginning. Building a spaceship takes money, management, and engineering. Lots of it.
Industries, threatened by the new technology, will try to shut the company down. Governments, including foreign and even the US government will try to take it over.
And even if you DO manage to build a working spaceship, what will you do with it? How can you recoup the initial investment and finance more ships?
How is a small company, barely one step from bankruptcy, to overcome such odds?
From a new industrial revolution to the brink of global war, restless humanity presses onward, eventually to the first contact with an alien species. There will be changes…if we survive.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

A Gift of Poison

by Kate Avery Ellison

A must-read for fans of Throne of Glass, An Ember in the Ashes, and Game of Thrones!

As the orphaned niece of a cruel lord, Briand has always been too clever for her own good. She survives in a kingdom torn apart by civil war by looking out for herself. She has lots of enemies and no friends except her cousin, Bran. Nobody thinks she has any value, least of all her uncle.

But when she unexpectedly gains the power to control dragons with her mind, Briand is conscripted into a band of Monarchist rebel fighters on a dangerous mission. They want to use her powers to summon dragons to defeat the Usurper Prince and his army. Briand isn’t sure if she can trust their handsome, enigmatic leader, Kael. But she doesn’t have much of a choice.

She’ll need all of her cleverness just to make it out alive.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Early Grave

by Lori Drake

A paranormal killer. A pack running scared. Can she track down the murderer before the next strike?
Joey doesn’t need her werewolf pack to complete her. Fiercely independent, she’s looking forward to a long supernatural life of adventure alongside her best friend since childhood. But when Chris is murdered in a dark San Diego alley, her hopes for the future shatter. On the hunt for the cold-hearted killer, she discovers her own family has been keeping dangerous secrets… and her friend’s spirit still lingers, trapped and tortured. To release Chris from eternal suffering, can Joey solve the mystery of his murder before a new breed of magical enemy wipes out her entire pack?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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