Robots Like Blue

by Anthony J. Deeney

“This is a very special book… intriguing and fascinating…”
Jane Asher (Mervyn Peake Award Ceremony, July 2016)

Robot, Robbie, is just one of one hundred new robots. Running revolutionary new software, these robots are truly unique. His only desire is to serve Lucy Walker.

Brian Webster, his developer, also installs “The Governor” overseeing software that adds an additional safety layer, but this denies the robots free will. Hoping to develop the robots further, Brian inadvertently opens a channel where the robots can communicate and share their experiences.

‘Robots Like Blue’ follows Robot Robbie on his emotional journey of self discovery as he works with Lucy and her young family. This is a journey that explores free will, concepts of good and evil and even the meaning of love. Where will such a journey end?

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary




by Zen DiPietro

What if you woke up knowing how to do your job, but not your own name? What if you had to rely on other people to tell you who you were?

What if you thought they were wrong?

Emé Fallon is the security chief of Dragonfire Station, and does a damn good job of it. That’s where her competence ends. Outside of work, she has a wife she doesn’t know, a captain who seems to hate her, and a lot of questions that don’t add up.

Without a past, all she has is the present, and she’ll stop at nothing to ensure she has a future.

Fans of Star Trek and The Expanse will love this new series.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by Zen DiPietro

Fallon and her team need answers. But before they can storm the PAC station on Earth, they need to find supplies and deal with Fallon’s memory loss.

Fallon’s dreams aren’t helping matters. If they’re memories that her brain is trying to reconstruct, her brain is just going to have to work harder at making some sense.

Either way, once they arrive at Earth, all bets are off. As soon as they steal the information they need, it will be kill or be killed. Elite intelligence operations don’t issue polite warnings.

Fans of Star Trek and Firefly will love this new series.

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Mutation Z Series: Books 1-6 Boxed Set

by Marilyn Peake

Omnibus Edition of All Six Books in the Mutation Z Series

Ebola, one of the most feared of the hemorrhagic diseases, begins spreading across the borders of countries in West Africa. Soon after, the disease mutates into the “Z” or Zombie Virus. Journalist Hunter Morgan uncovers a disturbing connection between Chen-Zamora Pharmaceuticals and this mutation. Further investigation reveals a web of sinister intrigue connecting the pharmaceutical company to a treatment and research camp in West Africa, U.S. government officials, the CDC and the World Health Organization. Racing against time to find a cure, Hunter and several scientists go underground in order to hide from powerful forces trying to silence them forever.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic



The Good, the Bad and the Ghostly

by Patti Sherry-Crews

What do you get when you mix cowboys with ghosts? A collection of eight (stand-alone) amazing stories from the Old West with haunts of every variety. All the stories in this boxed set are connected by paranormal investigators from the Treymane Agency.

Get your love of alpha cowboys on and feed your addiction for the bizarre (and sometimes spooky) world when you download The Good, The Bad and The Ghostly.

Bestselling and Award-winning authors are pleased to save you more than 75% on this fantastic boxed set! (Price if books sold separately)

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Category: Fantasy – Historical



Foxtails: A Paranormal Regency Romance

by Erica Laurie

What happens when you take Regency era England, and throw in a mythical 9 tailed fox?

Elizabeth Pendry is a book worm who likes to believe in fantasy. Little does she know she’s about to discover that fairies do indeed exist. And not all magic is good

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


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