Shadow Wraith

by G.K. Lund

A lethal abomination is roaming the streets of Agartha — a forbidden werewolf and vampire hybrid. Nadia Navarra, half-werewolf and a young member of the Queen’s Wraiths, knows this monster all too well. Now, she must choose between turning him in for his crimes, or distancing herself to protect her deepest secret.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Gateway to Dark Stars

by Kate Haley

Slaying monsters. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

In the age of jazz and bootleg liquor, black magic is making a big comeback. Luckily, the scourge of demons and cultists are keeping Doctor Vincent Temple in business. Even the Mafia are having trouble with monsters, and they’ve hired Temple to sort it out. Cash is cash, and the old Doctor has never been one to turn his nose up at a job, no matter who’s paying. This time luck is smiling on him. The gangsters are tangling with a cult Doctor Temple has been stalking over a personal matter, but when reconnaissance turns into rescue can he save the world before things become too personal?

The Witcher meets Cthulhu in this gruesome, high-octane adventure. Snatch up your copy now and get ready to slay some demons!

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Tomb of Endless Night

by Kate Haley

Vincent Temple is back! And this time, it’s personal…

Decades after his first apprentice was killed by friendly fire, Doctor Vincent Temple is returning to Egypt. He swore he would never go back, but with his old friend’s family in danger, what choice does he have? Unfortunately, he’s not the only one returning, and old enemies are creeping in from all sides. As the ancient cult grows in power, it’s going to take all the tricks Vincent has at his disposal to stop the Prince from finishing his game and destroying the world…

Indiana Jones style fun meets eldritch horror on the banks of the Nile! Grab your copy today and get ready for the hunt…

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By the Blood of Rowans

by Xan van Rooyen

As a deathwalker, Rowan ferries island souls to the Otherworld, experiencing their deaths and carrying their memories like ghosts within him. It’s a fated role he accepts even as it inexorably destroys him.

Life on Inisliath might be the fresh start Ash and their mum need, and meeting soft-spoken, curly-haired Rowan feels like the ray of sunshine Ash has desperately needed—but everything goes sideways when Ash’s mum becomes lead detective on a series of ritualistic murders allegedly tied to island magic, and Ash’s family history.

The islanders are convinced Rowan is guilty, but Ash’s own investigation proves Rowan more likely to be the next victim! With time running out, Ash will have to choose between a life free of their father or the boy they’re starting to love. Meanwhile Rowan will have to decide just how much he’s willing to sacrifice to save his family.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Fifth Survivor: Episode 1

by Angel Ramon

The series where the worlds of Charles Bronson and Resident Evil combine into an episodic book series!
Who says old men can’t be badass vigilantes? A middle-aged journalist turned vigilante will show he can kick some serious zombie butt and save the friggin world while maintaining his unhealthy bacon obsession. Sign in and see if you survive the nightmare.

On July 7th, 2007 the first ever zombie outbreak took place in Brooklyn, NY. Four survivors were able to escape and live through the horrors. These survivors included Angel, Maria, Luis, and Joe. While most literature will say there were four survivors who survived that fateful day, there was one survivor who was never spotted or even mentioned. He will always be known as the unknown survivor of the first outbreak.

This is a gamelit set in the real world, so it’s all real, even the zombies!

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Category: Science Fiction – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations


by Jay Allan

Gritty action, a dystopian future where mankind barely survives and war is a heartbeat away. Dive into the “Crimson Worlds Successors” series by Jay Allan. The complete trilogy is on sale for 99¢ apiece, or read for free in KU.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Passage to Inis Mor

by Brian O’Raleigh

When Conor O’Rourke arrives back in Ireland, his life is in bits. His marriage has fallen apart, his advertising agency in Australia is bankrupt, and he’s hearing poetic voices in his mind urging him to return to his childhood home, the remote Island of Inis Mór. His grandmother has contacted him, saying that she is dying and must speak with him, but when he arrives on Inis Mór, a hauntingly lonely, starkly beautiful island in Galway Bay, she has already passed, leaving him a cottage and a dilapidated old sailing boat. A mysterious old stranger appears, offering to help rebuild the boat and, as they work together, the old man tells Conor stories of Ireland. Legends of the Selkies, (the seal people) stories of Irishmen sailing around Cape Horn, myths of the Banshee and Cú Chulainn, the Hound of Ulster. Stories of courage, purpose, and passion could help redeem Conor’s broken life,

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends