YuFu’s Run 1

by Rayner Ye

All he wants is to retire in peace.

YuFu works on a lunar methane rig, dreaming of the day he can retire to the planet and live in peace with his family. But he has to flee into space when he is framed for a terrorist attack he didn’t commit.

Can he prove his innocence while being pursued by police and killer cyborgs?

And who is assassinating government officials?


Note: YuFu curses

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Galla of Chelandra

by Karina McRoberts

Astounding Epic Fantasy from an Award-Winning Author

Bored with castle life, apprentice animal healer Galla Jenari sets out to explore her world — a land of tumultuous landscapes, stunning beauty, and horrendous dangers. What begins as a holiday soon morphs to a sojourn of nightmare.

Once ridiculed by the handsome, headstrong Prince Shiran; Galla has become a powerful woman.

He’s not laughing now. Knowing her astounding ingenuity is his only hope, Shiran pleads for her help in his battle to regain his castle from a cruel enemy.

With her own home now threatened, Galla continues to battle prejudice, fanaticism, and stupidity; and takes it upon herself to become a power within her own right, beholden to no one. A power to defeat all enemies; come what may, or come who may. For Galla Jenari, things will never be the same.

Classic epic fantasy with modern themes and a young woman at the helm.
Head to YouTube to check out the fabulous book trailer for Galla of Chelandra.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Inside Dweller

by Kirsten G. Schuder

Miranda Sheppard experiences a series of unexplainable phenomenon since her car accident. While unconscious and struggling for life, she sees a vision of a post-apocalyptic world.

While she wafts in and out of consciousness recovering from her injuries, a tall stranger hovers over her hospital bed. All are dismissed, thinking that the accident and her physical difficulties are responsible for these visions, until the stranger from the hospital attacks her in her house… or so she thinks.

When she awakens in the hospital and describes the physical events of the attack, there was no physical evidence. Is she hallucinating?

Fearing she is losing her mind, she finally succumbs and agrees to see a specialist in memory recovery, Dr. Jack Gallagher. Together, they work to discover the source of the visions that haunt her since the accident.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

First Kat Drummond Collection: Kat Drummond Books 1-4

by Nicholas Woode-Smith

FOUR Full-length Novels + One Short Story


I’m Kat – I’ve got a ghost inside my head and he helps me fight monsters.

Together, we hunt the dark creatures of Hope City to pay the bills. But picking up pint-sized beasts on the MonsterSlayer App isn’t cutting it anymore. I need to enter the big leagues. Hunt bigger monsters, get bigger rewards.

It’s not all about the money, fame or glory. Hunting down the big bads might just give me a lead on the damned necromancer who killed my parents.

But will I be able to look into the dark maw of my city and survive? Or will the armies of undead, vampire gangsters, demonic warlords and demented spectres prove too much for me?

I’m in too deep, and nothing is going to make me stop now. It’s time to get some answers, no matter the cost.

My name is Kat Drummond. I’m a Part-Time Monster Hunter.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Magic & Murder

by Annabel Chase

Short on both cash and time, Ember Rose does her best as a single mom in New Jersey, serving up attitude along with repossession notices. When a repo job goes sideways, she and her daughter find themselves in imminent danger–until a visit from estranged relatives turns their world upside down. Ember, Marley, and their Yorkie are transported to Starry Hollow, a paranormal town where witches rule and magic is as normal as pizza. Where Ember goes, though, trouble seems to follow. When a member of the coven turns up dead and the sexy werewolf sheriff identifies Ember as a suspect, she decides to take matters into her own hands like only a Jersey girl can.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Emberling: The Complete Series

by Daniel Young

Over 1,000 pages of nonstop action! Slim Taggart has stolen plenty of things in his short life. That’s what happens when you come from a family of planet-hopping thieves. But when he somehow finds himself in possession of a shard from an ancient alien tech known as the Emberling, things start getting hotter than he likes. Before Taggart knows it, a half-dozen criminal syndicates are on his tail, desperate for the powerful payload. And that’s before he manages to take aboard a motley crew of characters who each openly admit they’d kill for it, too. Luckily, Taggart has a plan. He always does. He just hasn’t quite figured out what it is yet…

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire

The Mortal God

by EF Skarda

When Commander Kyle Griffin discovers a shocking truth, his life is cast into chaos. As friends become enemies, and rivals become new allies, he’s forced to confront one undeniable fact: that nothing was as it seemed. Driven by an fiery rage, his quest for revenge will bring him to the brink of war with an unbeatable army…and their divine ruler.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration

The Lords of Alekka: An Epic Fantasy Adventure (Books 1-3)

by A. E. Rayne

This box-set includes the first three books in A.E. Rayne’s thrilling six-part fantasy series, The Lords of Alekka, over 2,800 pages of gripping epic fantasy! Discover an epic adventure of swords and sorcery, love and betrayal, and dark magic, where warriors are tested, friendships are forged, and even the gods are forced to enter the fray.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic