The Culling

by Tricia Wentworth

When Reagan Scott qualifies for the country’s fifth Culling, she’s immersed in a cutthroat competition with 49 other girls in a quest for both power and love. She will have to beat out the other girls and find a partner for life within the guys. With eliminations happening often, how far can she make it?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Blade of the Faithful

by RG Long

Disgraced or deserved, a journey begins.
A thousand years before the cataclysm of Gilia, an empire of men thrived on the continent of Galin. A glorious kingdom where peace is kept and humanity thrives, those who bask in its glory have never known hardship. Strict laws guide the land. Any who fail to keep them face retribution or worse, banishment.

Beaten and bloodied, Kyne is left for dead on an island reeling with pirates attacks and a mysterious sickness. Though his wounds may heal, his fate is unsure.

Accompanied by a wild but confident healer, the pair set off to recover the one thing that may rid the land of plague. But they aren’t the only ones who covet the precious potions.

Will Kyne seek out his own good and leave the island behind, or will he aid those in desperate need?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Oblivion Awaits: Infinita Book 1

by Christopher Hopper

You’ve made the greatest discovery in human history.

Now all you have to do is stay alive.

The legacy hab Astraea orbits high above the Earth in 2251 as a testament to human ingenuity and the enduring mission to settle space. But when researchers in the station’s celestial exploration laboratory think they’ve discovered a signal from an alien species, Astraea suffers a devastating failure.

In response to the growing emergency, the scientific leaders on Earth send one of their best engineers to investigate the explosion. However, the specialist is forced to face old demons as he fights to verify his hypothesis: Astraea Station is under attack. But can he prove it before he runs out of time?

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

Reaper’s Order

by Mari Dietz

How do you save someone who doesn’t want to be saved?

Fear of the blight consumes the people of Verrin. A constant presence swirling over their city, it infects humans and morphs them into monstrous creatures. Thankfully, the reapers are there to drain humans of the blight. Now, the time has come for Vic’s sister to be cleansed.

Vic is honored to be selected for an Order and thrilled to be leaving her family obligations behind. Until she uncovers a terrible truth. All is not as it seems in the city of Verrin. An enemy hides in plain sight, driven by their own twisted agenda. As danger closes in from all sides, Vic hunts for safety for her and her sister. But where do you hide within the confines of a walled city?

With lives on the line and time running out, Vic faces an impossible choice. Save the city or save her sister. She can only offer salvation to one…

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Category: Dark Fantasy

My Dear Alice

by D. B. Goodin

How far will you go to save a friend?
When Alice Parsons goes missing on the way to her new job in Nashville. Her best friend hires Jamie Henderson, Alice’s ex-boyfriend, to track her down across a hostile post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Dragon’s Fate

by Ava Richardson

A tragedy, a plague, and a dragon rider’s destiny…

Kira’s heart is broken when her stepfather dies in a dragon-riding accident. When it becomes clear that his dragon, Axel, is gravely ill, she knows she can’t take another loss. The only hope to heal him seems to rest with her mother’s old friend, who lives in the far-off city of Caravon. Kira has never left her village, but to save Axel, she’ll embark on the journey, and soon discover that he isn’t the only one sick.

In fact, a plague is sweeping through the dragons of Ragond, and no one knows the cause.

When Kira finds an abandoned dragon hatchling named Gilda, she soon comes to believe that the young dragon may be the key to the mysterious illness. After all, her mother succumbed to the sickness, but the hatchling is surprisingly healthy and eager to help Kira find the answers needed to eradicate the plague…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Price of Safety

by Michael C.Bland

When Dray Quintero learns his nineteen-year-old daughter Raven committed a heinous act, he covers it up to save her life. This pits him against the police he’s respected since he was a child and places him in the crosshairs of Kieran, a ruthless federal Agent. To survive, Dray must overcome the surveillance system he helped build and the technology implanted in people’s heads. Hunted and betrayed, with time running out, Dray must choose between saving Raven and dismantling the near-perfect society he helped create.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

He Who Fights

by Mike Morris

Meet Nathaniel Rane. A man of war, trying to live in peace – but dark forces have other plans.

Faced with defeat at the hands of a demon army, Rane and his fellow soldiers in the fabled Legion Of Swords use outlawed magic to fuse their souls with their blades. Faster, stronger and all but impossible to kill, they turn the tide of the war and emerge victorious. But there is a terrible price to be paid.

Rane discovers the magic that won the war is turning the Legionnaires into monsters far worse than anything the world has seen before.

Now, hunted by the very people he once protected, Rane must fight once more — to save his very soul.

Fans of Peter V. Brett and Brent Weeks will love HE WHO FIGHTS. Discover a new legendary hero today.

“This book felt like a love letter to all the best fight movies” –

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Shade: The Complete Trilogy: A Re-Imagining of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

by Merrie Destefano

A dangerous holiday.
A deadly curse brought to life.

When Mary Shelley accepts an invitation to Lord Byron’s house in the Swiss Alps, she hopes it will distract from her broken heart. Instead, she’s surrounded by enigmatic guests with dangerous secrets. From the moment she arrives, the party is more than it seems, as Mary and the others are strictly forbidden from leaving the villa after dark.

But tales of feral beasts aren’t the only rumors whispering through the halls. Doctor John Polidori, a mysterious party guest, pursues local legends that the dead can rise. When the group plays a game of storytelling, they weave tales of nightmarish ghouls inspired by the myths—and Mary soon realizes their harmless stories have the power to conjure.

Twisted creatures will come to call. The dead will stalk the villa. And their royal master will stop at nothing to claim Mary as his own…

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Category: Science Fiction – Classics

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