Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal

by Weiqi Wang

The world is beautiful because it’s full with magic elements of seven types, each in a designated color – just like the rainbow code! That said, those colors could only be seen by some special eyes, such as Soarame’s!

Many animals in this world possess magic power, so they were called “magimals”. A well-known example is dragons, and we all know how strong they are. However, they are still not the most powerful kind of magimals, because each type of magic has a king kind – and never underestimate a magimal just because it looks cute and little!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Realms of Ghosts and Magic: Fae Witch Chronicles Book 1

by J.S. Malcom

As a veil witch, I’m used to taking out the supernatural trash. Everything from poltergeists to vampires, you name it and I’ve dealt with it. So opening a paranormal cleanup business just seemed to make sense. But when I breach the Fae realm to encounter a girl recently reported missing, start seeing the ghost of a witch whose disappearance has never been solved, and discover a Book of Shadows that opens only for me, I can’t just go back to business as usual. Especially when a sexy and mysterious mage becomes my new partner. Readers are calling Realms of Ghosts and Magic “enthralling,” “spectacularly written” with “plot twists that kept my heart racing!”

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Dissident, Forbidden Things Book One

by Nikki McCormack

Ascard power can strengthen, heal and create. It also has great potential to destroy. Indigo’s country places strict limitations on the use of ascard so she must channel her ability into the healing arts or risk severe punishment. An orphan from a disgraced family, trapped by her father’s treason, she struggles find her place in society.

Then a mysterious stranger from a neighboring country asks for her help escaping his prison so he can bring an end to his emperor’s oppressive rule. His devotion to his cause and the passion behind his cool arrogance move her to use her power in forbidden ways to help him at the risk of being branded a traitor like her father.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Kiran: The Warrior’s Daughter

by Ellen Stellar

Kiran’s life is one of nighty outings, fake IDs, organizing races and taking bets. It all changes when an interplanetary tuft war breaks out and she is taken from the capital to Eeristan in order to become a princess, marry a warrior by the Rights of the Strong, and produce an heir. Will she surrender to the Rights of the Strong or strive for greatness?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Game Hunter

by Mark Kloss


Amid betrayal and easy death in the dystopia that is now the City of London, millions watch channel 4704 as the reality show, Game Hunter pitches zombie against human.

Teenagers, Tremayne and Red are half-turned zombies. He has the unwanted ability to drain or feed life, she has the careless courage of the condemned. Together they are forced into the almost impossible task of saving their zombie cousins.

Tensions ramp up as the teenagers prepare to play the first of three shows against Game Hunter’s most ferocious killers until the siren sounds victory or death.

The end result will determine more than anyone can possibly guess.

Hold on for a breathless trilogy that turns zombie stories on their heads.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Night Conjurings: Tales of Terror

by Harvey Click

Ghosts, vampires, demons, serial killers, and other deadly denizens of the dark haunt this collection of chilling short stories by horror master Harvey Click.
• An unhappy and unloved boy summons a substitute mother—with sharp teeth.
• Two teenage boys learn it’s better to leave a spooky abandoned house alone.
• Can ghosts kill? Denise is about to find out the hard way.
• When her creative writing instructor offers to teach Kathy how to write a horror story, she finds herself trapped inside one.
• A man discovers he may be a killer, though he can’t remember the murders.
• A man with a terrible past, a wizard from the dark side of the moon, and a pitchfork perform a dark drama of murder and madness.
• A time traveler attempts to bring his dead fiancée back to life.
• Many people wish to be ageless, but what happens when an immortal woman begins to lose her mind?
• And more!

Previously $2.99

Category: Dark Fantasy

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