Thor: A Paranormal Protector Tale

by Demelza Carlton

When graduate Aussie archaeologist Sibyl flies halfway around the world to work in the Arctic, she’s not sure what she might find…but she wasn’t counting on getting injured at the start of the dig…or being rescued by the hottest Viking she’s ever seen.
Thor might look like a superhero, but he has secrets buried under the ice that have been waiting a thousand years to come to light. Worse, he’s missing his hammer, the weapon he needs to set things right…and Sibyl’s his only hope of getting it back.
If only they can break the curse before the Viking witch who cast it wakes…

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


Moon Dance

by J.R. Rain

I’m Samantha Moon. Mom. Wife.


I was a federal agent until an attack robbed me of my life.

Now I’m an undead private investigator and I work the night shift.

My newest client is Kingsley Fulcrum, a defense attorney who was shot five times and, weirdly, walked away from it.

Kingsley hired me to find the perp and, ahem, Kingsley is extremely handsome, charming and funny.

Not that I notice—I’m a not-so-happily married woman, after all.

Yeah, things with my husband haven’t exactly been hunky dory ever since I grew fangs. In fact, I think my cold skin is driving my husband to warmer pastures.

To top everything off, someone just sent me the medallion my attacker was wearing the night he turned me.

I think the reason is pretty clear: I’ve attracted a vampire hunter and he’s coming for me next.

If so, he’s in for a surprise; I’m a lot tougher than I look.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Law of the Heretic: Immortality Shattered #1

by Christian Warren Freed

The Staff of Life was meant to unite the peoples of the Free Lands in peace. Instead it brought pain, suffering, and war. For ever are the hearts of men easily corrupted.

Unrest spreads across the Free Lands. The High Council, once all powerful, is diminished, allowing wicked forces to break free from their prisons once again. The betrayal begins in the northwest where the Black Imelin betrays his oath and bond and sets out to find the lost Staff of Life. With it he will bring the Free Lands to their knees. The only thing standing in his path is a young Aron Kryte, a warrior of promise and the unknowing heir to a past best left unremembered and to the promise of a better future.

Young Kryte must assemble a ragtag band of heroes to stop the greatest evil in a thousand years but success is far from guaranteed. Life and death hang in the balance and the future is in doubt.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Born of Empire

by Sally Ann Melia

In a future where Earth has expanded into the formidable Dodecahedral Empire.

Meet Teodor, Earth’s future emperor, until he vanishes without a trace, plunging the Empire into uncertainty.

In the attics of the fashion houses of the Empire’s capital, lives Guy. He has one dream to join Earth’s Space Defense Force.

As the hours tick by since Teodor’s kidnapping, the dark silhouette of Chart Segat looms large. A maverick politician in command of the ruthless Earth Space Defense Force. If Teodor has fallen into Chart Segat’s grasp, the odds of his survival dwindle into oblivion.

Yet in the attics of the fashion houses of the Empire’s capital, lives Guy, he is someone Teodor would normally never meet, and he has one dream to join Earth’s Space Defense Force.

3 days, 3 teens, 1 crown.

Lose yourself in this science fiction action thriller.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire

Son of Empire

by Sally Ann Melia

Last night, Guy Erma witnessed Prince Teodor, the heir to two thrones, beaten and imprisoned. He knows the Prince’s captor and also the deadly price he would pay if he spoke out.

As hours stretch into days, the kidnapped prince, Teodor, is drugged, beaten, and abused. Yet he continues to fight to escape and survive.

He is not alone, his government despatch Royal Forces, cyborgs, and shapeshifting telepathic allies to release him, if they can find him.

Guy faces a life-defining choice; his one dream is to join the Earth Space Defense Force. What price is he willing to pay for that dream?

Teodor and Guy should never have crossed paths, but when they do, both their destinies are changed forever. They will join forces to overcome the forces of darkness and save planet Earth from mass death.

Three days, two teens, one crown.

Lose yourself in this Science Fiction Thriller

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The Queen of Smiles

by Chris Tullbane

The Queen of Smiles has long been a mystery, even to herself. A storm of steel wrapped in a human shell, she’s spent decades crossing the continent in search of answers about her origin and the rules she has been forced to live by. Three years ago, under a bright New Mexico sun, she finally got those answers… and they were as unsatisfactory as they come.

And so, she withdrew from the world, doing only small jobs for the people of the nearby town of Eclipse. But life carries on and the post-Break world won’t stop spinning. When she returns from a trip to find Eclipse burned to the ground and its people slaughtered, the Queen of Smiles begins a mission of revenge that will take her through the Badlands, into the path of the horrors of Texas, to the seat of power of the teenage warlord who calls herself the Crimson Queen.

Because the biggest question isn’t why; it’s what’s next.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic



by Braxton Cosby

In a time of a failed One-world-order economy, the only viable currency is a human one.
It is 2035, and the path of Earth’s inevitable destruction has finally been realized. Efforts to perfect weapons of mass destruction and subsequently destroy one another have come to a head as the most potent countries engage in an all-out nuclear assault. Humanity devolves back to its carnal heritage of slavery to re-establish currency through the slave trade. 90% of human life is wiped out, and of the 10% that survive, radiation poisoning has varying effects on the human genome, creating both mindless beasts called Ashers and beings with unique gifts – Alphas. 16-year-old Keesa must now survive in a wasteland of despair while trying to protect her brother – the last of her living relatives. But on the fateful day of the annual Reckoning, Keesa’s life takes a dreadful turn.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Heaven’s Laws – Prodigies

by Apollos Thorne

This is a coming-of-age story that follows two paths to power. For one, it’s long and arduous. Despite his unique insights, Long Chao must always strive to keep up with those around him. For the other, strength comes easy. Xiao Huifen isn’t competing against her peers, but the vague legends of Divine cultivators.

Strength begets brutality. Long-life begets the foulest perversions.

To those who dwell in the darkness, young cultivators such as them are nothing more than some of the finest resources.

To use them as slaves. Refine them into pills.

When faced with such depravity, this unorthodox pair must do all they can to survive. Even if they do, how can they hope to remain unchanged?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


Genesis Academy: Oracle Unlocked (Genesis Academy Urban Fantasy Series Book 2)

by Barbara Hartzler

My brand new power is starting to emerge from the shadows. But there’s a darkness in me, binding my Oracle gifts. And one BIG SECRET I still have to keep.

Too bad the leader of the Guardians just put a target on my back…

After my childhood friend betrayed me so his evil mentor could bind my powers, I managed to escape the clutches of the Supreme Guardian Councilor.

For now …

But it’s only a matter of time before the leader of the last secret society comes back to finish the job.

Can I unlock my full Oracle powers by my eighteenth birthday? Or will I succumb to the dark magic trying to bring me down?

Welcome to Genesis Academy …

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Genesis Academy: The Seer’s Legacy (Genesis Academy Urban Fantasy Series Book 1)

by Barbara Hartzler

One day I’m the darling of the Guardians and the next our whole family is running for their lives.

All because I saw my first premonition ever …

Now they want me to go undercover at Genesis Academy, the Guardian’s school for rebels and rejects. Me—the goody-goody science nerd with the brand new powers. Oh, and I have to keep my budding Seer powers a secret. Too bad they manifest at the worst times.

At least I have one person on my side, my fabulous roomie. Except, her brooding brother is the bane of my existence. Maybe because he’s totally gorgeous, completely off-limits, and absolutely forbidden. But there’s one BIG problem—he keeps drawing attention to me when I’m trying to blend in. Will he blow my cover?

There’s a bigger bad guy out there who wants my powers. If I can’t blend in at Genesis Academy, I’ll put my whole family in danger.

Can I keep my Seer status secret?

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