Sanctuary’s Aggression: A Post-apocalyptic Thriller

by Maira Dawn

A world in chaos. A woman and child in peril.

Skye knows nothing about prepping or survival, but she does know there is little time before the global pandemic comes knocking at her door.

A therapist, her first concern are her “kids”, especially young Jesse, who is stuck in an abusive home. End of the world or not, Skye will do her best to save him.

Doing so will test her. Who should she trust? And what must she learn to keep herself and Jesse safe in this dark new world?
This science fiction is suitable for adults and young adults.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Her Paranormal Majesty’s Secret Service Complete Series Omnibus

by Michael Anderle

She is crass, has attitude, drinks too much and is the only living agent working for Queen Victoria, the Paranormal Queen. And now she’s been sent to America to help stop a paranormal revolution.

Get the complete series to dive into this paranormal suspense today!

In 1901, Queen Victoria passed away, and took over the responsibilities of the Paranormal Court.

When Victoria ascends to the Paranormal Throne, she acquires the help of a human agent, code-named Rogue.

For well over a hundred years, this human has helped settle problems between the normal and the paranormal worlds.

Usually with massive displays of attitude and disrespect.

And a really, really bodacious set of…guns.

Now, Rogue has been sent to the Colonies to help stop a paranormal revolution.

Is Rogue over her head, or is someone trying to pull a fast one on her?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Forged From The Stars

by G. S. Jennsen

An elite operative. A war-hardened soldier. A daring explorer. One strikes from the shadows to protect a deadly secret. One strives to reclaim what was taken from her. One searches the void for the answers denied her.

Their stories are their own, but they share a gritty determination to fight for what they believe in & an unwavering conviction that they will do whatever is necessary to save themselves, those they hold dear & if worse comes to worst (as it always does), civilization itself. At the heart of the storm stand three women: Ziva Payvan. Aly Erikson. Alexis Solovy. Forged from the stars, in the face of overwhelming odds they will bend those stars to their will—or die trying.

FORGED FROM THE STARS brings you the 1st books in three exciting space opera adventure series, Ziva Payvan, Spectras Arise, & Aurora Rising.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Assassin (Darkblade #1)

by Andy Peloquin

All in Voramis know the legend of the Hunter.
Relentless. Immortal. Death walking. The greatest assassin who ever lived.
Pay the master killer his due and the Hunter will execute any target, carry out any contract, no matter how impossible.

But when the Bloody Hand crime syndicate harms the innocents under his protection, they foolishly make an enemy of the one man they can’t afford to anger. The price of the Hunter’s vengeance is high—paid in blood and eternal damnation. Not even an army of crooks, cutthroats, and demonic creatures of nightmare can stand in his way.

He’s far more than just one man…he’s the Keeper-damned Hunter of Voramis.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


From the Dust

by AR Colbert

In a world where everything is done “For the Greater Good,” exposing the truth is a death wish.

The Leadership knows what’s best for the people… or at least that’s what they claim.

Claren Greenwood is happy to play by the rules. After her mother is killed by rebels and her father is exiled, she will do whatever it takes to keep herself and her brother safe.

But when Claren is identified as an Empath at her aptitude test, she’s pulled closer to the Center and discovers the world she’s always known is a lie.

With the help of a handsome and mysterious rebel, Claren learns there is more to life than what’s inside the city walls. And the Leadership she’s always trusted is dead-set on destroying it.

Claren must stop the Leadership before they discover the secrets she now keeps. Her life… and everyone else’s… depends on it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

From the Earth

by AR Colbert

What’s a girl to do when her only option to live means destroying everyone she loves?

Claren didn’t ask to join her society’s Leadership. She was forced into it. And under the watchful eyes of her superiors, she’s left with no choice but to carry out a mission that will destroy everything and everyone she believes in, including the man who has her heart.

The Leaders want her to kill the rebels. The rebels need her to play her part and gain the trust of the Leadership. Can she find a way to maintain both sides, or will she die trying?

And who exactly can Claren trust?

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by Christopher Barnard

What cost will a man bear to keep his paradise, and his love, safe?
When Charlie, an outlaw from modern life, wakes up to find himself in the last ice age, his pockets are empty save for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

Adopted by a tribe who find him on the freezing tundra, he is for the first time in his life part of a family. He falls in love with the chief’s daughter, but she is already the object of a murderous obsession by a man who doesn’t take kindly to Charlie’s interest.

A violent revenge is plotted. If Charlie is to save the tribe, he must put aside his own selfish interests. And with Charlie, that’s easier said than done. . .

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History


The Stones of Valtara

by Christopher Clargo

When Tarek recites the mythical tale of the Bwgan in his tavern, he has no clue his words foretell of the cataclysmic fate about to befall his village. For the terror that inspired the Bwgan now lurks outside the walls, controlled by a warband of fanatical warriors, known as the Mendari.

Fleeing with his family, Tarek encounters the ruthless leader of the Mendari, Kaine. As Tarek’s idyllic world shatters, Kaine forces him to confront the dark secrets of his former life. For Tarek has another name—a name granted to him by King Rodric Shieldbane, sworn enemy of the Mendari. He is Grimbard: disgraced champion and betrayer of the assassinated queen.

Kaine forces Tarek to return to his homeland and embark on a treacherous, kingdom-collapsing mission that leads to one place—the Stones of Valtara and Kaine’s revenge. If Tarek fails, he’ll lose the only thing worth living for—his son.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic


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