Badfreaky – The meanest witch (The life of Badfreaky the witch Book 1)

by Konstantinos Adamopoulos

A four-year-old girl, Marily, lives happily with her parents, a good witch called Goodypie, and her husband Mr. Goodweather. One day while Goodypie was boiling some plants and flowers in her big cooking pot, Marily falls into the pot and turns into the notorious Badfreaky, the meanest witch!

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Rise: Birth of a Revolution

by Mark Moore

Damien Flynn, once a conscientious politician, is now facing execution for supporting the cause of an oppressed people, the Ricchans. Betrayed by his peers, Damien now understands that while bleeding hearts don’t make for good politics, he values his convictions more than ever. And those convictions have clashed against those held by the only world he’s ever known, leaving Damien forced to make a choice between his past and his future—a decision he figures he’ll never have to make. After all, the future is a luxury that dead men rarely enjoy.

But when Victoria Montgomery, the reluctant leader of an army consisting of little more than ragtag criminals and vagrants, realizes that she needs a catalyst to bring about the full-scale rebellion her people need to flourish, Damien’s fortunes change.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Secrets & Demons

by Trudi Jaye

My whole life is a lie.
I’m not really called Hazel Rushton.
I’m not really a university student at Stanford.
By day, I pretend to follow the rules and lead a normal life.
At night, I hunt monsters.
Yep. I said it. Monsters. They’re real, and they’re out there.
Except it turns out that I’m not the only one with secrets. My parents—before they were brutally killed by said monsters—were keeping something from me.
Something that’s going to change my life forever.
So now I have to hunt down the truth, piece by piece, while avoiding all the people—and monsters—who want me dead.
My secrets and lies are about to catch up with me. Fast.
If you love the sound of kick butt action and a determined, nerdy researcher who isn’t afraid to battle monsters… you’ll love Hazel, Trudi Jaye’s latest urban fantasy heroine. Make sure you one-click now to join the adventure…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Trencher’s Bunker

by Shane Noble

Marcus Trencher’s bunker is nothing short of a subterranean palace. His life underground was to be one of comfort. Those who receive bids elsewhere are not so lucky. They subsist on soy-based protein drinks, mine coal, and fight off misery. It becomes a tale of two bunkers – one for the haves, and one for the have-nots.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

EMP Lodge Series: Six Book Complete Boxset

by Grace Hamilton

In a world gone dark, she’ll protect her daughter at any cost…

For Megan Wolford, life as she knew it came to an end after the world was decimated by an EMP. Now, she does her best to survive, and protect her daughter, Caitlin. But when the young girl falls ill with a mysterious virus, Meghan must leave the safety of their home, and embark on a dangerous journey to forage for medical supplies…

Meanwhile, former Navy SEAL Wyatt Morris struggles to hold his family together. When Megan crosses into their land, he’s suspicious of her motives, despite feeling drawn to her. But he won’t turn away a sick child, no matter how deadly the world has become.

Megan and Wyatt must work together to save Caitlin, and forge a new life in a broken world…

This thrilling post-apocalyptic set contains EMP Lodge books 1-6, a complete series about surviving on the edge when all is lost.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Tide: Books 1-4 Box Set

by Anthony J Melchiorri

On an abandoned oil rig in the middle of the ocean, a secret laboratory is conducting unthinkable research — and a biological weapon with petrifying implications for the human race has just been accidentally unleashed… A covert team races to prevent the apocalypse in this hair-raising collection!

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The NSA Files

by Terry Persun

A political emergency has the government soliciting the help of Dan Johnston, a semi-retired Shaman, in the hopes that he can thwart a national disaster.

The NSA pulls Dan Johnston out of a comfortable, but boring, retirement where he helps people with pesky bosses or unfaithful spouses through shamanic journeying. The government needs help with a very unusual case where politicians are being swayed—via the internet—to vote in ways they would not normally vote. Dan has known, for his whole career, that it’s a strange world, but he’s not exactly a technical geek, and has little knowledge of what it is the NSA wants him to do. As a shaman, he’s used to going to other worlds though, so he does what he knows how to do, he journeys into altered states of consciousness to visit the people being affected.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

God of the Feast

by Kevin Sinclair

Running a restaurant was hard, but it filled Clive’s life with meaning… running through a portal was easy, but it filled Clive’s life with demons.

Weak in a world full of strength. All he and his friends have is their grit and determination to survive, as they navigate this brutal, war-torn land of magic in search of a way home.

There’s a problem, though. Clive’s been cursed. A little stabby, stabby from a demonic knife, catapults them into a race against time to find a cure. Fighting their way across Falritas, they need friends and levels like there’s no tomorrow. Because there might not be…
Note: This is a LitRPG GameLit Portal Fantasy. Set in a chaotic land, ruled by ruthless Gods, complete with game mechanics, progression system and empire-building. A place where demons, werewolves, dwarfs, and elves roam.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary