Socrates and the Councillor: A John Tesh Novel

by Thomas Fay

The year is 2044 AD.

The Iona Corporation has achieved what no other corporation has before—a seat at the UN—in addition to unsurpassed wealth and a city-state of its own. All thanks to its revolutionary clean-energy technology—the Flux Cell. Now, on the eve of the first UN Security Council summit to be held in the sovereign city-state of Iona, it faces its greatest challenge ever.

When a series of seemingly unrelated events culminates in unprovoked attacks on the city of Iona, it’s up to the Sentinels’ top investigator, John Tesh, to stop those behind it. Not only will John have to contend with the most dangerous adversary he’s ever faced but he’ll have to figure out the truth behind his new partner, the man known only as—Socrates.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Silver Horn Echoes: A Song of Roland

by Michael Eging and Steve Arnold

In the Dark Ages, the Frank kingdom is threatened by enemies and traitors. To save all he loves from destruction, a young knight must be willing to sacrifice everything!

“The Silver Horn Echoes” pays homage to “La Chanson de Roland” by revisiting an age of intrigue, and a fateful decision in the shadows of a lonely mountain pass – Roncevaux!

“The allure of intense conflicts and divided loyalties should keep readers turning pages straight through to the novel’s surprising conclusion.” Kirkus Review

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


The Panagea Tales Complete Box Set

by McKenzie Austin

The world’s end was his beginning.

Whole chunks of earth are withering away from the mainland and falling into the sea.
Natural disasters are claiming thousands of lives.
Prayers are no longer answered by gods.
Prayers are answered by machines, and the Time Fathers of Panagea.

Nicholai Addihein, one of the eight ruling Time Fathers, struggles to save the lives of his people. After a single moment of misunderstood treason, he must also save his own.

While running from the wrath of Panagea’s other Time Fathers, Nicholai lands in peculiar company.

Can a fabled immortal, a crew of societal rejects, and a silver-haired woman with a mysterious past, breathe life back into a world on the brink of death?

Nicholai and the others prepare to fight until their last breath to change the fate of Panagea. Who would ever guess that success might be just as fatal as failure?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Percival Gynt and the Conspiracy of Days

by Drew Melbourne

An accountant misses his train.
A magician steals his hat.
A three-armed frog accelerates towards lightspeed.
A nun questions EVERYTHING.
A rat makes a delicious sandwich.

A conspiracy ends.
Evil wins.
Hope remains.

This is


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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


FreeForm: Beginnings

by Orrin Jason Bradford

An unseen invasion: the ultimate threat…
When a mysterious spacecraft is uncovered in the North Carolina mountains, agent Pat Vogt’s life begins to look increasingly alien. Betrayed by her own government, she’s forced to unravel a conspiracy that holds implications for existence on Earth…and beyond.

Years later, Vogt returns to find the mountain town of Waynesboro fostering secrets much darker than she’d ever imagined. Even her closest ally, Dr. Allen Pritchard, withholds crucial information, and his desire to mend a painful past may jeopardize the human race.

Who is genetic engineer Fredic Homlin, and what connection does the Biogentrix Corporation’s chilling technology touted as the ‘play dough of life’ represent? Can one headstrong woman reveal the truth in time, or will something else be sown?

Beginnings is the shifting shape of much that lies ahead…

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

FreeForm: Reborn

by Orrin Jason Bradford

A new physique. An old façade…
In light of what she’s seen, former ufologist Pat Vogt is reluctant to conceal the nature of Allan Pritchard’s seeming nephew. TJ isn’t as he appears, and the boy’s history could mean a bleak future for mankind. Are Pat and Allan instilling humanity or nurturing a malevolent force? Would the true monster be borne by betrayal? As TJ learns to harness his powers, the stakes mount ever higher.

Meanwhile, hidden away in a backcountry cave, another lifeform is growing…exponentially. With the help of a shadowy benefactor known only as ‘Aeo’, Doctor Homlin’s plans have received new breath. Soon to emerge is Val, a hungry incarnate that won’t rest until its progenitor’s vision becomes reality.

Building upon its own powerful predecessor, Reborn thickens the plot, dials up the tension and doubles-down on a rallying cry for excellence in modern SF.

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Ambush: A Military SciFi Thriller (Sector 64 Book One)

by Dean M Cole

Humans rule the galaxy…Today! The Milkyway’s predominant species discovers a lost colony of their ancestors—humans—populating today’s Earth. Then our genetic link draws the attention and enmity of their galactic rivals. When the plan to elevate present-day Earth leads to an alien invasion, a small, multinational military task force is all that stands between humanity and certain annihilation. If you like action-packed, page-turning novels, then you’ll love the electrifying action in this apocalyptic military thriller.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Retribution: A Military SciFi Thriller (Sector 64 Book Two)

by Dean M. Cole

Can Today’s Militaries Board and Control The Emptied Alien Armada That Hangs Over Our Heads? After the massive battle to save today’s Earth went horribly wrong, leaving a huge fleet of ghost ships hanging over the planet, humanity is left to fight for itself. Can we use our genetic link to the fleet’s fallen commanders to rein in the ships before they start crashing down onto an already battered world? And when dark galactic forces once again amass in our skies, can humanity make a stand?

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