The Forever Man – Book 1: PULSE

by Craig Zerf

A series of solar flares stopped the heart of our modern world, returning us to the DARK AGES. Now ‘they’ have appeared through a gateway in space. Orcs, goblins and their leaders – the Fair Folk. Are they here to help, or to conquer.

But one man stands resolute. A man who has been trained in the savage arts of war. A man who lives his life according to a creed. A simple man who wants none of the power thrust upon him. This man is Marine Sergeant Nathaniel Hogan, seconded to the American Embassy in London and, although he does not know it, he is – The Forever Man.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



Apocalyptic Fears III

by Jack Conner

Includes “Atomic Underworld” from New York Times bestselling Author Jack Conner!

A Multi-Author Box Set of Select Bestsellers. Thousands of pages of apocalyptic fiction for a bargain price. This is Volume III (3). Look for other books in series for more great stories!

When the world falls apart, when civilization collapses, when life as we know it ends, our greatest terrors becomes real. Perhaps it’s nuclear war with its poisonous radiation, hideous plagues or chemical contamination, rogue artificial intelligences controlling killer robots, or zombies that turn our friends and neighbors into inhuman monsters. What can the common man or woman do in the face of apocalyptic fears?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic



Theoclea (The Delphic Oracle) and Pythagoras in Egypt

by PanOrpheus

Set in a fictional Ancient Greece and Egypt, this book presents an ‘alternate history’ ca. 500 B.C. The book is filled with magic, and mystery, as Theoclea, the Oracle, Pythagoras, and others travel from the Temple of Delphi to the Pyramids and Cairo. While the others prepare to search for a rare book, Theoclea gives the speech of a lifetime, speaking from a platform between the paws of the Sphinx!

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History



Tea Leaf

by Mia Mitns

Cinnia’s life is about to change.

When non-human company secrets hide in the basement and mysterious things start to happen at home, Cinnia will have to discover her secret. The power she has within herself.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



The Witches of Cleopatra Hill: Books 1-3

by Christine Pope

Three full-length paranormal romance novels:

As the future prima, or head witch of her clan, Angela McAllister must bond with her consort during her twenty-first year, ensuring that she will come into her full powers at the appointed time. But Angela is faced with a terrible choice: give up her dreams of the man she may never meet, or risk leaving her clan at the mercy of dark forces.

Kidnapped by a rival witch clan, Angela McAllister envisions a dark future for herself until she discovers her captor’s brother is the unknown man who has haunted her dreams since she was a child….

One hundred and fifty years ago, a curse descended on the Wilcox clan, dooming generations of women to an early death. Now Angela must find a way to break that curse, or suffer the same fate herself.

Previously $6.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



Dungeons of Kuba

by Graham Diamond

Their land is in peril. Power has been snatched from the hands of the Empire Princess by the maniacal Sigried.

The Empire’s great fleet had set sail in search of a legendary treasure island, Kuba, leaving the Haven unprotected. A portentous vision meant the fleet had been tricked by a treacherous enemy to force Stacy, the Empire Princess, to confront her sometime friend and now arch-enemy Sigried in the faraway and mysterious land of Kuba, a dark and forbidding place.

Darkness awaits her, but she must lead her people to victory if she is able to overcome her tyrannical foe…

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic


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