The Unknown Man: Book 1 in The Keepers of the Orbs Series

by J.G. Gatewood

A mystical journey to discover the identity of a young knight

A journey that spans the entire continent of Askabar

An unknown man regains consciousness in the back of a merchant’s wagon only to discover he has no memory of who he is. He discovers the merchants are Goblins, who are transporting him to Havenbrook under the assumption he is a nobleman. Given his extravagant armor and decorated two-handed sword, they are hoping for a reward for his return. Once in Havenbrook, the Lord urges him to seek out an old and mysterious wizard who lives at the foot of the mountains to the east, and sends his daughter with him as an escort and guide. This is where their journey begins.

To the north, a malevolent force is building, gathering the resources necessary to reap destruction across all of Askabar. The sinister figure is on a mission to release his master from the he has been bound to for over a thousand years. To succeed in this endeavor, he will need to gather all seven of the orbs, and he recruits Orcs and Minotaurs as soldiers for his cause. Standing in his way is the unknown man, whose party continues to grow.

All of Askabar is on the verge of destruction and tyrannical rule. Battles will be fought, and heinous plots will be carried out. The one man who can stop this nefarious plan doesn’t even know who he is. Will he uncover his memories in time? One thing is for certain; an entire population will depend on the unknown man.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



Dust to Dust: Deconstruction Book One

by Rashad Freeman

Fourteen different people. Six different families. Four different stories. One terrible event. This is deconstruction. When there is no one to call, when there’s nowhere to run for help, who do you turn to? When the very fabric of our society is torn apart, how would you survive?

“…the world must die with you.”

This installment follows Randall and his family through their harrowing struggle for survival. After a series of unexplainable and disastrous acts of nature, they find themselves cut off from the rest of the world. With food and water dwindling and young children to care for, they are faced with a decision that could mean life or death. Do they venture into the unknown or wait for help that may never come.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic



A Courtroom of Ashes

by C.S. Wilde

Love. Epic battles. And a lawyer with shady morals.

Santana Jones never thought she’d fall in love with a ghost, but that was before she met John Braver, the incredibly charming and incredibly dead politician on the other side of her brand new mirror. Who knew the damned thing was a window to Purgatory?

But John isn’t alone on the other side. Vicious spirits roam free in the land of the dead.

When an evil ghost drags Santana’s soul through the mirror and into Purgatory, she’ll need all the help she can get to return to her body. With John by her side, nothing can go wrong. But Purgatory is a dangerous place for a lawyer with a pitch-black past.

Santana has always wondered if she’d go to Hell for defending murderers. Now she’ll know.

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Category: Dark Fantasy


Tree of Ages

by Sara C Roethle

“The seasons are changing. The lines are faltering, undoing the old and bringing life to the new. Trees will fall, and changed earth will be left in their place. A storm is coming.”

Finn doesn’t remember much about her previous life, and in a world that has been changed by the wars of the Tuatha De, where trust is hard to come by, answers are even more difficult to find. Epic legends of fantasy are beginning to re-emerge, including the leaders of the Faie and other Faieries. Little does Finn know, an unknown evil tugs on the strings of fate, and the answers she so desperately seeks may be more important than she could have ever imagined.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



by Chris Vaughn

A suicidal attack to save a ship; an inadvertent rescue of a Princess; and the fight to return home without being Rogue!

Rogue Shepherd Book 1: Wayward Hope
Luke Shepherd is the youngest in his family, and obeys the commands of his father as the Twelve Clans requires, or be labeled a rogue. He and his ship, The Hornet’s Nest, are sent by his father to the front lines of the armies with supplies for his brothers in their desperate galactic battle between the Twelve Clans and the Gimtis.
His chance encounter to save a ship starts a chain of events he couldn’t expect, and the gifts from the High Priest only compounds the questions of those he helps, the enemies he has to fight, and the questions of being obedient… or going Rogue!

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


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