Brothers in Exile

by Joe Vasicek

Deep in the Far Outworlds, a derelict space station holds the bones of a long-dead people—and a beautiful young woman locked in cryofreeze. When the star-wandering brothers Isaac and Aaron Deltana find the sleeping girl, they soon realize that they are her only hope for rescue. If they don’t take her, then slavers certainly will.

With no way to revive her, they set a course for the New Pleiades in hopes of finding someone who can help. But a storm is brewing over that region of space. After a series of brutal civil wars, the Gaian Empire has turned its sights outward. A frontier war is on the verge of breaking out, and the brothers are about to be caught in the middle of it.

They both harbor a secret, though. Somewhere else in the Outworlds is another derelict station—one that they used to call home. That secret will either bind them together or draw them apart.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Chooser of the Slain Complete Series Boxed Set

by Michael Anderle

What would happen if Odin decided to get involved in Midgard again?

Our world is tearing itself apart. The evil among us are ripping apart the very seams of today’s society, using terrorism and blackmail to create chaos.

Valerie Kearie, mead lover and history major, joins the mercenary company Viking, Inc. as a prospective business analyst.

Moving from one dangerous case to another, Valerie can’t understand why she is loving the running and gunning aspect of her new job way more than any sane person should.

Then there is the obscure historical knowledge that she shouldn’t know…and yet.

Valerie isn’t a wallflower, but she is having difficulties coming to grips with the new abilities and odd thoughts that emerge as she is drawn deeper into her new reality.

Can Valerie figure out why she is changing before she lands herself and Jacob in trouble too deep to escape?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Margot de Klerk

I don’t like new people. They come into our town and don’t know the rules. They get up in our business. They mess things up.
That’s why when James Maddock walks into my bar, I’m suspicious. He might act like a nice guy, but for sure he spells trouble.
And that’s the last thing I need just when I’ve got my life on track.
All I want is to keep my sister safe, but suddenly, my tentative peace with the local gang, the Iron Fists, is exploding. People I thought I could trust are turning out to be enemies in disguise, and people I was certain were dangerous seem to want me on their team. I don’t know where to turn. I don’t know who is a friend and who a foe.
What I do know is this: when the dust settles, the only person I can rely on to have my back… is me.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Rogue Star: Frozen Earth

by Jasper T. Scott

Logan Willis’s life is falling apart: he lost his job and found out that his wife is cheating on him all in the same day. Thinking that his world has ended, Logan checks into a hotel and turns on the TV to see that he’s not far wrong—radio telescopes have detected something big and cold moving toward us at over 500 miles per second.

Still reeling from the news, Logan gets a phone call from his brother-in-law. Richard is talking crazy about the end of the world again, but this time he doesn’t sound so crazy.

The nations of Earth prepare to fight over all of the warmest parts of the planet. But as war fleets set sail and armies begin marching south a stunning discovery is made that will change a lot more than just the weather.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Berserker of Gambria (Misfits of Gambria Book 1)

by pdmac

A colonization mission turns into a nightmare when the spaceship explodes, forcing the last two survivors down to an unknown planet. To their surprise, this world is not what they expected, and they are immediately caught up in the war between two medieval kingdoms. While Alexis is sent to fight, Duncan issues a winner-take-all challenge to the High Priest. The loser dies.

This is a revamping of a former series titled Wolf 359. The Misfit series is geared to a wider audience and age groups.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


The Dragon Sands Box Set

by C.K. Rieke

Lilaci’s innocent childhood is abruptly shattered when she is kidnapped, destined to become a lethal weapon in the hands of her captors. Trained to be the deadliest assassin in the realm, she harbors a seething rage that threatens to consume her very essence.

In a tumultuous journey that spans from euphoric heights to crushing depths, Lilaci discovers the true extent of her newfound magic. Tasked with fulfilling an age-old prophecy, she becomes a walking weapon of the six gods. However, when her intended target unexpectedly bears a haunting resemblance to her own traumatizing past, her world spirals into chaos.

Now, Lilaci must navigate a treacherous landscape where betrayal lurks at every turn. In her quest to survive, she must unravel the web of deceit and uncover those she can truly trust.

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Category: Fantasy – Classics


The K5 PROTOCOL: A Science Fiction Techno Thriller

by Andria Stone

When Marshal Flint Maddox stumbles upon the gruesome sight of his best friend murdered, it triggers the K5 PROTOCOL, a dangerous and long dormant neural implant. He comes fact-to-face with the brutal past he left years ago and the memory of monsters who tried to kill him. Unable to catch the aliens before they leave the planet with his friend’s daughter, he deputizes four androids and steals a ship.
Maddox and his unlikely crew embark on a desperate galactic hunt filled with treacherous wormholes called Hell’s Breath and The Beast, he also encounters aliens who consider humans an expendable race. Driven to find the girl, he uncovers a conspiracy that will rock the galaxy.
Ride along with Marshal Maddox and his crew—but buckle up—because you’re in for a thrilling, heart-pounding, nail-biting, but well worth waiting for…Ending!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Brindle Dragon Boxed Set

by Jada Fisher

Eist was born to be a dragon rider; she just knows it. When fate conspires to take her parents and leave her orphaned and injured, her future appears bleak. Unwilling to back down, she is determined overcome a system stacked against her. But even if she passes all the tests, there’s no guarantee she will ever fly on a dragon. Can she beat the odds and find her destiny, or will she be stranded on the ground?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic