The Fabrication of Eden Pruitt

by K.E. Ganshert

What if your whole life was a lie?

18-year-old Eden Pruitt stepped out of line just once. Unfortunately, that reckless decision ended with an arrest, a mug shot, and two very concerned parents. Now they’re starting over. In Iowa. On the cusp of her senior year. The situation is less than ideal, but she’ll have to manage. The change of address was her fault after all, and she isn’t going to make anything harder on her parents. They’ve already been through enough.

But life in Iowa turns strange fast. Odd things are happening, and Eden has no idea what any of it means. Then she comes home from her first day of school to a ransacked house and the nightmare officially begins. Her parents are missing. She’s convinced something terrible has happened to them. But nobody believes her. Except for a hardened, mysterious stranger who is as dangerous as he is enticing.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Sara’s Fear

by K C Roy

At 16, my biggest problem should be just fitting in. Or, in my case not standing out. It shouldn’t be people trying to murder me, family secrets and ancient super powers!

In a few short days, Sara’s life is turned upside down and given a rough shake. She finds out her parents, Bobby, her teachers and even her dog aren’t what they appear to be. Now on the run, the family must protect Sara from an unknown assassin. If this weren’t bad enough, she’s inherited a power that could end up killing her before the assassin does. Sara’s family races for answers while she tries to get control of her powers before they kill her instead.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Wedding of the Torn Rose

by Brian Mendonca

As torn petals of a rose fall, a hero must rise in a race against destiny.

What starts as a fairy tale rescue spirals into an intricate web of dark fantasy laced with intrigue and magic. After the downtrodden merchant Kaine saves the runaway Princess Lydia from an unexpected monster, he feels inexplicably drawn to her. Lydia’s uncanny knowledge of his deepest secrets looms over him, suggesting she knows more about him than he has revealed.

However, there is little time to investigate this mystery. The princess is betrothed to the magic wielding Throatian Kingdom, and Lydia’s father has rewarded Kaine with a job offer he cannot refuse.

As the rehearsal dinner for Lydia’s arranged wedding unfolds, tension simmers amidst foreign customs and whispered conversations. The Throatian Royal family, draped in magic, is keen to forge an alliance with the Darian Kingdom. Meanwhile, Lydia, now ful

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Never (Prequel to The Amber Isle)

by Ashley Capes

Adventure? Check. Magic? Check. Sarcasm? You bet.

Roguish Never is sure he has hunted down every relic and every clue possible on his quest to finally lift the curse on his blood and hopefully learn his true name.

However, convincing the wealthy Lord Firmita to part with a map to the sunken city proves to be far more dangerous than he first imagined…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Order of the Flying Monkeys

by Anthony Brien

Sam is a recent loser in love after his partner left him for their Feng Shui consultant. After months of sobbing in his chi balanced home, his life changes with the rattle of the letterbox. Excitedly, he peels himself from the sofa in case it’s a new takeaway menu, but instead finds a leaflet for the most difficult and realistic escape room in the UK. Sam decides it is time to reweave the worn thread of his neglected friendships and attempt this most difficult of escape rooms. As the friends attempt the escape room, events take a turn for the surreal and they are unsure whether the game is real or something truly apocalyptic. They must realise the truth of the game before either their friendship, their sanity or potentially their lives are lost. Most importantly, they must get to the pub before last orders.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure