Soul Storm

by D.N. Erikson

Eden Hunter spends her days reluctantly reaping souls for a vampire warlord. Until someone frames her for murder. Now she has the FBI breathing down her neck. And they want to lock her away. Forever.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Ugly Girl

by Mary E. Twomey

A lost princess. A disgraced soldier. A queen set on domination.

When a stranger crashes into her life and lifts the concealment that has marred her face since childhood, Rosie Avalon leaves everything she knows behind. Pulled into a realm teeming with magical creatures, Rosie must navigate this new, broken world while avoiding capture by the evil queen, who knows there’s more to Rosie than meets the eye.

Bastien is an Untouchable, feared and shunned by all but a handful of elite warriors. His realm has been ravaged by the evil queen’s reign, but he will stop at nothing to save the land he loves, even if it means pushing Rosie past her breaking point.

Thrust into a quest that threatens to destroy her, Rosie’s path is clear: she must sacrifice all she holds dear to save a world on the brink of collapse.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Ruins on Stone Hill

by F.P. Spirit

Magic is easy.

That’s what Glolindir thought, until he came across his first real monster.

Luckily, he survived, thanks to his new “friends.”

Lloyd, the reckless young warrior with blades of fire.

Seth, the sarcastic halfling who might be an assassin.

Aksel, the genius little gnome whose very touch can heal.

Little did they know that things were about to go from bad to worse.

After one hundred and fifty years of relative peace, dark forces stir around the little town of Ravenford—monsters, black magic, creatures of the night.

The only thing standing between Ravenford and certain destruction is this band of young misfits.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Serpent Cult

by F. P. Spirit

Things just got a lot more dangerous for Glolindir and friends.

After barely surviving encounters with monsters, undead, and black mages, they discovered the truth behind it all. A dark cult had set its sights on the little town of Ravenford.

Now the young elven wizard and company truly have their work cut out for them. Not only do they have to protect the town, but also the Lady Andrella, for she might be the cult’s real target.

On top of that, strange things are happening just off the coast of town. Ships headed for Ravenford are being sunk by a giant “sea monster.”

From the depths of the sea to Ravenford keep, they follow a twisted trail of intrigue and danger. Can they save the town from an army of dark cultists, monsters, and perhaps worst of all, diplomatic officials?

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by H.G. Chambers

Oren Hart has only ever known life within the domed colony of New Arcadia. But when his parents are executed by the tyrannical Patriarch, he must escape into the desolate wasteland beyond. Heartbroken and weary, he learns of a secret resistance group, and begins his training under an enigmatic blademaster who hints at mysterious energy and impossible powers. Determined to prove his worth, Oren turns his gaze east—back toward those who destroyed his old life.

Clementine will never forget the day her childhood friend left her behind. But when she agrees to a heist infiltrating the Patriarch’s security headquarters, she uncovers a secret so dangerous, she too must escape into the desert. Reunited by fate, the two friends must come to terms with years grown apart and a monstrous new threat that may well bring civilization to its knees.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Blind Gambit: A GameLit novel

by Jon Cronshaw

He’s the game’s only hope…but the truth is, he sucks.

In the near future, the B-chip allows blind people to see in virtual worlds. The only time Brian really feels alive is when he’s playing Gambit…even though he’s the worst player.

When a hacker seeks to destroy the game, Brian’s B-chip makes him immune to the weapon that’s kicking everyone else out.

But immunity isn’t enough. He must level-up to take on Gambit’s biggest threat.

With the help of friends and rivals, Brian needs to learn new skills, craft awesome weapons, and discover who or what is trying to tear down the only thing he cares about before it’s too late…

In the real world, Brian is forced to confront his blindness. But how can he adjust to a world without sight when Gambit offers so much more?

Written by a visually impaired author, Blind Gambit is a unique GameLit novel packed with action.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


Ruby Callaway: The Complete Collection

by D.N. Erikson

All three Ruby Callaway novels and all four side stories together for the first time—1,100+ pages of snarky urban fantasy perfect for fans of Kate Daniels and The Dresden Files.

It all started with a death: her own.

Ruby Callaway is the most feared supernatural bounty hunter in the world. But even Ruby has limits. And, after two centuries, she might have finally met her match.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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