The Hidden King

by E.G. Radcliff

A mad king. A powerful, inhuman heir.
A young man endures the unimaginable to save his only family and unite a kingdom.

Áed dreams of escaping the misery of the Maze, the dismal city of his birth, but his love for his makeshift family—his partner, Ninian, and an orphaned boy named Ronan—compels him to stay.

When a crushing tragedy forces his hand, Áed breaks out of the Maze once and for all—but not before deeply buried secrets flare up with formidable consequences.

Setting out for the legendary White City fueled by hopes of a better life, Áed discovers a beautiful world hiding unexpected danger. While he navigates a treacherous path of friendship and deception, Áed must embrace a legacy he had never imagined in order to protect the only family he has left.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends



by Robyn Wideman

Rogue is a cantankerous warrior, a bandit, and a brawler. He only wants to be left alone and occasionally rob the king who once betrayed him.

But when assassins try to kill a young woman, Rogue gets involved. Now he is involved in a dangerous plot, and to protect the girl he must save a kingdom, a kingdom he once almost destroyed.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Rise of the Shadows

by Robyn Wideman

A warrior returns home.

Mendris returns to his homeland in search of the man behind the plot against him and Princess Grant only to find that is part of a bigger conspiracy.

Dragons have returned and their followers are conspiring to enslave all humans. To stop this Mendris must reunite with his family and form a new Shadow Brigade, but it might not be enough to stop a king willing to go to any lengths to control the continent.

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Divine Fraud

by Thomas Green

Japanese Gods robbed the Devil.

She sends a fallen angel to clean them up.

Yakuza has moved into New York, and soon afterward, the Devil gets robbed. She immediately hires me, Lucas, to catch the thief and to retrieve what she considers hers.

She gives me three days. That isn’t a lot of time, especially when the fallen angel who’s invading my soul wakes. He wants me to murder someone so our souls would merge.

But I refuse to let him be reborn as me.

I pursue the thieves through New York’s underworld. There, I become both hunter and prey as Vivian, a former vampire queen, craves what I’m unwilling to give her. Meanwhile, the Federal Bureau of Supernatural Investigation wants to arrest me for crimes I didn’t commit.

And then my lover disappears.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Terminus Cycle

by Dave Walsh

They were humanity’s last hope…

…but would they survive the abyss?

Now, after two generations lived and died aboard the ship, their new home planet looms on the horizon. Jonah just needs to let the mystery of an object in space and the tale of a lost cosmonaut lie and everything will go according to plan.

But that meant ignoring the truth: the dark secrets of their mission.

Sometimes risking everything for the truth is the only way forward, especially for someone like Jonah. Especially with the lives of 500,000 people hanging in the balance.

This cerebral, star-hopping adventure is the perfect fit for space opera fans because the expanse is rife with mystery, adventure, and new beginnings.

Get it now.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera



by D.S. Murphy

When cutting-edge nanotechnology creates a healthcare revolution, Brianna Harmond and her friends hack the government’s project for their high school science fair, and create an app that can alter appearance with the swipe of your thumb. But what can heal, can also kill. As the dangers of gene-splicing manifest in unpredictable ways, the band of misfits gain powers that border on the supernatural, while falling deeper into an underground world of DNA hackers and body modification.

As her darkest secrets are made public and her techie research cripples her little sister, Brianna finds herself in a bidding war between the government and billion-dollar tech firms, and wrestling with new abilities that defy logic. In the right hands, their scientific discovery could save the world… or destroy it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering


Undead Worlds 3

by The Reanimated Writers

The Reanimated Writers return with volume 3 in their anthology series, Undead Worlds! Featuring 16 brand new stories for today’s best in zombie fiction! Prepare to run, hide and fight if you want to survive!

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


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