Greenwood Cove

by Celia Roman

I had three loves in my life: my daddy, him what my mama killed in cold blood; my son Henry, God rest him; and tall as an oak Riley Treadwell.

I lost all of ’em, one way or t’other, ’til Riley showed up on my stoop with a monster problem and tried to wiggle his way back into my life.

Only, weren’t no monster bothering him; was the one bothering his ex-girlfriend what’d stirred up a hornet’s nest out on Lake Burton amongst the muckity mucks. Weren’t no never mind to me, see? I was fine letting well enough alone, ‘cept curiosity got the best of me, and Riley, well. He weren’t above using that silver tongue of his to persuade me ’round to his way of thinking. If I’da listened to my gut, maybe I woulda avoided stepping knee deep into somebody else’s trouble.

Then again, I ain’t never been one to heed a warning when monsters come a-calling.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Edge Of The Future

by Andria Stone

Space. Military Secrets. Scientists. The Enemy Lies in Wait…
One hundred-fifty years after the last war, humanity has united to explore space with colonies on Luna and Mars. But the Europa Mission has just failed and 152 people died in space. No one knows why.
When military bioscientist, Captain Mark Warren’s hidden research installation gets attacked, he meets armored assault Sergeant Axel Von Radach. They become entangled in a deadly fight to stop the theft of classified military secrets by a lethal female adversary.
Her plan to use enemy cyborgs posing as humans, plus unsuspecting high-ranking military personnel with neural implants altered to accept her commands, has every chance of succeeding. Unless…Captain Warren and Sergeant Von Radach get a chance to end her first.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Songs and Stories from Tesla’s Tower

by PanOrpheus

Songs and Stories from Tesla’s Tower is a wild ride through an alternate yet familiar history, laced with references to pop culture, mythology, archaeology, and history. More, it’s a story about energy: electromagnetic energy, personal and collective energy, musical energy, and competing cosmic energies.
PanOrpheus creates a thoroughly engaging alternate world, one very close to our own, but a little bit skewed, like the picture of Machu Pichu at the café. The Ides of March fall on the 21st instead of the 15th; Janis Joplin wrote “Me and Bobby McGee” instead of Kris Kristofferson; the magic words in “The Day the Earth Stood Still” wind up being “Gert. Mercado. Nicto” instead of “Klaatu. Barada. Nikto” and so on.
The impetus for the gathering of powerful energy, including a Tesla Tower and a concert by Janis, Joni, and Jimi is a cyclical sunstorm called The Wind.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

Breathe, The Destiny Series, Book One

by Christine Grey

Dearra comes into possession of the magical Sword of Cyrus just as the evil Breken attack her island home. Though her people succeed in driving their enemy back to the sea, one of the invaders remains behind, left for dead by his cruel kin.
Now, Dearra doesn’t know what to be more surprised by, the fact that her sword can speak to her, or that it has imperiously informed her that the handsome Breken warrior is her destiny.
The two are bound together by a chain of events that was set into motion a thousand years earlier, and everything they thought they knew about themselves, their history, and their future is about to change.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Wayward Moon: Dark Fae Hollow 6

by Aileen Harkwood

How can a human wield the powers of a fae?

Growing darkness is infecting the once romantic city of Venice, Italy, and Lunari, a human who doesn’t know she possesses a rare fae ability, is at the center of it. When abruptly, without having committed a crime, she is marked for public execution by the Human Council of Ashia Hollow, her only choice is to go on the run.

Pursued by humans and fae alike, Lunari doesn’t dare trust anyone with her life, least of all sexy and brutal Aril, the dark fae hunter with a suspicious past and mysterious interest in protecting her. Lunari’s gift for using dreams to distort and manipulate reality may make her a sought after commodity, but if the prophecies are to be believed, she is also destined to unwittingly bring apocalypse to the hollow.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Laura DiSilverio

Biochemistry whiz Everly Jax wants one thing: to know who her parents are. Raised with other repo kids in InKubator 9, she has pinned her hopes on Reunion Day, the annual event where 16-year-olds can meet their parents. When her Reunion Day goes horribly awry, she and her pregnant friend Halla escape the Kube.

In a world where rebuilding the population is critical to national survival, the Pragmatist government licenses all human reproduction, and decides who can—and must—have babies. The trio face feral dog packs, swamp threats, locust swarms, bounty hunters looking for “breeders,” and more dangers as they race to Amerada’s capital.

An unexpected encounter with an Underground Railroad for women fleeing with their unlicensed babies puts them in greater peril than ever. Everly must decide what she is willing to sacrifice to learn her biological identity.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

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