Frozen Hearts and Death Magic

by Day Leitao

Drama and romance abound in this telenovela-inspired upper-YA romantic fantasy for fans of multi-POV stories, enemies-to-lovers, forbidden love, family secrets, royal intrigue, and mysterious magic.

A forbidden fae kiss could be deadly.

Naia was raised in the shadow of her twin brother, the crown prince, who has iron magic much more powerful than hers. But Naia has wishes of her own.

They awaken when she finds a white fae almost dying in the woods. She only heard of them in stories; the dreaded race that razed cities to the ground, killed her grandparents, almost rid Aluria of humans—until they disappeared. Now, twenty years later, are they back? Is there another war coming? But the fae is evasive and secretive. He’s also alluring and fascinating, more beautiful than anyone she’s ever seen.

And then it happens: her first kiss—and nothing will be the same again.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Progenitor

by Sara Wright

The first three books of this epic space fantasy series are available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Peace was all Xendara desired, but her enemies hunger for her power.

Xendara must fight dark forces who aim to tear her civilization apart. She discovers a power that only appears every 7,000 years. It is the exact powers her enemies aim to exploit.

With the help of her childhood friend, Darijus, she must navigate the deteriorating politics of her solar system. But a prophecy foretells that his future is intertwined with her own.

With powers her enemies aim to exploit, will she risk galactic war?

Those who love the magical powers of the Jedi with a little clean romance and an advanced civilization will love this series. Start your magical adventures with this futuristic fantasy today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Dark of Light

by Audrey Sharpe

Save a planet. Sacrifice your future. For Aurora Hawke, protecting the secret of her half-human heritage has been a lifelong challenge. Taking command of her own starship and the best crew in the quadrant has been her dream. Failing at both is her nightmare. But the survival of a planet may depend on it. With millions of lives at risk, she’ll do whatever it takes, even if revealing her unique abilities means spending the rest of her life on the run. If you like pulse-pounding interstellar adventures, intriguing alien encounters, and otherworldly starships, you’ll love the Starhawke Rising series. Perfect for fans of Lindsay Buroker, Michelle Diener, and Chloe Garner.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

Incidental Inquisitors Complete Series Boxed Set

by Aaron D. Schneider

Being a cop in the only nonhuman city in the world is tough.

You’ve got magical and mundane crimes, standard and supernatural perps, and as always, plenty of paperwork for both.

The different groups don’t often mix. Everyone takes care of their own.

With the rest of the world going to hell, this divided city has to change.

Enter the Inquisitors, an integration initiative to make a stronger, better Quadras.

Doughas Ruiridh is an old warhorse from the Dwarven Quarter hoping to retire already. Esselliar VorKluvaith is a hotshot elf investigator looking to bust corruption, unfettered by a partner.

They must find a way to work together and trust each other because something big is coming and it could cost the lives of thousands.

The Inquisitors will have to make this partnership work if they don’t want the city’s next breath to be its last.

Get the complete boxed set!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Heirs of a Broken Land

by Marie Bilodeau

An exiled princess. A cursed warrior. A murderous sorceress. Will their reluctant alliance and legendary powers be enough to save the world? Or will their differences bring the Land of Light to its knees?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Barrow King – The Realms Book 1

by C.M. Carney


The First Book in the #1 Bestselling LitRPG Series.

Betrayed by those closest to him, Finn Caldwell thought he’d escaped his life of violence and deception.

But when a frantic message from his estranged sister draws him into The Realms, a strange game-like world of magic and wonder, Finn is forced to embrace his deadly skills once more.

Armed with a mysterious artifact known as a Godhead, Finn becomes the warrior-mage Gryph. Yet, things are not as they seem and to save his sister, he must escape a sentient dungeon by defeating its master the Barrow King.

Barrow King is the first volume in the #1 Bestselling Epic LitRPG Saga The Realms, a book that is “mind blowing and flawless in its execution.” — Ray Johnson of the LitRPG Audiobook Podcast.

WARNING: Welcome to LitRPG, the world’s most addictive genre.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Ghost Squad

by Sean Kennedy

Death and consequence in a fantastic Quest driven world

Kavi Stonecrest carries a heavy legacy. His mother is the famed Lioness noted for strategy and sword skills that won the battle of Valun. His father revolutionized the world with clockwork technology which offered an alternative to sorcery magic. Kavi has yet to find his path in the shadow of two legends.

Until he encounters a young woman hellbent on solving an unsolvable quest that stood unanswered for centuries. This leads to an epic adventure where Kavi is pressed into service, forced to face death every day in an ever more challenging series of trials. His team is known as the Ghost Squad as they are the walking dead. Only through this path does Kavi learn his true purpose.

Who are the puppet masters behind the Ghost Squad trials?
Can Kavi make it through hell to find a way out?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic