The Pale Princess

by D.K. Holmberg

Stories claim the Pale Princess was a powerful sorcerer who once saved the world from a dangerous magic. Only a few know the truth.

Lan and Sophie lead a simple life with their grandparents, though both long for more. When their grandparents are murdered during a strange magical attack, their lives will be forever changed.

As Sophie tries to understand her purpose in the palace, and Lan longs for battle, they become a part of a dangerous war—and may be the only ones capable of stopping a dark power a dangerous sorcerer wants to once more unleash upon the world

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Academy Arcanist

by Shami Stovall


Hopes. Dreams. And literal nightmares out to kill a young boy.

Gray Lexly, son of a candlemaker, wants to escape his life of old-world technologies and study at the prestigious Astra Academy, a school for arcanists—those who can wield magic. But Gray has a major problem. Every night, as he sleeps, he’s visited by monsters. When they injure Gray in his dreams, he wakes with the same wounds in real life…

On the night Gray might finally die in his nightmares, he is saved by the kind and mysterious Professor Helmith, a powerful arcanist. She offers to protect Gray and invites him to attend Astra Academy.

Before that can happen, Gray must bond with a mystical creature to become an arcanist himself. Will he bond with a unicorn? A pegasus? A kitsune? Whatever he bonds with will determine his magical abilities, so he must choose wisely.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Birds of the Air

by L. H. Arthur

Libby Barnett knows what she saw, but the adults in her 1930s small town don’t believe her. A passing hobo worked a staggering transformation on her little sister Maisie, and the younger girl was lost. Now, 13-year-old Libby must venture out into the dangerous vagrant underground of the Great Depression in search of her sister. She will find an even more secretive hidden world of dark magic and terror.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Space Between: The Prophecy of Faeries (The Space Between Series Book 1)

by Susan Rooke

Mellis, a courageous and resourceful young woman, is kidnapped from the human world and taken to the Space Between by a tribe of faeries called the Penitents. Because of guilt over an ancient sin committed by their angel ancestors against the Maker, the Penitents have cursed themselves with grotesque physical disfigurements. Mellis can help them reunite with the Maker and find their way back to redemption, but she would need to give up the life she’s always known to remain in the Space Between. As she struggles with this heart-wrenching decision, one of the Penitents, bent on revenge, commits a gruesome attack against the tribe, and they learn he has taken Satan–the Maker’s greatest enemy–as his ally. All in the Space Between are facing grave danger. Will a long-awaited act of vengeance save them?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Lay of Sargon

by Nick M Lloyd

After years secret experimentation, you’ve created life … How far will you go to protect it?

Sitting within a galactic sanctuary, Earth is unaware of extraterrestrial life until it comes to free Vince – the self-aware AI created by Joy Cooper.

In her race to protect Vince, Joy is embroiled in an intergalactic war between biological and machine-based life that has spanned millennia.

And Vince, machine-based but with a human mother, must choose where his loyalties lie.

Find out more in this “highly original first contact novel”!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Monster Born

by Kris Austen Radcliffe

What happens when a man starts life as a corpse?

Two hundred years ago, Frank was reanimated, and branded an abomination by Victor Frankenstein. But he refused to become like his hateful father. He walked away— and into a small, Minnesota town filled with magic.

Now Dr. Frankenstein’s other sins want revenge.

The Nordic elves of Frank’s new home call him family. The werewolves call him friend. When the town’s vampires disappear, Frank realizes the demon responsible might be the one force on Earth faster and stronger than him — and the one capable of pulling his buried rage to the surface.

Now Frank must stop an evil bent on murdering the ones he loves most. But can he save his town without losing himself to the monster he once tamed?

Join Frank and the magical people of Alfheim, Minnesota, in a blend of American Gods and Fargo spiced with magic worthy of Patricia Briggs.

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