by Cara Bristol

Young widow Kevanne Girardi catches sight of a meteorite streaking across the sky and wishes for a good handyman to help make her rundown lavender farm a big success. Instead, she gets a shapeshifting alien who apparently has never seen a leaky faucet before. But his loving and noble spirit make him just the man to fix her wounded heart. He hasn’t promised her forever, but a girl can hope, can’t she? Maybe she’ll make another wish…

When his ship tumbles out of the sky and lands on Earth, Chameleon never expects to fall for a human woman. Unfortunately, he can’t stay. He made a mistake that led to the devastation of an entire planet, and now the survivors are depending on him to get them to safety. He must repair his ship and leave before the Xeno Consortium finds him and Earth becomes endangered, too. But oh, he wishes he could stay with Kevanne forever…

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


Shadows and Vines

by C.D. Britt

Everything you know about the gods of Ancient Greece is a lie.
They do not exist as you’ve been told.
For centuries, Persephone, the true Ruler of the Underworld, has watched humanity destroy themselves and the world around them. Known for centuries as her alter ego, Hades, she has guarded the souls under her care, her only interaction outside of her realm as C.E.O. of the largest financial company in the world, Cerberus Financial. She is content with this, except a soul has called to her and her alone for thousands of years. One that she finds herself bound to in more ways than one.
Devon Aideonous was murdered, his killer unknown, his past as a mercenary haunting him in the afterlife. He is sent to the Underworld, but not as a soul meant to live out eternity there. He is something far more powerful.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


The Mender

by Jennifer Marchman

A lost time traveler, a Comanche warrior, and their love across clashing worlds.

The multiverse is broken. Mender Eva, a true believer in the time-traveling cult of Lux Libera, has dedicated her life to merging the world’s reality, one shattered universe at a time — but she can’t do that while stranded in 1835 Texas.

Injured and separated from her mission partner, Eva must find a way home. And there’s another problem: the handsome young farmer, Jim, who rescued her. If she’s not careful, he may have her questioning everything she’s ever believed.

Jim, a former Comanche captive, has been forced to return to Anglo society as an adult. A man of his word, he aims to keep a promise to an old friend even while he struggles to find acceptance within Austin’s colony of San Felipe. But first, he must come to terms with his past and the things he did to survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History


The Amorphan Effect: A Coming of Age Science Fiction Adventure

by K. E. Brungardt

If you’re looking for your next incredible new syfy read, check out The Amorphan Effect. Featuring an unsettling mystery, a shapeshifter in space, and an evil plot, this YA coming of age story has you covered. It even has a cat-like alien race that controls space travel.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Crowded Cosmos

by Hagai Netzer

Are we alone in the universe? What would intelligent life beyond Earth look like? Could we even begin to comprehend it? How far are we from the definitive answer we’re looking for?
In The Crowded Cosmos, renowned astrophysicist Hagai Netzer and science author Ami Ben Bassat paint a uniquely comprehensive picture of the scientific revolution regarding the search for life on distant exoplanets: from the origin of life in our galaxy to the expanding search for extraterrestrial life, the far-reaching repercussions of space travel, and possible encounters with alien civilizations.
Riveting, original, and entertainingly thought-provoking, the unique concepts in The Crowded Cosmos challenge readers to ask a new set of questions about life on the third planet from the Sun and the extraordinary possibilities of discovery in a crowded cosmos.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration


Roanfire Saga Complete Series Box Set

by C.K. Miller

Keatep Brendagger is a skilled soldier who ferociously protects the shores of Roanfire from invading pirates. Raised in the shadow of a legendary warrior, Kea is desperate to prove herself.

When a crucial assignment takes her to the heart of Roanfire, she is not only met with political intrigue, assassination attempts, infiltrating pirates, and elemental sprites and dust – but a recurring nightmare: a city in flames, bloodthirsty pirates rampaging through its streets, and above it all, the specter of a glowing ruby heirloom taunting her with the promise of power to save everyone, but only at a price.

Kea soon learns that a bad dream is more than she thought.

With danger at every turn and an ancient evil threatening to destroy everything she loves, will Kea be able to save Roanfire, or will its power turn her into the very thing she’s fighting to stop?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Love-Haight Case Files, Books 1-2: Fighting for Other-Than-Human Rights

by Jean Rabe & Donald J Bingle

Magic has returned to the world and with it, a host of supernatural creatures. The frightened citizenry, bigots, reporters, and police refer to them as Other-Than-Humans, but Thomas Brock and Evelyn Love believe even supernatural creatures have legal rights. A genre-bending mix of mystery, horror, suspense, thrills, courtroom drama, and romance.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Vicenary: A Collection of Black and African Culture Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories

by George Allen Blacken

Heroes come in all forms, races, and cultures. These twenty-brand new science fiction and fantasy stories present thought-provoking themes, dramatic plots, relatable characters, and heart penetrating words that are both relevant and entertaining for fans of urban, fantasy, supernatural, dystopian, superhero, space opera, and robot fiction. Find your story!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure