Between Life and Death: Dead Woman’s Journal

by Ann Christy

If there’s one good thing about the end of the world, it’s that Jillian wasn’t alone when it happened. At least no one in her neighborhood is trying to eat anyone else. The rest of the world isn’t so lucky. Where the Awakened roam, terror follows.

A medical miracle is the cause of it all. What’s worse, almost everyone has some form of it in their system. From lowering cholesterol to reviving heart attack patients, medical nanites changed the medical landscape is wonderful ways. Then those miracles turned bad, creating the Awakened…and all they want to do is eat. Nothing is safe from them, not even other people.

Within the safety of their small waterfront neighborhood, Jillian and her neighbors must forge a new path that will keep them safe and alive. Within each of them lies the seeds of their own destruction. For Jillian, the price of living might be too high to bear.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


The Shadow Order – Books 1 – 8 – The Complete Series

by Michael Robertson

In a fight, Seb is unbeatable. But in this galaxy, there are a million ways to lose…
Seb Zodo has never backed down from a fist fight. After all, he’s been gifted with powers that make losing impossible. But lately, Seb’s gift seems more like a curse…

Seb’s fearlessness leads to stupid decisions, short-lived jobs, and unwanted attention in dangerous places. In a desperate bid at a fresh start, Seb swears off fighting. But it may be too late…

When a run-in with an electrifying thief and the head of a shadowy organization sends his life spiraling out of control, Seb has no choice left but to go down swinging…

The Shadow Order is the a series of fast-paced space opera adventures. If you like bold characters, planet-hopping, and edge-of-your-seat action, then you’ll love Michael Robertson’s thrilling epic.

Download The Shadow Order today to dive into a series that pulls no punches!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


The Queen of Cursed Things

by S.M. Gaither

Decades ago, the High King of Sundolia waged a war that vanquished the Serpent clan and drove them out of the empire, reducing them to nothing more than legends spoken of in occasional frightened whispers.

But they did not leave peacefully.

Their parting gift included curses that now rest within the empire’s soil, beneath the shade of its jungles, treading through the waves of its seas. Growing more and more dormant as the years pass under the shadow of that increasingly tyrannical high king.

Until Alaya—a young woman with a hidden Serpent mark who shouldn’t exist—accidentally wakes one of them up…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


A House for Keeping

by Matteson Wynn

What would you give to add some magic to your life?
Finn Foster had to slalom her way cross-country—dodging a rogue stoner squirrel here and an overly amorous moose there—but she’s made it to the East Coast and is about to achieve her lifelong dream of going to oceanography school.
But before she sets sail on her ship of dreams, Finn stops off at the Foster family reunion to meet her relatives for the first time. When Finn arrives, she’s captivated by the enchanting farmhouse where the reunion is being held. But she quickly realizes this reunion is weirder than she could have imagined. As one bizarre event leads to another, she finds herself ensnared in mysterious family traditions, and as her family’s true intentions are revealed, Finn comes to a startling realization:
This family reunion could open up a magical new world for Finn…or get her killed.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Edge of Valor

by Josh Hayes

When their mission fails, his begins.

“A tour de force.”–David Weber, NYT bestselling author of the Honor Harrington Series.

Special Agent Jackson Fischer is a man after truth. When a military operation to extract a high-ranking ambassador from the war-torn, border-world of Stonemeyer ends in disaster, Fischer is called in to investigate.

A whole platoon went in, but only three Alliance Marines returned home, the rest killed in action along with hundreds of civilians. With tensions between the Holloman Alliance and Stonemeyer rising, Fischer attempts to stitch the pieces together. One thing becomes more and more certain: The surviving Marines are lying.

As the truth unfurls, Fischer begins to realize this was far more than a simple rescue mission…and that the truth might be something best left buried.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


Gremlin Night

by Dale Ivan Smith

The supernatural world is a crazy place, and tonight it’s getting even crazier.

Elizabeth Marquez enforces the magical laws that keep the hidden supernatural hidden. Just transferred from guarding an arcane prison back to a field assignment on the streets of America, Liz will do anything to remain a sorcerer-agent. There’s just the little problem of her supreme impatience with procedures and delays.

Tonight, a gremlin outbreak threatens to wreck her career, and expose magic and magical creatures to the world. On top of that, she’s been handed a rookie partner who thinks she’s a loose cannon. Even worse, an old nemesis from a rival magical organization is gunning for her.

One night isn’t a lot of time to stop magical chaos.

Liz is going to need every ounce of impatience she has.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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