Becoming A Druid


On his quest to become a druid, Grahme falls on the wrong side of a mind-controlling mage. Members of his own order question his loyalty and vow to apprehend him. Completing the quest will require dozens of decisions, and Grahme has a penchant for making bad ones.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Chosen Legacy Complete Series Boxed Set

by Brittany Hester

When the pressure of spending the rest of her life shackled to someone else overwhelms her, Ren makes a choice that will change the course of her entire life.

She signs up for the yearly lottery. When she’s selected, she’s thrust into a game the whole world is watching.

Will she be able to win the life she desires, or will the outcome be something she didn’t expect?

Grab your copy of this complete 4-book series boxed set to lose your heart as The Bachelorette meets Hunger Games in the The Chosen Legacy Series!

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Glimmer of the Other

by Heather G Harris

Delve into the internationally best-selling series, now complete! A fast paced laugh-out-loud mix of Urban Fantasy and Mystery.

I can tell when you’re lying. Every. Single. Time.

I’m Jinx, a PI hired to find a missing university student, I hope to find her propped up at a bar – yet my gut tells me there’s more to this case than a party girl gone wild. Firstly, she’s a bookish soul who’s as likely to go off the rails as Mother Theresa. Secondly, I’m not the only one on her trail; she’s also being tracked by the implacable and oh-so-sexy Inspector Stone.

Stone and I team up, and he shoves me into a realm where magic is real – a place where there are vampires and werewolves, dragons and trolls. And where my skills are more than just detecting lies…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Glimmer of Hope

by Heather G Harris

I’m Jinx, a run-of-the-mill private investigator … except I’m also a walking, talking lie detector.

Murder isn’t usually my gig, but when I’m hired to investigate the death of a dryad called Reggie, I agree to help out because I know his grieving widow. It should be an easy case to crack, a mugging gone wrong, but the murder scene photos show it was anything but. Reggie’s death has all the hallmarks of my parents’ murders so I’ll stop at nothing to finding his killers. It’s so important I’d even be willing to tag in Stone to help – if I could find him…

Reggie was into some bad stuff involving a drug called Boost. Take it, and you play Russian roulette because either you get high or you die. As the drug claims another victim, I find myself with a new sidekick who is determined to fight its evil influence and he just happens to be the king of the dragon community.

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Chronicles of Ealiron Omnibus: Books 1-4

by F.T. McKinstry

An ancient hierarchy of wizards. Votaries of the old powers. Warlords, fiends and shadows. A world where the otherworld is alive, nature is sovereign and balance is kept by the sword. These tales are driven by an assassin named Lorth of Ostarin, a complex character with a bent toward bringing things to their darkest ends. Following his shady exploits, each book stands alone, happening in the same world with Lorth and some of the other characters appearing throughout. Includes a full glossary and links to high resolution maps.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Infinity Link

by Jeffrey A. Carver

Ancient alien travelers. Hopeless love. Astonishing encounter.

Mozelle Moi’s life turns into a flight of fear and astounding discovery, as she becomes enmeshed in a secret government project to make first contact with visitors from the stars. Caught in a telepathic link with the Talenki voyagers, Mozy’s personal odyssey will soon be entwined with the fate of all of Humanity.

Combining visionary scientific speculation with passionate human characters, The Infinity Link is an epic work of transcendent science fiction and an exploration into the very nature of humanity. One of the works that helped the author win the Frank Herbert Lifetime Achievement Award for science fiction writing.

“A rich novel of immense scope, with the most detailed and brilliant descriptive passages of empathic and telepathic communication. Highly recommended.” —SF and Fantasy Reviews

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Elf Empire

by John Stovall

Leo’s dreams were once to build dams. But now, they’re to rebuild a fallen elf kingdom in a magical land.

And to level up.

Leo started life as an engineer, helping his girlfriend to build the world’s most advanced water desalinization plant. But one day, he finds her being threatened by the loan shark she got the money to start the company from. Leo, his girlfriend, and the loan shark are all sucked into a portal.

Leo appears, alone, in the realm of a fallen kingdom, one that desperately needs someone who will both fight for what’s right and build a grand civilization.

Along with his new coterie of friends—a not-quite-a-princess elf and a crippled dragon—Leo must race to build his kingdom before the loan shark Kruegar can finish Leo off with a legion of orcs.

[A litRPG adventure with kingdom-building, base-building, some slice of life, and a whole lot of quipping.]

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Almost Partners

by TammyJo Eckhart

Those with power and authority work to keep it. Those without both suffer or accept their fate. Joanna McMillin sit at the top of the Gaia hierarchy, but she has survived loss. Offered a chance to make a real change in the world, she must choose to bend her ideals or continue living in her moral glasshouse and watch injustice prevail.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire


by JT Lawrence

Green witch. Potion mistress. Cursebreaker. Assassin.

Asha Viridian Rook is all of these things, but when she wakes up in hospital with thirty-six stitches in her head, she has no memory of any of them.

According to the medical team, the damage to her skull was catastrophic, but Asha surprises them with her lightning-quick healing.

When the unnervingly attractive detective Armstrong arrives to arrest her for murder, she runs … but she doesn’t get very far.


With more twists and turns than you can shake a wand at, this is a dark magic mystery with humor, adventure, and a whole lot of heart.

Fans of Patricia Briggs and Ilona Andrews will burn through this brand new addictive urban fantasy series.

Read the entire series now!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban