by Jamie Foley

The meteor storm wasn’t such a big deal until a comet landed in the middle of the road. Now Darien’s car is wrecked, his sister is bleeding out, and the only medical aid is at the reclusive Serran Academy.

Jet sees Darien for what he is: a lost teen who doesn’t deserve to know about the aether gifts. And his sister’s rare future-seeing ability is exactly what the enemy is after.

As fractured governments and shadow organizations vie for control of a dying world, the Serran Academy students—and their angelic secrets—are targeted for harvesting.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


A Dagger in the Winds (Book 1 of The Frostmarked Chronicles)

by Brendan Noble

An outcast cursed since birth. A witch chosen by a goddess. Torn apart by fate, together, can they save their tribe from eternal winter?

All Waclaw has ever dreamed of is belonging and purpose. Except he’s never actually dreamed. Each night, his soul leaves his body, allowing him to wander invisibly until he wakes. He’d do anything to know why.

Even give a blood offering to the goddess of winter and death.

As a priestess of spring, there’s no one Otylia hates more than the winter goddess—except maybe her once best friend Wacław. It’s been four years since she saved Wacław’s life using forbidden magic. Her thanks? Abandonment. Winter stole her mother just weeks later, and Wacław never came.

But when Otylia discovers Wacław bearing the winter goddess’s mark on the equinox, she realizes the horrific truth: Winter will not end, and Wacław is her only hope of discovering why.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Chiral: Book I of the Affix Trilogy

by David C. Rauenzahn

The book follows Raign, the son of a mob boss, Fyr Yrth. Raign uses the substance called Thaum that allows him to manipulate potential energy. However, while raiding a rival gang’s caravan, Raign comes across a woman named Kyona who is able to use magick without the use of Thaum. Kyona escapes, but is found later by Raign and convinced to teach him her power in exchange for helping her get home to Ven’or, which is occupied by his country, Auretheos. Raign is pursued by factions all vying for Kyona’s power, including Illume, who is the Queen of Auretheos, rival gangs, and his own father. Raign’s father attempts a coup, which Raign at first attempts to use to his advantage, but eventually sacrifices himself so that Illume and Kyona can work together to break the cycle of violence binding their countries. He is rescued, and made into an envoy to Ven’or, along with Kyona.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


Space Colony One

by J.J. Green

Terror stalks a new world colony.

After nearly two hundred years’ space travel, humanity’s first deep space colony expedition has arrived at its new home.

Ethan, the descendant of six generations who lived and died aboard ship, treads on soil and feels the wind and rain for the first time.

But the new planet is not the paradise the scientists predicted. Alien predators lurk beyond the camp’s perimeter, and stowaway saboteurs are determined no one will survive.

Tensions in the new colony rise, and Ethan must fight to preserve the last hope of humankind.

Download books 1 to 3 today and start this epic space colonization adventure!

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization


Shadow Vanguard Complete Series Omnibus: Books 1-6

by Tom Dublin & Michael Anderle

“Don’t dump the cargo – I paid for it fair and square with money I stole!”

And so begins the saga of Jack Marber, former Special Assault Marine and his alien band of traders as they cross the galaxy doing the only job that doesn’t leave them homeless.

Now’s your chance to grab the complete series in this omnibus with more than 1200 pages of action-packed space opera excitement!

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


Raptor Ray

by Brent Reilly

The first human spliced with dino DNA learns his geneticist parents helped reverse engineer dinosaurs from ratites, their closest living relatives. Every generation looks less like birds and more like dinos as they get bigger, badder, and less controllable. But mysterious strangers want to exterminate the world’s first dino-boy. Green, lizard-ish, and orphaned, Raptor Ray is on the run while dreaming of an island with dinosaurs who desperately need his help. Meanwhile, the world’s richest man plans to optimize the solar system as interstellar aliens push asteroids into Earth to replace its current occupants. Humanity faces extinction until the world’s most unusual hero claws his way to the top. He’ll need all his killer instincts because an alien annihilation fleet is coming to crush homo sapiens before they reach the stars in this gripping hard science thriller.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering